Bittersweet memories.

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This poem is about memories of a past relationship; one which the person wishes she could forget but finds it hard to erase from her mind. It is not the most pleasant of feelings but i think it is an experience which ultimately most people go through at least once in their lives.

Submitted: December 31, 2007

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Submitted: December 31, 2007



Bittersweet Memories.

Memories chase their flight in my mind's realm

And brimless, my peace it does overwhelm.

Memories cloaked in sweetest veneer

Which my heart used to revere.

Memories emerged from a world yonder

Yet my feelings recall with such candor,

For you, it was naught but banter

And in my heart, despair it did fester.

Such dreams did I yearn of life

Which of countless woes was rife?

Thoughts so drear did I spurge

Ripened by scorn, they did emerge.

It now appears so futile

Love's wings did I render servile

Willing victim to an onslaught so brutal

Love's disposition did turn feral.

When darkness embraced, I do not recall.

Every parcel of me you did enthrall.

From your eyes' unspoken plea

My heart did attempt to flee.

Yet, submitting to your persistence

My will ceased to be a hindrance

My coldness did falter

And to love alter.

My indifference morphed to ardor

And zeal shattered my armor.

Love enticed me into surrender

But my heart you tore asunder.

Why did you my soul bewitch

But my life with care never enrich.

Why did you dry my tears?

Only to give dawn to new fears?

How I pine for you to hold my hand

Forever nestled there i will be, unlike fickle sand.

How I hope my mind will be lulled to forget

For only forlorn woes did I beget?

Memories so dear and yet bizarre.

Memories so near and yet afar.

Why can't you ride the sunset

And leave my crying heart to sing a new duet?

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