The Uncommon Joy of a Calm Family

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Hello World!
I have not written that much in a few days due to real life problems
I hope to write more in the future

The Poem is very personal to me because it's based on true circumstances from when I was a child. For me personally when your childhood home was fulled with constant yelling, fighting, and chaos... It was kinda weird, even eerie when things were calm and quiet.
I learned when I was a child that rare moments like these made the bond with my family strong.
- Ale

Submitted: October 03, 2014

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Submitted: October 03, 2014



The Uncommon Joy of a Calm Family

By Alexandra Riquelme


As I look around in this small room

I strangely feel no sense of gloom

There is silence in here, it feels so vague

Usually emotions here are quite opaque

I look around and see my Ma

She’s calming reading, not screaming at Pa

I gaze over now at my brothers

They’re playing together, not poking at others

Then I get a glimpse at Dad

He’s napping after eating

Now that’s just sad

Afterwards I take a look at Sis

She’s quietly texting, not giving me a diss

This feeling is strange in fact quite odd

But then I realize, it should be awed

My family isn’t fighting; they’re doing their own thing

Who knew the calmness that this could bring?

It feels so weird, this rare serenity

What did I do to deserve this amenity?

It sort of sad cause I kind of expect

For this wondrous mood to become wrecked

I groan to myself and form a frown

For this tranquil high will surely come down

The scary yelling, so harsh and stern

Those cruel conflicts will soon return

Such bad thoughts play off in my head

Making me feel a nerve-racking dread

No! Those awful feuds will not resume

For just listening will be my heart’s doom

Tears well up in my eyes, how can this be?

I'm whimpering at beauty, what is wrong with me?

Here I am weeping, cringing in fright

So scared, when I should feel delight

I cry out in sadness, the sorrow too much

Sobbing in my chair, I feel a soft touch

It’s my sister seeming worried while holding my arm

I found this odd since she had caused me some harm

In this weirdly different state of mind

Thinking “Why is she acting so kind?”

She smiles deeply and gives me tug

Falling into her arms and bestows me a hug

My eyes widen and more tears form

It’s so unusual, she is so warm!

I lean on her shoulder and clutch her hard

As the touches of the others caught me off guard

Suddenly they embraced me, shocked by their clasp

So rare was this feeling, so I let out a gasp

After a few moments we were still in our hold

I felt uncommon feelings I thought were old

I gently sniffed, feeling my heart soar high

For this is my blood, forever, til I die

As I raised my head I saw a sight I thought wild

My parents beaming at me, proud of their child

I sigh contented, with a sense of well-being

For this is a sight truly worth seeing





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