It is my name

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It is almost adventures of Peter Jackson. It is an introduction.

Submitted: November 16, 2012

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Submitted: November 16, 2012





Peter Jackson, it is my name.

My second name is Peter Jackson.  I am very, very keen on glimpsing. Glimpsing? I’ll tell you later. I love cucambers, peas and beans – there’s just something special about them. I love reading books and drinking cola, it is great! Recently i found myself to be good at mousing – catching mice in a dark room.

I never told you my first name... It’ is... complicated... I used to work in a barn of crocodiles. Yes, live, nasty, angry crocodiles! Employees of the barn called me Tom Krellway, a.k.a., Hellway. Why? Go figure. We were good friends. At the end of the day we used to drink a couple of lemonades. We weren’t allowed to drink alchocol in the barn area, because of an accident, which included a drunk man, lost hard-earned money and a half of a butt-cheek and reservoir filled with crocodiles. Ah, yes! About the name.. Back then,  I didn’t know my name.  Well it seemed like my colleagues did, so i ended up  getting a passport with name Tom Krellway. About 11 years later I got another name...

However, in the end it doesn’t matter what name i have, untill I can do glimpsing. It is an interesting thing to do. It was invented by me, at least, I think so. It is easy. You sit. In a room or outdoors. Or you stand, doesn’t really matter, as long as, you don’t fly... There has to be another person near you, hopefully, a person you don’t know. You look around and suddenly you turn your face against the pesrson for a split second. Then you repeat it countless of times until you get attacked. If you manage to run away, have won ‘’the game’’ (it is not really a game, it is a hobby) if you don’t, well.. you may have a pretty messed up face, and the last thing you should worry about is loosing. The point is to practice, practice to a level, when you can actually run away without being punched or something. I love it.

It is hard to explan my love about cucambers, peas and beans, so i won’t do it. The love of reading books and drinking cola is a long story too, but I can tell it later if you are interested. Just let me know.

I never really liked darkness, but i am not really afraid of it. It just gives me that emptiness and lone feeling. This actually leads to my second hobby. Mousing. So one day i was sitting, eating a toast, enjoying it, when i finally bite it. Boom. The lights went out. The feeling. Alone and empty. The toast was not a good company since one bite was enough to eat it. And my stomach was filled. But still empty, I was. And lonely also. I never said  I didn’t like the feeling... I am somehow used to it, even when the day is white and bright,I have tha... Ah, yes! Then i heard something, I got scared for a moment, but then..I understood I am not alone. I investigated. Found out that it was a mouse. Couldn’t really see it due to the blackout, but I started chassing it. It was super fun! I and the mouse had a great time. Ahh, then the power turned back on. Since I did not catch the mouse, I do it every Thursday – I turn off the lights and start chassing mice(I know that the first mouse has  a family and friends). It is great!

I don’t know how good is this for an introduction, but yes..It is my name. Peter. Jackson.

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