Are you Scared Now?

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

A short story about a girl who never believes in ghost or anything paranormal until one day...


Are you Scared Now?


Kerry has never believed in ghosts or anything supernatural. She strongly relies on science to explain the unexplainable and anything that cannot be deciphered with science is simply non-existent. At least, according to her. Even so, Kerry loves watching horror movies involving ghosts and demons just to laugh at the absurdity of it while her friends scream and shiver at every scene depicting the terror of the situation. Her friends continuously try to convince her that their fear is reasonable and that the supernatural entities do exist among the living things but Kerry just rolled her eyes at them and crank the volume in her MP3 player a little more. Little did she know that all that is going to change.

When Kerry enters college, she got paired with a petite, pretty girl called Megan. She likes Megan instantly since they get along well at the very first time. Megan is smart and funny and she is not afraid to speak her mind. Even though they cannot be more different; Megan prefers to stay indoor and read while Kerry loves exploring the outdoor world and what it has to offer, they are comfortable with the company of each other and it was not long when the two of them become inseparable. The only thing that sometimes peeves Kerry about her new roommate is the fact that Megan can be overly scared of horror movies which she loves to watch so much.

Megan always put in the same excuse whenever Kerry accused her of being a scaredy cat or a cowardly chicken. “I have a very strong photographic memory and it is difficult for me to erase the ghost image from my mind”. This bugs Kerry a lot since it seems to be that Megan is implying that she has a weak memory. Hence, in order to avoid argument or feeling peevish towards her roommate, Kerry now watch her beloved horror movie alone and get to laugh at the expression of the actors in the movie in her own sweet time and space. Sometimes Megan would enquire the reason for her laughter and when Kerry shows her the bleeding lady in white hovering in her laptop screen, Megan would shout at her to take it away from her. That always put Kerry in a good mood to see Megan so scared.

One day, Megan stopped typing at her laptop and turned to Kerry who is currently watching a new horror movie. Megan cleared her throat and called Kerry. Kerry pauses the video and turned to Megan expectantly.

“What is it?”, she asked.

“Aren’t you never afraid?”, Megan suddenly asked.

“Afraid of what?”, Kerry asked back, looking at Megan incredulously.

“You know, of ghosts and stuff”, replied Megan and she looked so serious that Kerry wanted to laugh. “Is she seriously asking me this?”, thought Kerry.

“No, and why the sudden question? You’ve seen me watch a lot of horror movies before. Do I ever look terrified then?”, Kerry answered and looked at Megan who is still staring at her intensely that admittedly terrifies Kerry a little.

“Okay then. We’ll see”, Megan finally said and turned back to her laptop. Kerry feels a little bit weirded out with the conversation but she shrugged it off. From the corner of her eye, she can see that Megan is smiling softly to herself. “What is it with her today?”, Kerry thought to herself.

It was a long day at college and Kerry was very exhausted after attending a non-stop class from morning till evening. When she arrived at her room, she immediately launched herself on her single bed and tries to savour the comfort of her soft, plump pillow.

“You’re back”, the voice make Kerry jumped from the bed and she caught Megan staring at her from the back of the closet door. At least, she think it was Megan since the room is completely dark due to the fact that Kerry was so excited to get to her bed and forgotten to switch on the lights.

“Megan? I didn’t see you there. What are you doing behind that closet?”, Kerry asked. She didn’t know why, but part of her is feeling a little bit uneasy to see the figure behind that closet.

“I was looking for something, you weirdo. Why did you jumped like that? Are you scared of me?”, Megan emerged from behind the closet holding her hair brush and she smiled a little.

“Of course not. I was just shocked. That’s all. Why didn’t you turned the lights on?”, Kerry asked and she realized that she sounded a little jumpy. Megan sat on her bed and smiled again.

“I was trying to scare you, of course.”, she answered and she started to comb her hair. Kerry sat on her own bed, transfixed with Megan.

“Are you okay? Why do you seem so weird today?”, she enquired. Megan keep her eyes fixed on her comb and continues brushing her hair.

“I’m fine. Just trying to get you scared”, she repeated the same answer. Kerry got fed up when Megan continues brushing her hair which seemed to be longer than usual to her that day and she stalked off the room; grabbing her towel as she goes off. She can still hear Megan giggle softly while saying, “I almost got you”.

Kerry cannot put her mind away from thinking about Megan and her weird antics while she’s in the shower. There’s something about Megan today that makes her feel uneasy. She somehow appeared to be creepy which is silly since Megan is the last person on earth who will creep her out. Kerry laughed nervously at this thought. But her heart still beat anxiously as she made her way out from the bathroom.

“Whoa!”, she said loudly when she saw Megan in front of the sink, still combing her hair. “Why does she keep combing her hair? Surely that hair is combed enough already? I can practically hear the hair shouting ‘No more, no more’”, Kerry mused. Megan turned to Kerry and smiled. “Are you scared now, Kerry?”, she asked, her eyes glinting. That eyes seemed to be glinting almost evilly, though Kerry to herself.

“Cut it out now, will you? I’m sick of this getting me scared thing”, Kerry answered angrily. She have had enough of Megan’s weird antics today.

“What about now?”, Megan ignored her angry looks and pushed her face close to Kerry’s. Megan’s hair covered almost all of her face and she look decidedly scary. Kerry, losing her temper, pushed Megan away and shouted, “No! I am not scared of you. Now, get out of my way!”. She ran from the bathroom into their room and shut the door behind her with a bang.

“What the hell is wrong with her? Why is she so obsessed with making me scared? And why am I so scared right now?”, Kerry thought to herself while trying to steady her own rapid breaths. “This has got to be a prank. Megan must have been planning this thing for a long time. Well, she really went overboard this time”, Kerry sat on her bed when she heard her cellphone rang. The caller is an unknown number. Though Kerry is in no mood to entertain calls from unknown people, her instincts urged her to answer the call. She pressed the green button and froze when she heard the voice in the line.

“Kerry? This is Megan. I left my stupid phone in Aidan’s car today. There’s an emergency. My idiot brother got into an accident and I have to rush to his flat. Sorry I’m not able to tell you earlier because everyone is freaking worried about him including me and I just thought you must be crazily worried that I’m not in the room by now. So, just want to let you know that I’m okay, my stupid brother is going to be okay, and please help me get my phone back from Aidan, will you? I cannot afford a new one if that one got lost...”, and Megan’s familiar voice and chatter keep going through Kerry’s ear but Kerry is still frozen to the spot. And her eyes turn wide with horror when the girl from the bathroom who introduced herself as Megan earlier came in with an evil smile and said, “Are you scared now, Kerry?”. All Megan get for an answer is a horrified scream from Kerry and a click sound.


Submitted: April 20, 2012

© Copyright 2022 zaliaazleen. All rights reserved.

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Courtney Fields

Good so far :) Keep writting. I hope you can also check out my poem "Freedom at last"

Fri, April 20th, 2012 10:31am

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