True love or Just kids

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a group of youngsters go through the good and bad and the time comes where desisions have to be made.

I can't wait for this summer it's my leaving prom and it's going to be amazing. My name is Carrie I’m 17 and I live in California. I have a boyfriend called Tommy he's the best but I want more than just dating you know, I think I am ready for something more serious. He asked me to the prom a few days ago and I said yes of course but earlier I just heard that my best friend Lizzie is going to the prom with Tommy’s best friend and I was like go Lizzie! And it is now all going to plan for my perfect prom. I and Lizzie go way back to middle school and I have always been there for her and she is always there for me. Lizzie has always had a crush on Tommy’s friend called Mitch but he is a bad boy and he always gets detention. Lizzie had to ask him to the prom because he can’t do anything right especially when it comes to romance. My parents hate Tommy so much because they think he is affecting my school work but I am totally on top of things, my grade average is 4.0 but that still isn’t good enough for my mom and dad.
At school there is a group of us which hang out together there is 7 in total: Me and Tommy, Lizzie and Mitch then there’s Gregg the cute jock, Michelle the cheer leader and finally Lina the super bitch. There is nothing she will not do to get someone else’s guy. I only have 4 weeks till prom night and I am so nervous because I am still a virgin and I want the prom night to be mine and Tommy’s night of passion. Michelle and Gregg have just broken up which is the wrong time being so close to prom but things weren’t working out. Lina and Gregg were making out at the movies and Michelle found out and she was so heart broken it was unreal. Lina new she done damage but she don’t care and Gregg tried so hard to get Michelle back which was almost impossible with Lina acting like a total slut as per usual.
 The days are going so fast now and I and Lizzie are going to get our dresses for the big night. Lizzie had the best dress ever because her daddy was a billionaire and what ever she wanted she got but I was happy for her.
Then one day Lina came running into class screaming like a drama queen and she whispered to me that she was pregnant and I announced it straight away on purpose. Lina wasn’t impressed and she threw a jug of orange juice all over my brand new prada bag. I called her a twat faced bitch she is so selfish she can’t get her own men she has to steal from one of her friends.
The news got around and Michelle heard about it and she stormed right over to Gregg and asked him if he was the father. He denied it and said they use protection when Lina got her paws on him.
Lina got a test to see who the father was and it turned out to be Mitch yes Lizzie’s date. Lizzie found out from an e mail from Lina and Lizzie just froze in shock. She couldn’t believe it but it was true and Mitch admitted it.
Lizzie don’t want anyone else so she is now dateless and she doesn’t know who to trust now because she thought she could trust Mitch also he was her first boyfriend. Michelle decided she wasn’t going to waste any time and soon as this week was over she left Jessips high for good. Mean while me and Tommy are doing great and we are all set for the prom which is only 2 weeks away. Gregg and Lina are going to the prom together and Mitch is going to chill with them and Lizzie is coming with me and Tommy.
The night came and we all looked sexy getting into our posh limo which arrived at Lizzie’s palace to pick us up. The others arrived not so long after and it was very awkward but a slow dance came and me and Tommy were dancing wonderfully he was holding me like he never wanted to let me go.
The dance was finally over me and Tommy left the prom and went back to his place, his parents were out and we had the house to ourselves. We slowly took our clothes off Tommy started to caress me up and down with his tender movement we were getting so horny and we had the best night ever and the next morning was great waking up next to my boy of my dreams.
Our love was so right but my friends love just lead to a disaster. Was it true love or are we just kids?

Submitted: March 10, 2009

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