In loving memory of my friends that passed away

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It's depressing knowing they are gone

Submitted: July 08, 2012

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Submitted: July 08, 2012



In loving memory of Josh Bradley Josh you were always there for me

When I was sad

You were there to hug me and to catch every single tear that fall from my face

You were like a brother to me

Even if I dated your brother

I mostly talked about him how much I loved him

But I didn't think twice knowing it must have hurt you.

Because you new him better than anyone

You new he was using me but didn't tell me

You were afraid I would kill myself if I new.

Josh I found out from Brett a guy who was 19 who wad dating Adam the same days j I was.

Me and Brett clicked with madness and darkness we made a vow that day never to take Adam back

Because me and Brett new we werent the only vitems so was a boy named Jesse

Here I was thinking your brother was the love of my life when all he did was cheat and lie

I told you both I got cyber bullied on there by Stephan

Adam was never there when I was crying you were

When I went back to the site you were barely alive

And Adam cheated on me with Stephan

And to believe it or not Stephan was dating a boy named zack

My friends tells me Stephan has an account on booksie and I think to myself

Josh I wish you were here to protect me from harms way like you did back then

Now I see your my guardian angel from up above

In loving memory of will norton

There is lots of things to say lots of things to tell you

Will you died at 18 you deserve such glory for being so brave

Thro out your like you deserve praise with god on your side as you watch Down on me from up above

Your my hero even if I never told you before

You gaven me hope I needed to go on

You were so full of life

You still are filled with the light

Your soul is so young and so true it's as pure as the ocean that is deep bright blue

Will your the best

Your memory will never be forgotten

Rest in piece

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