Exodus Dreams

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Submitted: December 07, 2015

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Submitted: December 07, 2015



Exodus Dreams

A warming fire glowed in the room faintly. The wind outside howled and hissed in a most disturbing fashion causing the man to stir restlessly in his chair. He glanced over the same sentence thrice before laying the book down. His head pounded demonically as though the entire world resided within these four walls.

As the fire cracked and spat out chards of ash the man sunk into the embrace of the soft chair. It held him dearly, safe from the raging storm rattling at his window, scratching and screaming for entry.

The man started to drift off into deep slumber. And presumably what followed was just a dream...

Silvery ships sailed the sea made of glass. Lips formed and blew swirls of icy wind, invisibly white and as cold as death itself. Millions of planets glared angrily, with red blood eyes fixed directly at the earth.

The man walked the shoreline, snuggling into his clothing like an extension of skin. Finally he reached her. The glorious orange swirled to face him. She stood with a single hand on hip and shook her head in disgust.

"What time do you call this Wesley?" She roared like a bull, despite her small delicate lips and button nose she was no angel.

He frowned nervously and offered a weak shrug. On the cusp of madness his mind had returned to him weakened.

"Let's go then!" She spat careful not to mask her disappointment.

He drove down the country lane which offered little light as they twisted and turned the narrow path at a steady pace. His glasses steamed from the cold air and soon he struggled to see the path ahead.

Suddenly a deer jolted out in front of the car, its deep brown eyes looked at Wesley with heartfelt mercy. He sharply twisted the wheel as the woman yelled in panic. A loud screech resounded before they hit an old oak tree. The car burped and fizzled out.

"Oh great!" The orange haired woman wailed and leapt out the car.

Wesley sat stiff, hands gripping the steering wheel, his body frozen in shock. He hated driving and almost killing a majestic, innocent creature was the last nail in the coffin. Never again, he promised himself.

"You do realise we're going to be late?" She kicked a lonely flower which died instantly.

"I really don't like you." Wesley said quietly, and realised he had spoken out loud. She glared at him through her open passenger door, the look of contempt never leaving her hollow eyes.

Wesley unbuckled his seatbelt and numbly climbed out the car. He fell onto his knees, still shaky, before forcing himself upright.

"Where are we going anyway?" Wesley asked. He didn't recognise the woman but she gave him the same look most women he dated did. A look of pity mixed with silent hate.

"A new world." She said through a bitter scowl.

He laughed and stopped as she threw a rock at him. He rubbed his arm and looked at the sky, studying it more closely this time.

A galaxy of stars paraded proudly, dancing and twirling with memories long forgotten. A small ember dimly sprung to life and watched him strangely with quivering eyes of fright. A moon heavily bowed its weary head, almost overflowing with sadness.

"Seriously?" Wesley asked confused but before the words left his lips a silver spacecraft hovered above them before zooming off.

"Unless you want to die here it's fucking serious! Now fix the car and let's move!" She demanded.

In the distance Wesley could see a hidden cottage with a single light shining from the window. The route was utterly dark, in fact he could barely see his own hands if not for the headlights on the car.

Just then a truck skidded to a halt. He looked over at the orange haired woman displaying a bare leg from beneath her skirt with a thumb outreached.

"Need a lift little lady?" The bearded man asked with a leer. She giggled and nodded before climbing into the truck. And with a brief mutter of "Loser" she was gone.

Good riddance, Wesley thought. Not that he wanted to be alone. He doubted anybody would want that right now. But he would rather be alone than with that poisonous mortal.

It was eerily quiet in the forest. He could make out shadows of trees and rocks, the lowered moon offering bursts of light before it too disappeared into perilous darkness. Something warm trickled down his head and he wiped it away, trying to concentrate on not falling as he moved through the forest, heading closer towards the cottage.

Not a single animal, Wesley thought strangely as his head buzzed with pain and confusion found only in profound dreams. He grumbled in discomfort but focused on the dainty cottage, which gave him a sense of calm. It reminded him of a fairytale hidden deep within his memory. He clawed at it desperately but it was just out of reach.

Eventually he stumbled through the wooden door and fought the harsh wind to shut it again. He called out but nobody was there. An abandoned cottage for an abandoned man, he thought with a weary smile.

Hazily he grabbed a tea towel and wiped his brow. He thought it was just sweat but the towel dyed darkly and his fingertips felt the warm fluid. He threw the towel away impassively and headed for the room with the dimly glowing light.

An old armchair surrounded by an array of books and an old oil lamp welcomed him humbly. Wesley ran his fingers across the books scanning the titles before selecting a beloved classic. Although his head was throbbing and stung sharply, he sat on the chair and turned the pages delicately and begun to read. The story was so absorbing he completely forgot his surroundings until the howling wind disturbed him back into awareness.

Then he remembered, it wasn't a ferocious wind but the sound of a million screams echoing in fear. The frozen seas and red eyes in the sky weren't just in his imagination. The mass exodus had begun. Everyone was trying to board tin spaceships and start again on another planet as this one slowly died in chaotic madness.

He glanced out the window and saw fireworks showering the sky, almost blindingly from the sheer amount of unremitting explosions. A glitter of burnt materials and flesh fell like heavy snow, the smell quickly becoming unbearable. There was no escape. This was it, he thought as his heart pounded achingly.

Wesley picked up another book and read the same sentence thrice. Then he sunk into the embrace of the oversized chair which held him dearly and safe from the dying world. His eyelids slowly fluttered as a story played out in his mind...

A single fairytale in an idyllic cottage and beside him was his fair maiden and two brightly smiling children. A fire burned as they huddled for warmth and softly sang a song about dreams on a Christmas Eve. Wesley held them all dearly as nothing but the sound of breathing filled the small room brimming with love. He smiled as his eyes finally fluttered and closed completely.

And presumably what followed was just a nightmare...

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