The Brothers Coming Out

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksie Classic
A play about two young men coming out of the closet. There is foul language.

Submitted: July 25, 2010

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Submitted: July 25, 2010



Act One

The curtains rise. On stage, a courtyard is set up. Several tables are scattered about. A school banner is in the background. Two people are sitting at the table, down center. Chalonda, a sexy girl of African descent, wears her hair up in a loose bun. She is sitting next to Andy with less than two inches between the two. Andy, a cute boy of European descent, has his head on the table.

Andy: How did you do it?

Chalonda: Do what?

Andy looks up at her.

Andy: How did you come up with the courage to come out?

Chalonda looked thoughtful.

Chalonda: I think my girlfriend was the one that encouraged me. She's my strength.

Andy (smiling): All the guys lost hope that day.

Chalonda laughed.

Chalonda: Straight guys are dishearted way to easily.

Andy: I still don't know how you deal with all the name calling and stuff.

Chalonda (shrugging): After you get called a faggot or a homo a few times, you get used to it.

Andy: I don't think I could stand it. You're pretty much my only friend, so I think it would be worse for me.

Chalonda: I think one of the reasons I'm able to deal with all the negativity is because I have your support.

Both smile.

Chalonda: We have, after all, been each other's best friend since we were three.

Andy: Thirteen long years.

Chalonda: So what are you leading to?

Andy raised an eyebrow.

Andy: What d'you mean?

Chalonda: Whenever you act like this, you're usually about to tell me something.

Andy smiled.

Andy: I think you know me better than I do.

Chalonda: That's the truth.

She reached her arm around Andy.

Chalonda: So what's up?

Andy: I'm trying to come up with a way to tell my family that I'm bisexual.

Chalonda smiled. She brought Andy in closer.

Chalonda (softly): So you are bisexual.

Andy: I know you could have guess that.

Chalonda nodded.

Chalonda nodded: You may not have made it obvious to other people, but it was obvious to me.

Andy: So do you have any ideas on how to tell my family?

Chalonda rubbed her chin.

Chalonda: I have an idea.

She got up, grabbing Andy's had and pulling him up to.

Chalonda: Let's walk.

They exit stage right. The lights dim and the curtains fall. End of act one.

Act two

The curtains rise. On stage, there is a long dining table, down center. There are two platforms, raised about two feet, at center left and center right. The platform at center right has a queen bed, a vanity and a dresser. The platform at center left has two twin beds on either side, a low table between them and two dressers off to one side. Andy, Chalonda and Andy's family are sitting at the dining table. Andy's parents are at either end. Andy and his older brother Sean (age 17), are sitting next to each other. Chalonda is sitting next to Andy's older sister, Esmerelda (age 19).

Mother (to her husband): So how was your day at work, honey?

Father (groaning): Absolutely horrible. I hate working on Saturdays. My boss acted like he was drunk, again.

Mother: Tsk, tsk. I've been telling you for years now: you need to report him. That man has no right to run that place.

The father shrugs.

Father: I can deal with it.

Mother: Like you've been dealing with it for the last twenty-four years?

Father: Twenty-five years, thank you very much.

The mother rolls her eyes.

Mother: I really don't know how you can keep on going.

Father: Because I have some news.

Mother: Oh really?

The father nods. Excitement obviously builds up inside of him.

Mother: What is it?

The father didn't say anything for a moment, to build dramatic effect.

Father: I've been transfered!

Everybody stopped eating and stared at him.

Mother: To where?

Father: To little town out in the country.

All four of the teenagers groaned, including Chalonda.

Father: Come on, it's not that bad.

Sean: Yeah, it is! It's the middle of the year!

Andy (rolling his eyes): You just don't want to leave your girlfriend and the sex.

Sean shoved Andy, nearly pushing him out of his seat.

Sean: We don't have sex.

Andy: We share the same room, I can tell just by looking at the bed sheets.

Sean shoved Andy again. This time the younger boy was pushed out of the chair. Chalonda was the only one to react.

Chalonda (rising out of her chair): What'd you do that for, you jerk!

Andy got up slowly, rubbing his butt. He gave Sean an evil scowl. Without saying anything, he went to his room, slamming the door. Chalonda rushed after him while the rest of his family stayed put.

Chalonda (banging on door): Andy, let me in!

Andy unlocks the door, but doesn't open it. Chalonda walks in and sees Andy laying on his bed, his face in a pillow. Tears are in his eyes. Chalonda sits down on the bed next to him.

Andy: How the hell can Itell them! I would never hear the end of it!

Chalonda was silent for a moment.

Chalonda: You need to tell them.

Andy: No. They would treat me worse than they do now.

Chalonda sighed.

Chalonda: I was hoping that I wouldn't have to resort to this.

She grabbed Andy's wrist and pulled him out of the room. They went back into the dining room.

Chalonda: I have an anouncement to make.

Everybody looked at her and Andy's expression change to one of horror.

Chalonda: I know you do not accept the fact that I am in a relationship with someone of the same sex. I know the only reason I am even allowed near your home is because I have been Andy's friend for so long.

Mother (aside): Isn't that the truth.

Father: Do you have a point?

Chalonda: Yes.

She paused and looked at Andy. Andy still looked scared, but didn't say anything. Chalonda looks at the father.

Chalonda: Your son's bisexual.

Everyone was silent.

Father (rising from chair): How dare you say such lies! Not only are you a faggot, but a liar!

Andy (blushing and not meeting his father's eye): She isn't lying.

The father froze and looked at his son for a moment.

Father (pointing offstage): Get the hell out of my house you fucking son of a bitch! Both of you!

Tears start to for in Andy's eyes. Chalonda raps her arms around him. The curtains fall as the two walk of stage right. End of act two.

Act three

The curtains open. Only Esmerelda and Sean are standing there. Sean is pacing, his fist clenched.

Esmerelda: What's wrong, Sean?

Sean: Andy's what wrong, Es!

Esmerelda: What? Are you mad at the fact that he's gone?

Sean stops pacing and shrugs.

Sean: I just can't believe that Dad kicked him out for being bi. I mean, I think that's a bit much.

Esmerelda: I don't think that's why you're so tense.

Sean: Then why am I?

Esmerelda: Because your jealous that he came out first.

Sean stepped back in shock.

Sean: What d'you mean, came out first?

Esmerelda: I've seen you look at the other guys on the track team. I know what you think. There's more than one person in this family that likes the same sex.

Both stay quiet for some time.

Sean: At least I'm not stupid enough to let Dad know that.

Esmerelda laughed.

Sean: What?

Esmerelda: You don't have a friend that has as strong a will as Chalonda.

Sean: And I'm glad. Look at what happened to Andy. He got kicked out.

Esmerelda brings out her phone and tosses it to Sean.

Esmerelda: Call him and ask where he is. You need to tell him, in person.

Sean looks back and forth from the phone to Esmerelda. As he starts dialing, the lights focus on him and the rest of the stage gets dark. A bench is brought to down right. The lights come back on as Sean and Esmerelda leave stage left and Andy and Chalonda sit on the bench. Andy's phone rings.

Chalonda: Who is it?

Andy looks at the caller i.d.

Andy: Sean.

He answers the phone. After a few seconds of brief conversation, he hangs up.

Chalonda: What was that about?

Andy: Sean wanted to know where I was. He wants to tell me something.

Chalonda: Well, it must be important.

Andy shrugs. They're both silent for several moments.

Andy: By the way, thanks for letting me stay with you.

Chalonda: No problem. With my parents gone, we have plenty of room.

Andy: Thanks anyway.

The lights illuminate the entire stage. Sean and Esmerelda walk onto the stage from stage left. Andy got up and walked to down center, as did Sean. They stood facing each other in silence for several moments.

Sean (weakly): I... I'm... sorry about Dad.

Andy smiles weakly.

Andy: I kinda expected it.

Sean: That doesn't matter. The point is, I didn't stick up for you like I should have.

Sean eyes begin to water up.

Sean (voice shaking): I remember when we were little that we promised each other to always be there for each other. Then we started getting older and getting bigger and at times I kept thinking that that promise was stupid. We got on each other's nerves most of the time. It seemed like we would always be going in different directions.

He suddenly stopped and looked down at his feet. He shifted his weight from one foot to the next.

Sean: I realized something last night.

Andy (his voice barely above a whisper): What?

Sean: That the promise that we made isn't stupid and that we are more alike than I think either of us wants to admit.

Chalonda gets up from the bench and walked to Sean, poking him in the chest.

Chalonda: You better not be messing with him.

Andy walked up to Chalonda and puts his hand on her shoulder.

Andy: Chalonda, please.

Chalonda looked at Andy and then nodded, backing away to stand next to Esmerelda.

Sean: Andy, I- I'm-

Andy hugs Sean tightly before the older boy could continue.

Andy: I know.

Sean smiled and hugged his brother back. They let go of each other.

Andy: Let's go make things right.

He grabbed his brother's wrist and dargs him off stage left.

Chalonda: What was that about?

Esmerelda (laughing): I'm surprised you haven't guess.

Esmerelda begins to walk to stage left.

Esmerelda: You might want to come, Chalonda. You might want to see Dad's reaction to Sean telling him about his sexuality.

Chalonda looked at Esmerelda in surprised for a moment before following her off stage with a determinded look on her face. The curtains fall.

Act Four

The curtain rises. There is the same stage set up as in act two, with the dinning room and two bedrooms. Andy's parents are sitting at the table eating. Andy storms onto stage from stage right, dragging Sean along with him. His father instanly rises.

Father: What the hell are you doing here?

Andy: I want to make things right.

His father begins to threateningly walking towards him, looking like he was going to hurt his son. Sean suddenly steps between the two.

Father: Sean, get out of the way.

Sean: No. I won't let you do anything to him.

Father: Do you not understand what he is.

He pointed at Andy as he said this.

Father: He's a disgrace and shouldn't even excist. How dare you stick up for him.

Sean starts to shake and he clenches his fist.

Sean (yelling): How dare I? Dad... you really don't get it, do you? Andy and I are the same, Dad.

The father stumbed a few steps back.

Father: You... you...

Sean: Yeah, Ilike guys. I've known that for years.

The mother and father look at both of their sons in shock. The father seemed to get even angrier.

Father (hisssing): Damn both of you. You're both a disgrace!

The father rushed Sean and Andy, catching one on either of his shoulders. All three fell onto the stage. The mother screams and runs off stage. The father continues to beat his sons, both of whom are smaller than he is. After a short time, sirens are heard off stage and several cops rush onto the stage. The pull the father off of his sons and put him in hand cuffs. Andy and Sean were groaning, but they slowly got up. The father was read his rights and was forced off stage. The mother hurried onto the stage and hugs both of her sons. Chalonda and Esmerelda also came onto the stage. They saw Andy and Sean bruised up and both of the gasped.

Esmerelda: What happened?

Andy: Dad got ticked off-

Sean: And got himself arrested.

Mother: We need to get you to the hospital right away.

Andy and Sean in unision: We're fine Mom.

Chalonda: No, you're not. Do what your mom says and go to the hospital.

Andy and Sean in unision: Fine.

The lights dim. A cloth barrier is lowered, blocking view of the bedrooms up stage. The table is removed and replaced with two hospital beds and equipment. When the lights come back on, Sean and Andy are laying in the beds in hospital robes.

Sean: Well, that didn't go to well.

Both laugh.

Andy: Yeah, it didn't.

Sean: At least Dad's going to be in jail for a while.

Both fell silent as Esmerelda and Chalonda walk onto stage with several bouquets of flowers. Chalonda set hers down on Andy's bed and Esmerelda did the same on Sean's bed.

Esmerelda: It seems you guys have a lot of admirers.

Andy: Yeah, wow.

Andy picks up a bouquet of red roses and reads the card.

Chalonda: Who's that one from?

Andy: Jimmy... from math.

Chalonda: Wait, what?

She walked around the edge of the bed so she could also read the card. After a few seconds, she had a huge grin on her face.

Chalonda: It looks like someone has a crush on you.

Andy smiled.

Andy: Yeah. You know what... he is kinda cute.

The curtain falls as he continues to look at the roses.


© Copyright 2020 Zanzabaar . All rights reserved.

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