It's You

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So this poem is totally dramatic... Just warning you

Submitted: April 18, 2012

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Submitted: April 18, 2012



The pain of loosing you I feel it over and over again With each drop of blood I think of you With each tear I shed  I think of you With all the things I say and do Its you

Your love led me up Then tore me down I think of you in the light of day And the dark of night I've missed my chance I've broke your heart Never letting you know how much I cared

Your name is stuck in my head I can't get it out I've let you down Way to many times before If I'd told you how I felt where would we be now?

Would we know where we stand? Would we still be in love? How could I just take you for granted? Why didn't I see the love you tried to throw my way?

And now I've thrown it all away Everything we had Its now stuck in the past What about our future? Do we have one?  Or does it end here and now?

I can't stand to hurt you once more I've always been the one to walk out the door. The one to ruin things right before they got good I look at you and know one plus one is two Never had I seen it before Seen love  You showed me the way Threw all my heart ache away

Never did you judge  Or critisize You were just there My friend, my love, my anchor to the real world You were always there

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