A Poem about HATE!

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My way of venting my anger
........Because life sometimes isn't always fun and sometimes the wrong people get praised for terrible things......and get away with it!

Submitted: September 17, 2014

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Submitted: September 17, 2014



A Poem about HATE!

by Alexandra Riquelme

HATE, a searing dislike

A sneaky emotion that often will strike

Some take action while others restrain

For HATE most likely comes from pain

When HATE is held in, it will immerse

Deep in your soul, it will make you curse

You will sweat, your blood will boil

To cease it all, you'll constantly toil

The endless need to see you in tears

For that will end all my fears 

Your pain will help mine retreat

Your sobbing eyes, your full defeat

I hope and pray that sight will come 

On that day I will toast some rum

I will laugh, rejoice and dance with glee

For the weeping woman is not me!

© Copyright 2018 Zaria Brown. All rights reserved.

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