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This novel is as a keepsake. It comes to us from times irreversable, when the Kyrgyz Republic was still solidly embedded in the USSR and few people dared to dream about an independent future. For most Kyrgyz, contacts with the West were limited to the one-way traffic of Beatles-cassettes brought about by Soviet soldiers serving in Eastern Europe. In those late seventies, early eighties, a period of stability in Soviet history, the events of this story take place.
Four students experimenting with telepathy turn upside down their home village when one of them fixes in his dream a date with an english girl. In expectation of her arrival, the students agitate the whole population to tidy up their houses, the streets and in the meantime their morality. Kyrgyz tradition prescribes hospitality, but the isolated village lacks of many elementary conveniences. By depicting the struggle with the bureaucratic authorities which the students have to fight in order to improve the life circumstances, the writer shows the defects of the political system. The novel is a cultural critique, a profound complaint against the mentality of inertness fostered throughout decades of Soviet rule. Though the students are oriented to the West, they love their homeland and keep hoping for a better future.
Now that reality has surpassed all dreams and Kyrgyzstan has become a democratic republic, people ardently try to get rid of the past. Contacts with the West flourish in the form of international organisations which aim to develop a civil society in Central Asia. As a journalist, the author is watching the changes in his country attentively. His novel was an invitation for “the West” to come, but the story doesn’t end with it. We can expect a following-up, since these times of transformation are fascinating for all who are interested in the young republics of the former USSR.

The editor,
Kirsten Verpaalen (anthropologist)

Submitted: February 25, 2012

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Submitted: February 25, 2012



Part one

I was ready to go around the whole world to find somebody... R. Berns.


It all began when we were once, and it seemed to us forever, carried away by telepathy. People from time immemorial believed in the existence of this phenomenon, but untill now science didn’t find an answer to its physical nature. Known is only, that at critical moments, moments of intense emotion or shock, people begin to understand each other, even though they may be separated from each other by unsurpassable mountains and forests or immense seas between them. A case with the sailor, who fallen over a board of a ship on a stormy night, is typical example. Struggling in icy-cold water, the sailor a moment before his death had “passed” tragic information of his desperate situation to his son, who was three thousand kilometres away. The son woke up in the middle of the night crying loudly: “Daddy is drowning! My Daddy is drowning! Help him!” Choking with tears he told his mother, that in his dream he had seen with unusual clarity how his father had fallen over board of a ship into icy cold water. Less then two weeks passed and everything got confirmed as the news about the death of the boy’s father reached the fishermen settlement. Another case which took place in Michael Lomonosov’s life is also well-known. The father of Lomonosov, a fisherman from Archangelsk, dying on one of the islands of the White sea “communicated” to his son, who at that time was in Germany — not only communicated to his death, but identified as well the place where it all was happening. The news reached him also through the dream. When comrades of his father, the merchants, arrived in Germany and told his son that his father had died on one of the islands and that they failed to find his corpse, Lomonosov named the island, where the body was found afterwards. And lastly a quite “ordinary” example, of a girl, working at a machine tool at the plant. Suddenly and apparently without reason she felt an intense depression and hopeless despair. Nothing of the kind had ever happened to her. Suffering from an awful headache she asked for leave and came home, where she found out that her mother had died of a sudden heart attack. Such examples giving convincing evidence of the reality of this mysterious phenomenon’s existence can be cited endlessly. But somehow there’s always a tragic and gloomy veil upon everything concerning with telepathy, that only takes place in such heartbreaking and exceptional cases, connected with death and destruction. In common life it doesn’t display itself frequently. But that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist at all as a physical phenomenon. We are just unaware of its existence, and that is all. One day, and maybe even in a not too distant future perhaps, when the mechanism of this unique biological phenomena will be properly studied, developed and improved, mankind will abandon other purely technical means of communication. It would be a real revolution in our life. Just imagine what may happen, when one day all people will find themselves able to understand each other. Any time of day or night you could ring any person up, without any cables, wires, commutators, receivers, without telegraphists and telephone operators. It seems to me only then we will become completely civilised and sensible creatures, I guess, with each human being’s soul opened to the outer world, all innermost thoughts and feelings understandable and accessible to everybody, so that everybody could get rid of all his not so good, maybe evil thoughts, plans and aspirations. Oh! We would turn into angels, wouldn’t we? Well, but it is natural, that a great number of problems may turn up! How to reject undesired calls, how to tune to people you need without disturbing others, how to protect yourself from thieves-telepaths, robbers and gangsters? There’s nothing surprising about it, as any great discovery might be used both for good and evil. And difficulties would be tremendous, but quite solvable, as publicity would be general and absolute. Supposing, someone doesn’t want to talk to you, to listen to your complaints, for example, your chief, just hangs up the receiver and all, and you could succeed in nothing with all the truth you have, but this very moment, when your line with your chief breaks off, a lot of other people will get in touch with you, who sympathise and understand you, they will not only listen to you, but could give you valuable advice, and could even ring your chief up as well to warn him not to make such obvious breaches henceforth,- if such breaches were made. Do you understand the full value of such a call, which you lack so much in your real life. And if it turns out that it is you to blame for your own quarrelsome nature or your professional inadequacy, these very people will comfort you, and on reflecting and they will find some way out from this conflict situation - and everything will be done without bloodshed. And when the things are in this way we ourselves will become much better, and all kinds of filthiness, such as bureaucracy, corruption will come to an end; it will do nobody any good to live unfairly: the deepest and darkest waters, and most secluded corners will be brightly lighted. But if some crazy person tries to do something filthy, hundreds, thousands of courageous telephath-Holmses and telephath-Puarrots will rush at once after the bandit. Mankind will be like to some extent some gigantic cetacean, able to communicate with each other at a distance of hundreds and thousands kilometres, owing to deep-water channels of communication in the ocean. In past centuries, when steamers, tankers, submarine, boats, aircraft carries and other superpower sea techniques had not been invented yet the quality of such kind of submarine communication was perfect, and cashalots lived in all-planetary tribe, exchanging words with each other even if they were on quite opposite parts of the Earth. Fancy such a giant, singing a song to his brother or perhaps his beloved at a distance of more than 10 thousand kilometres! Perhaps, even that imbending doomsday can be prevented just in this way — the way of rapid establishment of general communication between all people living on the Earth. ...One fine day it will happen, and the world will spread before our eyes and we’ll see it wholly, like the magic crystal, with its limitless spaces, blue oceans, hundreds of countries, and great number of cosy and clean towns and villages, scattered on its continents, and then, perhaps, in one of these towns, among the passers in a street, or perhaps at the opened to a garden window, I will see you, a fine strange girl, living so far from me, and perhaps, right at this moment, when my heart is radiating a particularly powerful impulse of love — right at this moment, you are watching me unable to believe your eyes, just as I do not believe in your existence, though sometimes, I see you on the wings of my dream, in my wondrous dreams, elusive, incomprehensibly sparkling. Everybody in this world has one irreplaceable love, bestowed on him by heaven, but just a few out of thousands are lucky to realize their dream, for obstacles dividing persons from each other are immensely great and our life is in fact nothing but a continuous wandering in the darkness. Who of us can say that he is absolutely happy? Even if you happen to meet such a person, he exaggerates, he isn’t as much happy as he says, but mainly he wishes he were or perhaps just sympathises with you and doesn’t want to crush your dreams. It goes without saying that telepathy promises to render a great service to us in the future, to strighten everything up. I begin to believe that this is really our last chance, that it is a rescue of our life from extinction, alienation and deafness. A revolution, brought about by this universal means of communication will be much more global and impressive than assimilating to TV or even general computerisation, as we will not only hear each other, but also see the world with other eyes, experience, feelings, think thoughts of each other — without losing ourselves in this ocean of ”live” information at the same time. As we will obtain the most perfect devices of near and remote vision and hearing, we will become a hundred times cleverer. The most valuable things of this world will come into everybody’s house and become his imperceptible property.

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