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About a old dog from china who does kungfu!

Submitted: June 03, 2010

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Submitted: June 03, 2010




Once, there was a dog from China. Secretly, he did kungfu! But then, he decided to go to California.

Once he got there, he found a house that he knew he would like. He scratched at the door. The door had a sign on it saying, "Dudwens". Hmmm...Dudwens... I think I'll like them. Thought the dog. This young girl answered the door. "OH MY! MOMMY!!!!!!!! COME LOOK!!!!! IT'S A DOGGY!" said the girl. "OK,ok, what is it, Gingy?" said the mom. "OH MY!" said the mom. "IT'S A DOGGY!!" yelled Gingy. "Can we keep him?" Gingy asked, calming down. "Sure, but, you have to feed and give it water everyday. Breakfast,lunch,and dinner. 3 times a day!" said mom. "PIECE-A CAKE!" yelled Gingy, getting hiped up again.

Yes! Food, AND a nice home! Thought the dog. "I am going to name him...." she paused. "KODA!" yelled Gingy.

Koda... hmm...I like it! Thought Koda.But Koda REALLY wanted to do kungfu right now... So he went into the office, where no one was. Here are the moves he did: side jab, monkey climb,scattering the skunks. And that was all... You would have thought it would have been longer, but he did the moves over,and over again.

 Once he was done, the office was a MESS! Oh no! Koda thought. Then he remembered... The Weirdo Cleanup move. First what he had to do was medatate. Ommmmm.....Ommmmm once he was done medatating, he was floating off of the ground! Then the move worked, he swang from side to side, up and down. The office was cleaned. Eccept, Gingy was watching!!!!!!!! "KODA! YOU KNOW HOW TO CLEAN!!! NOW GO CLEAN MY ROOM!" He only knew chinese language, so, he covered his face with his paws.

That's how this story ended.


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