Butterfly Tattoo

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
When Cammie Vincet is murdered, her friends at Haven: School For the Incredibly Gifted help to find the killer. Having physic powers helps a lot in this case...

Submitted: April 17, 2012

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Submitted: April 17, 2012



Chapter 1

My mother thinks that I go to a school for geniuses. Well, technically I do. But to even get into my school you have to have some psychic ability. You see, I go to Haven: School for the Incredibly Gifted. It’s the safest school; we have the 30 ft. tall gates, 400 security cameras, 100 guards, and body scanners to prove it. But somehow, someone got past it last week and it’s me and my friends’ job to find out who it was. Because, well that someone killed our best friend.

If you’re reading this it means you work for the government and have at least a Level 5 clearance and if you don’t, you probably think that this is just some teen horror fiction story. Go ahead and think that. It’s probably safer that way, the less that know about us the better.

The Headmaster Alaska is making me and my friends’ write this, some kind of confession of our crimes, maybe a debrief. I think that she just wants to know who killed Cammie. That’s the friend of mine that got murdered last week. Cammie Vincent.

As of now Jake, Chad, Serena, Bex, Zach, and I are the lead investigators on this case. I swear on all things that I will do everything in my power to find Cammie’s killer.

Chapter 2

“You do know that sometimes your ‘Spidy Senses’ are wrong, right?” Serena was just mad at Jake because he woke all of us up at 7 on a Saturday.

“What kind of ‘feeling’ do you have that’s so important that you had to wake me up at 7 o’clock in the bloody morning?” I asked.

“Death.” After Jake said that we all stopped complaining.

“Death? How do you know what death feels…” Chad didn’t get to answer that because I mind wiped the rest of that sentence.

“Okay, Jake where’s the feeling coming from?” Bex asked him.

“The attic.” He meant the attic of the girl’s dormitory. There are 2 different dorm buildings, one for girls and one for boy's. We were currently standing at the bottom of the stairs that lead up to the girl’s attic.

“Oh god, what’s that smell?” Zach was still half asleep but the smell seemed to wake us all up.

I got to the top first, after I unlocked the door Bex pushed passed me and opened the door. Bex and Serena screamed, Jake paled, Zach and Chad turned away. I on the other hand was speechless; I had no idea what to think.

“Oh my god, Cammie.” Bex was the first to speak. Because 5 feet in front of us was the hanging, dead body of our best friend Cammie.

“What the heck?!” Serena was hyperventilating.

“Who… Why… How… When?!” Chad asked all the right questions.

“We need to call Mrs. Alaska. Now.” Zach was right, but I couldn’t speak.

“Zara, come on, let’s go down stairs.” Jake was trying to get me out the door, but I couldn’t move.

“Z, sweetheart we have to go.” Serena was right, but I wasn’t going anywhere.

The rope that was holding up my best friend broke. That’s when I broke down. I was hyperventilating and crying and then I fainted.

Chapter 3

So the reason for all the dramatics (you know other than the fact that my best friend was found hanging in an attic) was because 4 years ago I found my father’s hanging body, he was stabbed 369 times. I was the one to find the killer. I accidently mind wiped him too much and he died. Which is the reason I’m at this school. It was either here or Juvie. Let’s just say that it was an easy decision.

It’s not an image you get out of your head, it haunts your dreams. I see his face almost everywhere I look. But then again I am being haunted by his ghost. He follows me to every new place I move.

But seeing Cammie, the nicest person I know, hanging there like that. Well I can’t say that I took it very well. In fact, right before I fainted I promised myself that I would find her killer. And this time the killer will make it to police custody.

“Zara, come on wake up!” Bex sounded really worried.

“Huh?” Everything was really blurry.

“She’s up!” I heard Jake say.

“Thank god!” Zach was relieved.

“Don’t ever do that again.” Chad sounded kind of mad.

“Yeah, cause I can promise never to faint.” I said.

“You didn’t just faint, you almost had a heart attack and we could hear your screaming in our minds.” Serena was mad.

“Oh.” I didn’t know what to say. “Bex, can you please bring me some clothes?”

“Sure thing.” Everyone was silent until Bex came back to the infirmary 10 minutes later.

“Hey guys, can you wait outside? I’d kind of like to change.” I said

“Oh yeah, sorry.” And I was finally alone. After I changed into the skinny jeans and tank top that Bex brought me I opened the door.

“Am I allowed to leave?” I asked the nurse.

“Sure, just sign here.” After I signed the paper we finally left.

“I hate it in there.” Serena said. We all agreed. It just reminds us of all the tests that we had to endure our whole childhoods. They aren’t exactly good memories.

Chapter 4

We walked to the café and got some coffee. Our school’s café is fantastic. The walls are dark brown so it makes you feel warm, it smells like freshly brewed coffee. It’s modeled after some café in Paris. I have an unhealthy obsession with coffee. It’s the only thing that can calm me down after I use my abilities. The café has the best coffee that I have ever had, and that’s saying a lot.

Since it was Saturday, the school grounds were pretty much empty.

“Can we go back to the dorm or is it still closed down? Cause I want to look for clues and see if anything triggers a vision for Bex.” I was mostly just thinking aloud but it actually sounded like a good idea, but my friends were just staring at me. “What? Don’t you want to find her killer? Because I sure as heck do! Who would do this to sweet little Cammie?”

“Don’t you remember what happened last time you were alone with a killer? You got sent here. I don’t want you to end up in Juvie. I can’t see even you rocking an orange jumpsuit.” Serena was right, but I really didn’t care right then.

“Then don’t leave me alone. I am going to find her killer.” I tried walking away but I couldn’t move. “Chad let me go, now” Chad was holding me in place, but he wasn’t touching me. It’s his ability. Telekinesis.

I think that it is time to tell you our abilities. Bex gets visions. Chad has telekinesis. Jake can sense things, like changes in the world and emotions and ghosts. Zach can turn invisible and create force fields. Serena can heal anything and everything. And I can read minds, mind jump, transport, mind speak, mind wipe, mind push, create things (like I think of them and they appear), and I can shape shift. I guess I hit the psychic jackpot, right? Wrong.

So anyway, I was thisclose to mind pushing Chad just to release me. But then he stopped.

“Thanks, okay so I’m going to go talk to Mrs. Alaska. Maybe she’ll let us investigate.” I was deep in thought and didn’t even notice that my friends were following me.

When I got to Mrs. Alaska’s office I knocked and waited. And waited. And waited. Finally after 10 minutes Mrs. Alaska opened the door.

“What can I- oh, hi Zara.” She looked passed me and I noticed for the first time that I wasn’t alone. “What can I do for you?”

“You can let us in so we can talk. Please” I was kind of sick of waiting.

“Sure, come on in.” My friends and I all sat down on the couches and chairs that were placed in her office.

“Okay, so I wanted to know if I can help with the investigation. And before you say no, you should know that I’ll start my own investigation if you say no. So I don’t think that you want to say no. Please Mrs. Alaska.” I said all that with confidence and my friends were staring at me as if I had gone insane, which considering the fact that I was pretty much threatening a teacher, I probably have.

“Fine. You and your friends will help out. But you need to write down everything that you do. Every. Little. Thing. Even if it’s illegal. Consider yourselves an open book, so to say. You will have no privacy. Understood?” She was being completely serious. It was scary. Very, very scary.

“Yes ma’am” We all said.

Chapter 5

So I guess that you've noticed that I'm not afraid of anything. Even scary teachers that could kill me by just saying "Stop Breathing" Hey, they call me a rebel.

I've killed and seen people be killed, nothing is as scary as realizing that you ended a life. That is terrifying. And watching as your mother try's to kill herself after learning that her husband was murdered, well that turns off the caring part. I defiantly passed caring the second I saw my best friend's hanging body.

So obviously we took the deal that was offered. We each took a leather bound book and a fountain pen (probably so we couldn't erase anything). So from this point on nothing is personal, I do hope that dear old (actually I think that she's only like 25) Ms. Alaska does know what she is getting herself into.

Chapter 6

"Z you know I love you, but do I have to?" Jake was whining, he never whines.

"Babe, get over it." I went over and kissed his cheek then walked away. When I turned around he was just staring at me, so I winked.

"Did you just call Jake babe? Oh my gosh I knew you liked him!" Bex was right, she had been asking for weeks if I liked him.

"Bloody hell. Are you ever going to get over it? I do not like him." I tried to cover my blush.

"Hon, you're blushing. You got it bad." Serena was about to get mind slapped.

Instead of denying it I just gave them a look and walked back up to Jake, who was by the way standing with all of his friends, and I kissed him. Yes I kissed him, right on the mouth. He blushed, smiled, and then kissed back. After about 2 minutes we broke apart and smiled at each other, then I looked at his friends who were speechless and waved. Then I walked away leaving everyone that saw what I just did speechless and mouths on the floor. It was very funny.

After that I went to my room and cried for about 3 hours, remembering the last 4 months. And then I went up to the attic.

No one should have to see the place where their best friend was murdered, stabbed one in the heart and once in the back. Seeing this made me remember finding my father, hanging over his bed, with all that blood. Blood makes me queasy.

So going back up to the attic was very hard. Cammie's blood was everywhere. I almost puked. I looked around and found the knife that killed my best friend. I brushed the attic for finger prints and found a few prints. So I marked them and then sat down.

"You know, you can't hide from me. It's literally impossible." I said.

"Yeah, yeah whatever." Jake said,

"So what are you doing up here?"

"I am looking for things. I found the murder weapon and a few prints." I told him.

"Good job but really, what are you doing up here Z?

"I could ask you the same thing."

"I am up here because I felt you. I felt what you were feeling and had to find you."

"I really hate your ability."

"It's not your fault. You couldn't have saved her. No one could've known that this was going to happen. Stop feeling so guilty."

"I can't help it! Everyone dies around me! My best friends always die! Anyone that gets close to me dies! When I was five, my best friend Shelly died of leukemia. Seven? Yeah, Dawn died when she fell off the swing and snapped her neck. Ten? Stephanie was shot in a drive by when her brother stole money from a gang. When I was twelve my dad, the only person that I let get close to me after those deaths, was murdered. He was stabbed 369 times! What kind of monster does that?! Why was he killed? Why does everyone die around me?" I'm not proud to say that I broke down right then. We sat there, me crying on Jake's shoulder and him trying to get me to calm down, for about an hour. Then I think Bex got a vision because when I opened my eyes all of my friends were standing above me.

"Come on Zara, I have an idea." Bex said to me.

Chapter 7

After some coffee I was finally calm.

"So I heard that you just walked up to Jake and started kissing him." Leave it to Zach to break the silence.

"Yeah, I... Uhmm."

"It's alright; the guys said it was hot. They were totally jealous." Chad said

"Oh god." Was all that I could say right then. I was blushing so badly that I'm sure I was as red as a tomato.

"Stop you guys are making her blush! Not nice.” Serena was trying to be nice but she was laughing too hard for me to care.

“Your point? I kissed him, you can’t say that you didn’t see that one coming Bex?” I looked at her.

“Yeah, well you see I’ve seen a lot. More than I want to.” Bex made a face.

“Oh god! Haha Jake say something man.” Chad looked over at Jake who was just sitting there smiling.

I punched him in the shoulder.

You are making me look like an idiot, tell them.

Why me? You’re the one that outted us

He stuck his tongue out at me. I really didn’t want to be the one to tell them so I gave him a look. He put up his hands as if to surrender and started to tell them.

“Uhh guys, we’ve been going out for three weeks. We didn’t tell you because we wanted to see if it worked before getting serious. And, yeah its working.” Jake told them and they were all speechless so I decided to read their minds.

I knew it! –Serena

Why didn’t she tell me? I’m like one of her best friends! –Bex

Dang it! I wanted to kiss her before he got to her! –Zach

Of course Jake gets the hot British chick. Whatever, I’ve been wanting to ask Bex out for weeks. –Chad

Sometimes I really hated reading minds.

“I didn’t tell you because it didn’t seem very important compared to everything else that we were going through.” I told them.

“Yeah, yeah whatever. Okay we forgive you.” Serena said.

“Okay, now that that is over with we need to think about who could do this to Cam.” Jake said.

“Peter.” Chad and Bex said at the same time.

“Do you really think that Peter is capable of ending someone’s life? Yeah, scratch that. That jerk was bloody awful to her.” I said to them.

“Yeah, he was. Any other ‘suspects’?” Zach said.

“Well, she kind of found her birth mum. And her past is a bit more than a little questionable. Her husband and 7 year old daughter were murdered 12 years ago. The same way. Oh wow I’m dim! How could I not have noticed it? Oh god it’s my fault!” I was in full freak out.

“It wasn’t your fault. We don’t even know who the killer was on those cases. “ Chad was trying to calm me down.

“Any road, I should have warned her! I had just found out on Friday. How could I be so daft to not tell her that her mum’s family was murdered! I was screaming in my mind and my friends were all cringing. I could her people yelling because they didn’t know what the bloody hell was happening.

“Z calm down. Zara stop! It’s not your fault!” Jake was the one to tell Chad to go get me a coffee.

“Here Z drink up.” I was about to tell Chad that he could shove it but thought better of it. So I took the coffee.

After about five minutes I calmed down a bit. “Thank you guys, I’m sorry for the screaming thing. It happens when I freak out.”

“It’s okay Z, it’s not your fault.” Serena told me.

“Hey, the mind thing might still freak me out a little bit but can’t we use it to our advantage?” Zach was totally ace at that moment.

“You’re bloody brilliant! I can just walk around with my mind open and see if anyone is thinking any incriminating thoughts.” I stood up and kissed Zach on the cheek, making him blush and Jake burst out laughing.

“You know, if you’re going to kiss them every time they think of something or find a clue, we are going to find this dang killer pretty fast” Bex winked at me and us girls started laughing.

Chapter 8

“So where are we going to start?” Chad asked me.

“Why are you asking me?” I said to him.

“Because you’ve kind of done this before.”

“Oh, yeah. So I think we should go to her room.” I said to the group.

We walked up to Cammie’s room and as soon as we opened the door I started tearing up. It smelled just like her, vanilla and coffee, two of my favorite smells. The room was painted light green which was Cammie’s favorite color. There were posters on her wall of her favorite bands NeverShoutNever and The Ready Set. CD’s were everywhere on the floor, on her bed, and even tacked onto her wall. I knew right then that this was going to be extremely hard.

I noticed that all of my friends were silent. Everyone had tears in their eyes, it was probably one of the saddest things that I’ve ever seen. We were all so close to Cammie. She was our glue; she kept us from killing each other. I had only been at Haven for 5 months but Cammie and everyone else had been here since seventh grade.

“Bex are you getting anything?” Serena asked her.

“No, not yet.” Bex replied.

“Zach, check her computer.” I said

“It’s completely wiped! Why the heck would she wipe her computer?!” Zach yelled.

“Because she’s smart. Or the killer wiped it!” Bex said.

“Why would he or she wipe her laptop? Wait! Did she have contact with her killer? That means that she knew him. Or her.” Chad looked really upset. But Cammie was his twin sister.

“Oh man oh man oh man. This is NOT good! Z try to get something from touching it. Please.” Serena was defiantly freaking out.

So I walked over to touch the bloody laptop, you just can’t say no to Serena when she’s freaking out. As soon as I touched it I felt as if I had been hit by a bus. My whole body hurt, but I couldn’t let go of the laptop. I was seeing numbers and letters.

“She’s having a seizure! Get her hand off of the laptop.” Jake said.

“I can’t it’s like its glued!” Zach told him.

“She’s screaming again. I can’t shut it off! Why can’t I close her off? Usually all I have to do is think about a wall surrounding my mind. It won’t stop!” Jake was yelling.

I couldn’t move, I felt as if my arm was ripping off of my body. Right then was the first of many times that I thought that I never should’ve crossed the pond. Then, after what felt like forever, I was released from whatever the heck was holding me there. And then I fell on my bum.

“Oh my gosh! Are you okay Z?” Serena kept asking.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Of course I’m not fine! I feel as if I was hit by a bloody bus!” I snapped.

“Okay, well what just happened? Did you see something? “

Chapter 9

Once we bagged a few things up, we left and went down to the café. I ordered my usual coffee with two sugars and a bit of cream and then decided that I wanted some tea.

“Okay, so what did you see Z?” Jake asked me once we sat down.

“I saw numbers, and letters. Chad I’m going to write everything down, I want you to see if it’s some kind of code. You Americans and you bloody codes. They make no sense!” So I took the next 45 minutes writing down everything that I saw on that laptop.

“It doesn’t look like anything I have ever seen. Why the heck would Cammie encrypt her laptop? What was she hiding?” Chad said after looking at the code for a few minutes.

“Well that’s what we need to know, I don’t want to touch it again so can you de-code it?” I asked him.

“I can’t, the laptops fried. It happened when you touched it.” Chad told me.

“Well isn’t that just ace? Now we don’t have anything” I said.

“Let’s go question Peter.”

“Fine, but I call punching him in the face.” Zach said.

“But I wanted to!” Bex said.

“Okay, since you all want to hurt him I’ll question him.” Serena said.

“Why don’t you guys stay here? We’ll go to Mr. Malino’s class to question him and meet you back here. Deal? Okay good.” I told them, and then Serena and I walked off to go and find Peter the Girlfriend Beater.

Chapter 10

We had our list of suspects, we had Cammie’s laptop, now we had to find something that leads us to the killer. We decided to question Peter.

“So where were you Saturday night?” Serena asked.

“I was in tutoring, I needed help with Algebra.” Peter told her.

“Who the heck studies on a Saturday? Don’t you have a life? You know, when you’re not punching women.” Serena said, I swear she was about to slap him.

“It was one time! And it was an accident.”

“Bull crap! She had bruises all the time. Did you feel powerful? Seeing her on the floor, bleeding begging you to stop?! Did you ever think twice? Wonder how it would feel being the one getting punched?” Serena was yelling now.

“I have anger issues okay?! I couldn’t stop! But I sure as heck didn’t kill her, I couldn’t have. I was with Tony, he was tutoring me.”

“Oh so you didn’t stab Cammie twice and then hang her body as if on display?!” She touched his hand and his skin burned, I had no idea that she could do that.

“Ouch! Why would I kill her!?”

I called Serena out.

“How did I just do that?” Serena was crying.

“I don’t know.”

I went into the room and grabbed Peter’s hand, and then I searched his mind.

“Brilliant, just bloody brilliant. Serena he didn’t do it.” I was very mad, so was Serena.

“Great! Now we need to track down the psycho path birth mom! Peter leave, before I hurt you again.” Serena said.

So we met everyone at the cafe.

“Anyone get anything?” I asked.

“Steph saw Cammie leave her room at like 11 on Saturday night.” Zach said it was a good clue, so I kissed him on the cheek. He blushed.

“Umm, Tim saw Cammie come back to school on Friday with the same rope that she uhh...” Chad said. I looked at him and decided to hug him, he defiantly needed it.

“Why would she buy the rope? Was he sure that it was her?” Bex asked Chad.

“Yeah, he said that she was wearing a halter top and she had the same purple butterfly tattoo as Cammie.” Chad said.

“Was it in the same place? On her left shoulder?”


“Bloody hell!” I yelled. ‘

“Chad, we need to find your birth mother.” Serena said to Chad.

“Fan-freaking-tastic! I get to meet my psycho path birth mom.” Chad said flatly.

Chapter 11

It took two days to find Helen Chaney, turns out she lives here in Washington. So we found her in a loony bin. Right outside of town. Chad was not very happy.

“Do we really have to do this? I mean, I don’t need to be there. She gave us up 16 years ago, and it turns out she already had a three year old daughter? How old is she anyway?” Chad was rambling on and on.

“She is 31.” I told him.

“Oh great! A crazy psycho teen mother, could my life get any better?” Sarcasm comes out when he is mad.

“Well actually your mum has multiple personality disorder, so no, I don’t think that it can get worse.” I told him, I mean someone had to tell him.


“We’re here.” Jake said.

And where was here you ask? Well we were at Palm Valley Mental Institute. There were no palm trees, and we were on a mountain not in a valley. But it was defiantly a mental institute, a very creepy mental institute. The hospital was colossal, the windows were tinted, there was even barbed wire around the edge of the property. Just looking at it gave me goose pimples.

If I stood there another second I would have ran away so I looked at my friends and walked up to the main entry gate. What in the bloody world was I walking into?

“Mr., you are going to let us in and then forget that you ever saw us.” I told the guard.

“Yes miss.” He sounded completely lifeless, it was really disturbing.

“I don’t know what scares me more, the fact that you just did that or the creepy mansion that we’re about to walk into.” Jake said, so I grabbed his hand to show him that I was scared to.

“Why are we here again?” Chad asked.

“To find out if your psycho mum killed your twin sister.” I told him.

“Oh yeah.”

As we walked through the halls I opened my mind, and boy did I hear some crazy things.

What happens when they find out that I’m not crazy and I just killed him because i felt like it?

She’s touching me, she’s touching me, she’s touching me. Breath, just breath.

Whats up with the see through teenagers?!

That snapped me out of it. I glared at Zach, “Are we invisible?!” I whisper-screamed at him. He just smiled at me.

That’s when I heard her.

They’re coming!

No they aren’t just calm down!

They are to coming, coming to kill you.

They know.

They know you killed them.

No! I didn’t! It was you! You killed them JJ!

Who? Me? The innocent 13 year old? Yeah, cause they’re totally gonna believe that! You are screwed. Ha!

I promised that I wouldn’t kill again! Not after the last time!

Oh my gosh it was like I had my mind open in New York, there were way to many voices in that woman’s head.

“You guys, she has like 15 different personalities. Or at least 15 voices in her head. She’s lucid right now, but I don’t know how long that’s going to last.” I told them. They all nodded and we walked into Helen’s room.

“Who are you?” Helen asked us.

“I’m Chad.”





I stayed silent, I didn’t want her to know my name for some reason.

“Come on, its rude to ignore a question.” She said to me.

“Well I’m glad that you feel that way, because we have some important questions for you.” I said.

“Oh your British are you? Hmm, no wonder your so rude.” She said.

“Where were you Saturday night?”


“Can you prove that?

“No, why?”

“Because your daughter was murdered on Saturday night. And we think you might have, you know considering the fact that you are thinking about people coming after you because you killed someone.”

“How did you... Oh your one of us. You know, we always eventually go crazy. I bet that you won’t make it past twenty-four.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Everyone with a psychic ability involving messing with people’s heads eventually goes crazy. It’s like karma, and you know that they saw about karma, shes a-”

“Yeah, yeah. Whatever, all I want to know is whether or not you murdered you 16 year old daughter.”

“Oh no, I didn’t. Wait so your telling me that my daughter was killed? What happened?”

“Someone stabbed her twice, once in the back and once in the heart and then the hung her body. You know, the same way that you killed your husband and other daughter seven years ago.” Chad was yelling now.

“And who exactly do you think you are to judge me?”

“I’m your son, thanks for the crazy gene.”

“Oh my...”

I didn’t kill Cammie, she was helping me. I haven’t been lucid this long since before i gave birth to the triplets.

“Triplets?!” I squealed.

“Oh dang it! Yes, triplets. There’s another one out there. Her name is Julie van Scotter. She was never adopted, just got legally emancipated. Lives right here in Washington.”

“Oh of course she does! This is ridicules! How crazy is this one?” Serena said.

“She’s apathetic. No emotion. Every single set of foster parents that she had ended up dying. So of natural causes and some were murdered. There was no evidence at any of the scenes. So she was never caught. But she found me a few years ago and called to brag about everything. When Cammie came to me the first time I thought that she was Julie. They look exactly alike, even have the same tattoo. A purple butterfly on the shoulder. Cammie said that she thought that she was being stalked and I told her about Julie.”

We were all silent for a while.

Chapter 12

“God! Julie was on campus! I knew that Cammie didn’t feel like herself! I just didn’t say anything because she said that she was sick.” Jake said.

“We need to find this Julie chick. Like now.” Bex said as we were leaving the hospital.

“I’ll try, but I don’t know if my senses can pick her up.” Jake said.

“I’ll try, too.” I told him.

It took three long hours to find Julie, guess where she was? The morgue at the nearest hospital, the one with Cammie’s body. We drove at least 15 over the speed limit the whole way there. When we finally got there she was just leaving. I looked at Chad and he nodded. Julie was frozen in place.

“What the-” Julie started saying.

“Hey, you look awfully familiar. Do I know you from somewhere?” I said to her.

“Well I’d hope that you would recognize your best friend Z.” She said to me.

“Yeah, I would. To bad you killed her.” I slapped her an regretted it about three seconds later when I collapsed on the floor feeling as if my brain was exploding.

“Dang, I thought that you might play along for a while. Why hello dear old brother, hows life?”

“It will be ten times better when you release Zara and go to prison, where you belong.” He practically spat at her.

“Hmph, that is no way to treat your little sister.” And with that Chad collapsed right along with her.

Bex looked really mad and Serena was sneaking up behind Julie. Jake was trying to help me up.

“Hey Julie! Remember me? I’m the other best friend, or at least I was.” Serena grabbed Julie’s wrist and it started smoking. Julie screamed and I could finally stand.

“Admit it! You killed Cammie so that you could steal her life! You were stalking her and finally you just couldn’t take it anymore! It wasn’t fair! Why does Cammie get Chad? Why does she get friends? Why can she feel love? You snapped! So you snuck up behind her Saturday night and stabbed her in the back, because well hey, she stabbed you in the back by rejecting you. Then to make sure that she was really dead, you stabbed her in the heart. But you knew that I knew about Helen, so you hung her in the attic to make us blame her. You made your mistake by not learning what our abilities were. Too bad for you.” And then I tackled her.

“Fine! I killed her! I killed all of my foster parents to. It’s not my fault! I can’t help it, it just happens whether I want it to or not.” Julie yelled at me.

“You messed with the wrong group of friend.” Zach and Serena said at the same time.

“Oh really? What are you going to do about it? You can’t hold me here forever.”

“Nope, but they can.” Bex said.

Coppers surrounded us and for once, they weren’t there to arrest me.

“Book her Dinozzo.” One of the cops said to the guy next to me.

“Yes boss.” Dinozzo responded.

“Ziva, McGee, go talk to the kids.”

“Yes boss.”

“Okay Gibbs.”

Chapter 13

Its been three days of questioning and no sleep. I’m glad that this whole thing is over. What doesn’t make sense is how the heck Julie found Cammie and Chad. Oh well.

“Zara Taylor to the front office.”

I was just about to go to sleep! I walked down to Ms. Alaska’s office and knocked.

“Oh! Come in! This is Mr. and Mrs. Vincent. They are here to thank you.” Ms. Alaska said to me.

“Thank you so much! If it weren’t for you we would still be in our living room worrying that whoever did this to our daughter would kill someone else. You have saved many lives.” Mrs. Vincent told me.

“Thank you, but I’m not the only one that found Julie. If it weren’t for all of my friends, Julie would probably be dead and it would be me in prison. I just want you to know how bloody brilliant your daughter was, and the amazing person that your son is growing to be. Thank you for raising such amazing children, I wish you the best of lives.” And then I walked out of there crying.

Chapter 14

“I thought that I might find you here.” Jake said.

“I miss her so much! She shouldn’t be dead! Its not fair!” I cried to him.

“Its not your fault. You helped find her killer and put the psycho away. Your a hero babe.” He kissed me on the forehead and sat down next to me in the attic.

Ten minutes later Zach, Chad, Serena, and Bex were all there sitting down all around the attic.

“Now what?” Bex asked.

“Now we try to forget. Not about her, but about all the bad things that happened.’ Zach said.

“But I don’t want to forget.” I said, and I’m almost positive that my friends knew what I was talking about.

© Copyright 2020 Zara Taylor. All rights reserved.

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