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In the darkness she sat, silently aglow, watching her love far below. As the darkness grew and the moon hid in fright, she patiently waited for the sight, of her love beyond the clouds. When suddenly she tumbled down...

Submitted: May 19, 2016

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Submitted: May 19, 2016



Authors notes: This is a love story with symbolic undertones and meaning. Unlike most romance stories which rely on lust and warped fantasies, this story was written purely to showcase a love worth writing about. Please do read the summary. Thanks, ZB.


The sun beamed through the window falling on us both and stroking our skin with its wonderful warmth. Experiencing the feeling simultaneously we both smiled at one another. As if it somehow adjoined us and washed away the distance with its unprejudiced giving of warmth.

"I love it here." I whispered softly, my voice unable to hide my joy. I pressed myself closer against him in an attempt to remove that tiny fraction which separated us. My soft chest lay against his firm torso, squishing him in embrace. My outstretched arm wrapped around his body and held me securely in place because even an inch away from him was too far.

He smiled widely, his entire face glowing in love. His deep eyes penetrated through my being and captivated me in spellbound, leaving me submissive to his every whim.

"I love you." He hummed happily, nuzzling my head with his chin before moving down to my face and kissing me unexpectedly. I blushed before his lips touched mine and turned considerably redder enjoying the warm sensation.

"Mmmmmm..." I mumbled without intent, my joy so bluntly unravelling. I turned away in awkwardness, trying to conceal the mounting sparkle alighting my being in glow. He watched me in fascination and then chuckled at my shy disposition. I snuck onto his earthy chest and rested on it like a pillow beckoning me to slumber.

We lay together for hours in our blissful bubble and adored our time immeasurably. It was a place where we both felt safe and loved and at peace. As though the entire universe had dissolved and now there was only us, the last remaining species to live out our days in love, both profound and gentle in equal measure.

Stars enveloped the sky, distracting me from my love with their twinkling beauty. "Oh! She see's stars and I'm as good as invisible!" He teased, pressing his face against my own and whimpering for attention.

"Um, well, they are very beautiful." I replied with a smirk and stroked his face lovingly, my eyes still distracted by the majestic starry night sky above.

"Nothing is more beautiful than you." He whispered softly, his warm breath kissing my cheek in undeniable splendour. He was never distracted by anything when we were together. I could always feel his eyes on me, pouring unyielding love endlessly into my very soul.

My eyes connected with his loving gaze. I parted my lips in smile to shower him in romantic admiration he longed to hear... "Your beauty outshines all stars and moons across all galaxies, even the sun dulls next to your glow. Flowers hide in shame when they see your soft face. The trees drop their leaves in confetti and humble bow as you walk by. The rain bleeds in desperation for just one touch of your precious skin."

He blushed under my loving attention and held me close, his eyes gleaming romantically in swoon as his fingers traced my skin delightfully.

"Everything is more amazing when we're together." I said trying to remind him of our reality. He nodded solemnly at my sobering tone, a disheartened frown bent his otherwise beautiful lips.

"We can't stay here forever." I said in a hushed tone, unsure why I was trying to break the spell we were so wonderfully enchanted by. He nodded again, this time slowly in unwanted realisation, his hold around me loosening.

Suddenly a loud bang startled us both and we trembled, clutching each other for comfort in panic. The sounds became louder and more ferocious, like monsters clawing and snarling at our door, set on destroying everything we held so dear.

His entire body covered mine and I melted beneath him, no longer feeling a single heart but two now beating inside my chest.

His lips found mine again but he hesitated before kissing me, asking "You'll have to go back, won't you?" His eyes dulling before me like two fading stars.

I nodded sadly, my own eyes now glistening with tears. He kissed me warmly, and for the first time since the thundering noise began outside, we both smiled across one another lips. I clutched him closer to me still, eradicating that small inch which separated us.

"I love you." I whispered, my voice fading against the mounting sounds. I watched him mouth the words back, although his voice was completely drowned by the monstrous roars raging against us stealing me of even his sweet voice.

I held him against my chest, his heart beating directly above my own, as we gripped tightly together in an attempt to stop our hearts being torn apart and we both closed our eyes simultaneously.

Suddenly, I felt myself pulled from him and I floated away towards the mass of darkness, from which there seemed was no escape.

I woke up on my bed of stars and blanket of night. My body was caked in sweat and my eyes stung sorely, stained with tears. I sighed deeply as a dull ache reverberated in my chest, where my heart had been so horrifically torn out.

I was no longer with him, where everything was perfect like pure falling snow or the sound of raindrops. Nothing could harm us when we were together. Nothing bad ever happened. We had no fear. No pain. No worries. No sadness. We only had each other. We only needed each other.

But I belong among the stars, floating in darkness and forever watching worlds below. He belongs on earths, in flourishing bloom and nature. Alas, a being of stars and a being of earth cannot combine and hence we were pulled apart and returned to our rightful place.

But still I ached mournfully for him, trying to forget the pain of my loss. My eyes struggled to adjust to the darkness. 'Just appreciate the love you had...' I reminded myself kindly. But I felt numb. Slowly I sunk into my bed of night and closed my eyes. Darkness upon darkness.

Restlessly I tried to sleep once again. Somehow hoping it would help me once again fall towards him. That the distance of clouds would part and allow me to be with my love once again...

I felt a strip of light creep across my eyelids. I blinked heavily unsure what happened or where I was. The warmth of the sun then tickled my cheek wonderfully and I stretched, feeling peaceful and well rested, and my hand connected with something soft and familiar. I opened my eyes swiftly, my face wide in hopeful grin.

I wept freely seeing him looking back at me. Warm tears trickling down my cheeks in open display of all emotions swarming inside me. I fell into his arms and hugged him so hard that we both sunk and melted into one another. He was trying not to cry but failing miserably and I kissed him deeply for his gentle display of tears.

"I love you." He whispered softly, his words reigniting my smile in bright glow. I thanked the clouds dearly for allowing me to return to the Earth I had loved so long from a distance.

The End.

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