We don't exist... how religion and science finally agree

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Quantum physics
personal journey to discovering how science and religion are not far apart
existence and the meaning of us as a species

Submitted: July 17, 2014

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Submitted: July 17, 2014



How Religion and Science finally agree…that we don’t exist.

When I was a kid, my family used to take an annual trip to the country side of Morocco; it was there where I took a deep look at the sky for the first time because there was no light pollution or other obstacles as there was in my town Casablanca.  The sky was full of bright stars across the horizon; I remember enjoying their comforting presence and alluring twinkles.

Years passed and as many of us, I stopped looking up and got busy with earthly endeavors, school, career and family; while the real answer to all things was up above my head.

One day I realized that I had to look up again to try to understand this bright sky and the meaning of it s presence to me or to us as a thinking species. I must confess that watching too many Carl Sagan’s Cosmos gave me the urge to look up again, this time with a mission to get answers to my ever growing curiosity; this new desire took me on a journey that changed my perspective on many things, small and big. As I dug deep into the theoretical physics and astronomy, I discovered that the universe is still an unknown territory to mankind, perhaps because it’s too vast and too complex to waste the precious few years of human life spam trying to reveal its mysteries.  But as many scientists realized it s worth every minute of one’s life to watch and study the universe because it holds the answer to the mother of all questions.  The Question of Everything!

The universe started with nothing: At T zero there was no time, no space and no matter, yet there was something: Energy! As Einstein superbly indicated, energy can make matter. I realize it sounds farfetched that pure energy can make something from nothing but physics allows such incomprehensive probability: E=mc2.  This formula was reversed to make the atom bomb in mid 20th century. With a small amount of matter they created a massive energy. 

So the universe started with energy and from its massive explosion matter and anti matter were created, annulated each other and matter won, as the universe cooled down subatomic particles started to appear; we now suggest that this happened about 13 billion years ago, all thanks to Hubble who discovered that the universe is expanding and calculated the reverse expansion to pinpoint the time the entire universe was in a singularity. The interesting thing is that the universe was expanding at a rate greater than the speed of light which is impossible in physics however space or emptiness can expand faster than light in a phenomenon called inflation. This is why the paradox of an infinite universe still teases the best minds.

Well the rest is history! Stars and planets where made as part of the generation of the golden era of the universe, in this vast universe on a random planet, in a random solar system, at the the edge of a very  normal galaxy called the Milky Way, a species emerged and started to question this universe, us! This species founded religious, interpretations to the big questions before Science took a different route but both religion and science hit a brick wall at the end; because physics can’t explain many phenomenon and religion is still struggling with the earthly questions of good and evil, crime and punishment. 

Meanwhile the universe is full of weird and unexplained paradoxes: For example the concept of infinity!  The universe is said to be an infinite space, how is it possible for space to be infinite since it started from a single place? If the universe was born 13 Billion years ago and even with its over-the speed of light expansion rate should be finite. Let’s assume it is finite, what is going on at the edge of the universe, is there a cliff or a wall? Can we really comprehend the notion of end of space and time?

Now back the question of our existence; how do all these factors influence our existence?  Well it’s easy, we are made of star dusts and we are part of the cosmic complexity after all but we also have a special property.  We are the observers and this is where it gets tricky and leads us to the quantum realm.

Welcome to the weird world of Quantum physics: Quantum physics demonstrate that our existence is an essential reason why this universe exists, in other words this universe only exists because we are observing it.

If you shoot a sub atomic particle thru a wall with two holes, you’ll see one particle coming out of one hole but Quantum tells us if you don't observe the experiment, at the end you’d see different result: the particle can come out from both holes at the same time. This means that particles can be in two different places at the same time when we are not watching; this also means that this static universe where things and people are in their place at a certain time is only that way because we are here watching. The experiment gets more bizarre when a particle is shot thru the wall but not observed until it passes the two holes; the result is astounding and shocking: the particle goes back in time and changes from going thru the two holes simultaneously as it does when we are not watching to going thru one hole only because we watching.  This means that again time has a linear property only when we are watching otherwise time is like space, particles can go forward or backward as they please.

Even more bizarre, the universe was made from pure energy and if you look at the building blocks of a person as an example; you’ll be amazed to know that the person you’re observing or analyzing doesn't exists. I’ll explain.

A person is made of a hundred thirty trillion cells, each cell is made of one hundred billion atoms, each atom is made of Electrons and Protons and Neutrons each one of these is made of Quarks, Leptons and Bosons this goes on until we hit the Planck world where everything becomes pure energy. Sounds familiar?Just like the beginning of the universe deep into the smallest subdivision energy is the real entity of this existence. Back to the person that we just analyzed, this person doesn't exist.  He or she is just a blob of floating energy.

But in this bleak conclusion there is a ray of hope.  This absence of us as reality is actually not too far from the religious doctrines; if we don't exist in reality, we exist in energy. This concept was explained by almost all religions as the soul or the spirit, unknowingly religion referred to this amazing type of existence. 

We may never know the answer to the purpose of the universe but we are smart enough to ask the right questions.  This takes me back to those nocturne walks in the country side of morocco and I wish I could meet that boy again to tell him:

 Keep looking at those stars they’re here because you’re looking at them.



By:  Zak Ettamymy

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