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A simple article on how what little traits can make a novel more appealing.

Submitted: January 13, 2014

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Submitted: January 13, 2014



for me, finding a document which touches me is like looking for a needle in a haystack. With so many new articles and stories coming out hourly, I cannot possibly have the time to read all of them, which is why I have developed some ways to determine whether a novel is of a good quality.

The first thing I always check on a novel is the reading style of it. Because if the document is mainly filled with 'texting language' and hashtags. Then I lose interest quite quickly. on the same note, I also lose interest when the author is frequently using incorrect grammar and punctuation.

As a novel writer myself, I try and proof read my publications in order to make it more appealing to my potential readers. I try to restrict my paragraphs to 9 lines at maximum, since big chunky segments can seem unappealing to most readers. Although once or twice, I have to broken that boundary to fit all the details in.

Another which makes a document more appealing is a wider range of words. For me, if the same word is used multiple times in the same sentence, I eventually can lose track and start thinking "have I already read this bit? a thesaurus is always handy for finding similar words. Alternatively, you could just cut down on the amount of words within the sentence.

I thing I have found in novels is that sometimes people try to mimic too much of the real world within it. Although realistic novels can work, I feel that authors forget that it is there novel and that it can be as silly and creative as they can possibly make it. Sometimes it doesn't matter if you got something wrong, because at the end of the day, it is your novel and you should enjoy writing it.

Finally, the most crucial part of the book is always the blob ( also known as the summary ). more often than not I'll refer to the summary before looking into the novel. Most often the ones which get my attention are the ones which tell you about the character and there story, without revealing any major plotpoints. Quite often the best thing to type in the blob is the most literal thing you can think of, without giving away the cliche of the storyline.

So to summarize, the most crucial part of the book is the blob, which you should use to try and explain the novel whilst giving your reader something to guess at. You should always proof-read your novel, to eliminate any spelling, grammar or punctuation errors, as well as to make it more spicy. You should try to use proper statements, rather using abbriaviated forms of language, on the same note, you should also try and mix the words up a little. Finally, novels do not have to be realistic. Nor do they have to drag on for the writers because by the end of it all, it is your novel and you should enjoy writing it.

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