Legend of Denthose

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The Story about the war between heaven and Hell. A war had been going on for ages and Sir Geldan a renagade Angel and Demonic Kain a Demon are tried of gathering Souls for God and the Devil. So They created a Warrior from there own Powers of Heaven and Hell. They had a destiny for him to grow in a human child then become the warrior that will gather souls for THEM. Sirdemon was his name and he makes his own Destiny.

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Legend of Denthose

Submitted: June 10, 2007


Sirdemon Growled and slamed his sword into the ground His blond hair turmed white. His greem eye went Blue. His Demonic wing turned into a Angel one. Now he was a full Angel. Raging Light his sword Went from Silver then changed into Gold. He stood there a full angel now.

Sirdemon used his Thumb to wipe the Blood from his Lip. He looked up and glared at his Twin Brother.
"Sky you can't win you know that?" Sirdemon grined and said.
Sky looked down then up "Kana.....Brother...I controll Heaven...Hell...I killed your parents...I can do anything."

Sirdemon thought to himself "Lets do this Alex."

Sirdemon thought quickly of the events That led Alex up to this momment.
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Legend of Denthose Part 2

Submitted: June 12, 2007

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Legend of Denthose Chapter 3 Bryant Forge

Submitted: June 12, 2007

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