Soul'Ders: Book 1 Spike.

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A Digital Viral Infection has hit the world. All who hear it become what we call Dansato Or Translated from the lost text Dead Soul'Ders or in your terms smart Zombies. A small group of people band together to stop this little Infection. This is one of many storys of our heros.

Submitted: January 19, 2008

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Submitted: January 19, 2008




Three shots are fired from the gun as one of our heros takes down a Dead Soul'Der, One of many this week. They have been in this small town out side Moscow Russia for three weeks and are just now taking out the rest of the Dead. Our Hero is a member of the small unit know as?Headhunters. His name well his name is not important we call him Spike.

Spike was a hero to some and a loony to others. He has Short black hair with dark red high lights and Deep Blue eyes...His eyes are the only ones with color in the world Every body elses have turned a light gray do to the dry humid heat and desert that covers the world know. He has a rough face but handsome with a well built body at the age of 22. He has a scar over his left eye and almost allways wears Desert Camo. Not Much is know about Spike's Past but the fact that he once lived in Glasgow, Missouri. U.S.A

"So whats that....33....32..." Spike says threw a toothpick in his mouth as he runs his hands threw his hair.

"Don't Brag" Repeated a female voice from the dark "We Must move on to other safe houses Spike."

"I know do you all ways have to spoil my fun Alice Walker." Spike Repeats

"yes." She says with a grin.

(I would tell you about Alice Walker....but you will just have to waight for her story to come into play.)

Spike Turns around but as he does so there is a Loud bang in the dark. Brust From Spikes Right knee was a stream of Hot Blood. Our Hero has fallen to the ground Holding his knee. He lookes up and from the roofs of one of the building stands a Soul'der with a sniper. The Beast Takes aim on Spikes Head....Then the World Goes Dark.

The Loud Flapping comes down as Thousands of Infected Crows swoop down to feed off of Spikes Blood. The Sun is Blacked out from all of them and Alice begins to fire of rounds to kill them. They Only Swoop by as they fly into a building. When Spike turns around his face frezzes in horror.

Out from the Building comes a dark man. "Hello Spike." Then he beguns to hum.

Before the Loud Humming and Yeling The only word of Spike we can hear is "Run.....Alice."

Alice raised her gun and fired at the crows as she begun to run back to the convey. The dark man walked up to Spike and knealt down to him.

He begun to hum louder Spike closed his years The other head hunters who came out Where yelling as the sound of the Digital Infection begun to dig into there head. The team members droped there weapons as the fell to the ground there brain being torn apart. Then they fell dead. Spike held his ears shut and looked up looking for Alice seeing if she got away. Then in a quick and crazey move Spike reached out and punched the dark man in the face.

"Stop that inferno humming you brain dead mindless Bastard Alex!" Spike yelled

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