Regaining Control

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I'm not good with summaries. This is something I wrote really quick, I didn't have a lot of time but I felt like I should get something done. It's been awhile. So enjoy =)

Submitted: August 03, 2011

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Submitted: August 03, 2011




“I can’t believe you expect me to just leave you here. I mean, just the thought that you wasted the breath to try is rather amusing.”
“Goddammit Loralie! This isn’t the time for your insane stubbornness! You have to find a way to get yourself out of here” He gasped between breathes.
“I’m always stubborn, and you know that Nate. So, like I said, I can’t believe you think I would just leave you behind. It’s not a plausible request in the the slightest bit. And besides that, I doubt that there’s another way down.” She gave him a smirk.
“You’re too rational.”
“So I’ve been told.”

She sat up against the cold stone wall along the edge of the roof and pulled Nate’s head into her lap. She gazed into his blue eyes, trying to avoid looking at the gaping wound in his chest, and swore she could see the life fading from them. Nate was the only thing she was attached to, the only person she honestly cared about. Everyone else was just a temporary distraction for her, a way to pass the time. She didn’t care if she lost any of her other “friends” and never saw them again, but going on without Nate, that was something she couldn’t stand. He always yelled at her for being stubborn, but she remembered when they had first met. He was incredibly persistent. No matter how many excuses she came up with or how many times she cancelled their plans, he always found a way to see her. It had gotten to her. Dare she say, impressed her even? And he made that time she spent with him count, using his wit and charm to win her over. She didn’t like the idea at first, being vulnerable and emotionally dependent upon someone else. But in time, she learned that she honestly didn’t have a choice in the matter. What was done was done, and being the rational person she was, she accepted that. For better or for worse.

“Are you still with me Nate?” His eyes were closed, she jostled him.
“Hmmm? Yeah...” He muttered weakly, his head flopping over to the side. She was losing him, he was slipping away. The puddle of blood surrounding them had gotten substantially bigger, it was more like a pool now.
Just then there was a sudden slam against the only door that gave access to the roof. She had barricaded it the best she could with some spare wood she had found on the roof, but there was no way it would hold. Nate and Loralie could hear the angry voices shouting and cursing on the other side as they rhythmically repeated ramming against it.
“Nate, you’ll know they’ll kill as when they catch us.”
“Well, after they have their fun with us first.”
“That’s true. So let’s not give them the chance.”
“What? I’m not sure I know where you’re going with this, but I don’t like the sound of it.”
“This is a pretty high roof Nate. I doubt we’d survive the fall.”
He was silent.
“Look Nate, you’re bleeding out and I’m not leaving you for this mob. We’ll end up dead anyway, so why not take control of the situation and take a less painful way out?”
“I don’t want to see you jump off that roof. I just can’t Loralie, I can’t.”
“You don’t have to. We’ll jump together, you can close your eyes if you wish.”

He went silent again. She could tell his was thinking, he had that look on his face. His eyebrows were slightly furrowed and the corners of his mouth drew tight. After what seemed like forever, he looked her in the eye and quietly murmured “Okay..”
She slung his arm over her shoulder and helped him to his feet, having to support most of his body weight with her small frame. They climbed onto the high ledge behind them. Out of the corner of her eye, Loralie noticed a ladder on the corner of the building that led down to an alleyway. Nate didn’t notice, so she kept it to herself.

“You ready?” She asked him, pulling him closer. His eyes were beginning to tear.
“Is there no other way? For you at least?” His voice was quivering uncontrollably as he spoke.
“No.” She lied coolly.
As if on queue, the door broke down, unleashing a tidal wave of merciless faces.
“Now or never.” She said under her breath, and flung them both over the edge.  

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