The 6 Billion Reflections

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

An intolerant bully wishes for a world where everybody is exactly the same (like him). And he soon realizes that it's not all it's cracked up to be...

The 6 Billion Reflections

By Ricky Burgin


































FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO DON’T KNOW ME (which it’s pretty hard NOT too), I’m Chad Worson, class president of the 7th grade.  I was elected because I’m so awesome and everyone loves me!  It won’t be long before I become a pop star!
Anyway, I am the most popular kid at JarvisMiddle School, you could call me king of the school.  I decide what’s cool and what’s not and if you’re not cool, I make sure your life is total hell!

My group of friends (or should I say minions) were called “The Secretary of Defense” by Principal Broward after we won the class presidency in a landslide!  I like it because it sounds cool and official!
Anyway, all the teachers and kids at JMS are scared senseless of me, because if they slip up just a little bit, I can get that rumor out instantly!
I walk up and down the hallways with The Secretary of Defense, making sure the other kids clear a path for the king.  I wait until everyone is pouring down sweat, then I find a kid and criticize him about something, like his shoes or clothes or the way he speaks or his hobbies and then wait for everybody to laugh at him and move on into class.  If someone doesn’t laugh, I make sure they’re put on The Secretary of Defense’s most wanted list, and you DON’T wanna be on that list, trust me!
There are very few people outside of The Secretary of Defense who I haven’t ever publicly humiliated, but only a few people I humiliate on a daily basis!  Most people are wise enough to obey their king and dress and act exactly like me!  The people who don’t, I call “the weirdos” and it is my purpose in life to destroy their lives in every way possible!  I swear, if I was ever a weirdo (and that will never happen in any school I go to!) I would just move to Kirkmenistan or something!  But those weirdos are such idiots that they stay at JMS and get the same crap every day!  Heh heh, I am so cool!
When I’m laughing at the weirdos, I’m laughing out of anger, because it angers me that someone could have the guts to stand up to me and act different!  Difference sucks!

Some days, I just wish that everyone on Earth was just like me!





The Assembly





TODAY WE WERE GOING TO HAVE another dumb assembly, which sucks because of the stated dumbness, but at least I’ll get to miss Mr. Boris’ Math class!
Mr. Boris is so boring, so I call him “Mr. Boredom” behind his back and once to his face.  When I called him that to his face, everybody laughed and Mr. Boredom just sat down and muttered something in some stupid foreign language.  He’s from Russia, so I sometimes call him a communist, too, but I didn’t say that to his face.

We all walked out in a random line with no shape at all.  I was marching down the hallway with The Secretary of Defense when we bumped into none other than Ray Aster.  Ray Aster is the weirdest of the weirdos.  He doesn’t even try to fit in.  I love laughing at him the most!
“Hey Gay Ass-turd!” I jeered at him.  That’s his official nickname throughout the school, pretty pathetic, huh?
“Why’re you so gay, huh?”

Everybody laughed at him and Ray “Gay” Aster ran away in shame.  I felt a surge of power, but I wasn’t going to let him just get away with that.

“I’m surprised you haven’t been arrested by the fashion police yet, Ass-turd.  They could convict you of fashion terrorism!”
More laughter.  Ray was starting to get pretty embarrassed.  For a split second, I felt sorry for him, but then I remembered what a dork he was and continued.

“Who decides what shoes you wear?  Your great-grandma?  I guess those shoes would’ve been cool in the 1800s!”
Even more laughter.  Ray was stifling to keep from crying.

Yes, bull’s-eye.

Then, the bell rang and I (as well as The Secretary of Defense) realized that we were late for the assembly, so we bolted into the auditorium, after pushing Ray aside.



“Hello, my name is Jill Tyrone and I am here to talk to you today about the importance of being yourself,” the guest speaker ranted on.  I swear, whoever picks these guest speakers must be on drugs, because they always pick the most boring, dorky people to speak!
“I’m sure that since all of you are in middle school that you are experiencing peer pressure, when your fellow students try to influence your thoughts and beliefs,” the guest speaker droned.  “However, peer pressure often influences people negatively, as it can lead to things such as…”

“I’m sorry, Jill Ty-drone,” I interrupted.  “But if peer pressure is so bad, then why are awesome people like me doing it?”
“Yeah, peer pressure rules!” another member of The Secretary of Defense chimed in.

“Well, well, never mind,” Jill Tyrone said in resignation and walked off stage.  We all cheered.  I even cheered myself!

See how awesome I am?





























The Wish





BRRRING!!!  The bell rang, so we all rushed madly for the door.  I was glad to get home, because today really sucked!  I mean, I did have the victory in the auditorium, but I only humiliated Ray once and forgot to knock his lunch over in the cafeteria.  God, I’m even forgetful sometimes!
Anyway, I was walking home from school, when suddenly this weird guy stepped out from behind a tree, blocking my path.

“MOVE IT!!!” I shouted, but the guy didn’t even seem to notice.  In fact, he even walked a step towards me.

“Hello Chad, I think you’ll be interested in what I have to offer you!” the guy said.

“Listen up, bud.  I don’t do drugs and don’t talk to strangers, so move it before I call my dad and he’ll sue your big warty butt!” I spat back at him.

“Ah, but you have yet to listen to me.  You see, I can grant you one wish.  However, that wish can be as complex or simple as you want.  As you may have guessed, I’m a genie, but I prefer to be called The Editor.” the guy said.

“Listen up, Idiot-or,” I said, sarcastically.  “I don’t believe in little baby fairy tales and if I did, I wouldn’t need your wish anyway, because my life is perfect!”
“Ah, I’m sure there’s something you’ve always wanted in life,” The Editor said.  “Here, I’ll help you.  Think about school today.  Think about when you bumped into Ray Aster in the hallway.  Didn’t it annoy you that he was different?  Didn’t it annoy you that he didn’t conform and try to be exactly like you?  Wouldn’t you like to make it so that…” The Editor didn’t even get to finish his sentence.

“Yeah, that’s it!” I said in excitement.  “I wish that everyone on Earth has to be exactly like me!  They have to dress like me, they have to act like me, they have to look like me!”
“That’s a good choice!” The Editor shouted, just as excited as me.  “You’ll find that your wish will come true when you wake up tomorrow morning!”
“Yeah, like that’ll ever happen,” I mumbled under my breath as I continued walking home.  That was all probably a load of malarkey.

But it would be cool if The Editor was telling the truth…




That night, I couldn’t sleep.  I kept tossing and turning, thinking about The Editor and my wish.  I would be the original, their leader, their god…

As happy thoughts usually do to me, I finally fell asleep…




































The Next Morning





THE EDITOR WAS RIGHT!  My wish really came true!
At first, when I woke up, I noticed that the neighbors’ houses all looked exactly like mine, which was weird.

Then, my parents came into my room and I was shocked.  They looked exactly like me!
“Hey dude,” one of my parents said (I’m not sure which one, because they both looked the same).  “Wanna eat something cool for breakfast, like Ice Cream and Pizza, instead of boring old corn flakes?”
“Yeah!” I shouted and ran downstairs.  I can’t believe that my wish actually came true!  Everyone on Earth looked exactly like me!
I had 6 billion reflections…


























I STILL COULDN’T GET OVER the fact that my wish had actually come true!  Even though I knew it had come true, I wanted to explore the neighborhood just for some confirmation.

I walked down

Cornwall Street

and ran into several of my clones.

“Hey clones, how’s it going?” I asked.

“Well, I honestly think that you should be going down to the mall to get some new pants, because those ones are so outdated, Original-Boy,” a clone replied.  The others snickered.

God, I thought.  Do I really sound like that?  I kept on walking.

After walking a couple of blocks, I noticed that every house looked exactly like mine, which is awesome because I live in this really cool three-story house and my dad has this awesome sports-car and… hey, there weren’t any cars, anywhere!

That’s weird, I thought.  How do people get around?

I came up to my school, which was a relief, because there’s sometimes too much of a good thing, house-wise.

But was that my school?  I couldn’t tell because the neighborhood had changed so much.  It seemed a little closer than I remembered.

Well, I thought.  I’ll just keep on walking.

I walked and walked and couldn’t find another school.  It was just street after street after street of houses that looked exactly the same.

Hmm, I guess I’ll ask someone for directions, I thought.  I walked up to one of my clones who was polishing their bicycle (which for the record looked exactly like mine).

“Excuse me, clone,” I asked.  “But do you know where my school is?”
“Why would I even talk to you?” the clone spat back.  “You’re such a dork!  Why can’t you just be like us, Original-Boy?”
Huh?  Did I hear that right?  I, Chad Worson was a DORK?

“You must be talking to the wrong person, Clone-Boy,” I snarled back.  “Because I am your superior, your original.  How does that make you feel?”

“You’ll never get it, weirdo,” the clone snarled back even nastier than me.  “You’re not one of us.  You’re different.  The outcast.  The weirdo.  Now get your butt out of here before I kick it out!”
I ran away fast, but my upset mind slowed me down.  The outcast.  The weirdo.  Those words jabbed into me like knives into butter and I had to sit down and think.

I felt horrible!  I felt so different and alienated, like I wasn’t worth anything.

And you know what I did?  I cried!

This wish was turning into a nightmare!
































I KEPT ON WANDERING through row after row after row of streets that looked exactly like my street.  I know that I had been walking for miles, but I couldn’t find anything that looked remotely different than my neighborhood.

Oh, who am I kidding, I was lost.  Lost in my own wish!

I kept walking and walking but it didn’t seem like I was making any progress, because whenever I checked the sign at the street corner, it said

Cornwall Avenue


Rawlins Avenue

.  I was getting incredibly tired and thirsty and I needed to take a nap.  But then the other clones would make fun of me for sleeping.

What could I do?

After walking down

Cornwall Avenue

for what seemed like forever, I collapsed on the ground and fell asleep.  The nap was rewarding until…

“Hey Original-Boy, wake up!  Why’re you sleeping, huh?”

I woke up and then one of my clones splashed a bucket of water over my face.  I was grateful for the water, even though it tasted disgusting.

“Why’re you such a pest, Original-Boy?” a clone snarled.  “Why do you fall asleep in the middle of the street, huh?  I almost hit you with my bike!”
“You should have!” another clone said.  “That would’ve been cool!”

“This original is really starting to piss me off!” a clone remarked.

“Yeah, let’s get him!”

I ran down the street as fast as I could from the clones, but I fell over again and just started pounding my fists against the pavement, crying and moaning.

“Why,” I moaned.  “Why is this happening to me?”
Suddenly, an odd-looking guy stepped out of nowhere.  I was so glad to see something different that I didn’t realize who it was.

“Had enough?” The Editor said.

“You!  You caused all of this!  You’re responsible!” I moaned in despair.

“Nope, you’re responsible for this, it was your wish,” The Editor said.  “You didn’t have to give into my pressure, you could’ve just wished for something else.  But since I’ve known thousands of conformists like you, so I knew that you would wish for exactly what I wanted you to.”

“Please, let me go!  I beg you!  I promise I&rsqu

Submitted: May 22, 2010

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This is a really good story, the bully getting a taste of his own medicine!

Sat, May 22nd, 2010 6:59am

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