Love Does Not Exist, But Idiots Do

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College Romance = Big Mistake.

Submitted: December 13, 2010

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Submitted: December 13, 2010



You might know the song by Puddle of Mudd "She Fucking Hates Me".  Well so far the past two days of my college life has been nothing but.  Well at least in my mind it has been.  So first day on campus "Met a girl thought she was grand."  Her name is; well we shall not give her a name.  I honestly thought that she was attractive, she looked decent, but it was her personality that entrapped me.  Funny, outgoing, sarcastic, and well overall the female version of me.  We thought we were made for each other, "Fell in Love found out first hand."

"Went well for a week or two then it all came un-glued."  Well me and her become friends then well we gradually moved up the freaking ladder to best friends, then FWBs (Friends With Benefits).  Well it was awesome, sexual tension so thick you could cut it with a knife.  She would go to hug me and I would pull her hair just right she would moan, I would get nails down my back in return for that.  Then there was the biting and the kissing.  I am going to be honest here I do not think that Love exist in any way, shape, form, and or fashion.  That went on for about oh I don't know two months.  People were saying "Oh, why don't you two date.  You all would make a good couple." But I did not listen to them, I am lying sorry about that.  I suggested we try for a relationship, dumbass idea right there.  She has a boyfriend, a kid, and her parents kick her out of the house. Boy do I know how to pick them.  

"In a trap she planned and laid, I never thought I'd be the one who snap."  So we were up late one night sexting (it is like phone sex, but with words, who ever the dumbass that came up with that is rich now), after she gets done telling me about the things she gonna do to me like, "I'm going to climb onto you and slide your dick into the entrance of my tight wet pussy and ride you so hard." I sext back stating, " I get done spanking you I'm going to take you from behind and everytime you rise up I am going to grab you by your hips and pull you back onto my cock while pelvic thrusting."  Her boyfriend catches wind; and by catches wind she tells me that she fell asleep with here ipod on and he read the messages, smart move there.  That creates a whole mess of freaking problems then, he winds up hating me and then my smart-ass mouth says "Hey bro as long as there's no wedding ring its fair game."  Well that makes her upset; she decides that him and her are going to "take a break". Whatever the hell that means.  She texts me one night and she states "I just got done having sex and I almost screamed out your name."  I am laughing my ass off at this point, thinking to myself that is freaking hilarious.  So we carry on our little FWB for a couple of more weeks then I give her a hug and a kiss and get in my car to go home.  Well I get a five page text message stating that she will not talk to me, hang out with me, or pretty much have anything to do with me until him and her patch things up.  Hey I know what you all are thinking.  What I did was wrong I destroyed a relationship big freaking deal.

"She fucking hates me, la, la, la, love."  After I read that text I admit I felt heart broken but I took my balls out of her purse and had them surgically reatached to my crotchal region.  So now it is all freaking awkward and everyone who said we should date is now asking "What happened? How come you're not hanging out with her? What did you do now?"  Well after answering those obvious questions they were like "What the hell douchebag!" I told them I did not do anything she did it.  So I now remove myself if I see her boyfriend with her in the same room as me or see her in the room with me.  And if she is walking towards me I walk the opposite way.  I still say "Hi." to her every now and then but it is still akward, it never will be the same between us.  

So main point is: Do not listen to your friends because well they are all morons, and that is called peer-pressure. Do they not have pamplets for these freaking topic I know there is one on "smoking and your teenager".  Do not date or try to date or even screw a girl with a boyfriend, husband, fiance, or anything else with a label bad mojo do not do it.  And most importantly LOVE DOES NOT EXIST! Do not listen to anyone but me, no matter how hard you try, look, or even believe there are now happy fairytale endings in life everyone has the same ending WE ALL FREAKING DIE.

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