In the Night

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This is a short-short that is introspective and sort of dark.

Submitted: April 20, 2008

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Submitted: April 20, 2008



I will die in the night. I will lie in bed with no one around me. My breath will rattle in my throat. I will cough blood. I wonder what I would have realized later. All I know is that I am glad I will never know.

I was taken once before to the hospital in the night. I thrashed and screamed in my sleep. My neighbor called 911. The paramedics put me on a stretcher. I woke up but still saw my dream world. Later I realized I could not escape my inner pain. All I knew then was that I was terrified.

I was asked to dance for the first time in the night. I was hidden in the shadows dressed in black. He held his hand out to me. He swept me into the middle of the music and the flashing lights. We never spoke. Later I realized he had done it for a dare. All I knew then was that I was happy.

I was taken to boarding school in the night. My father woke me abruptly to say we were leaving. He pulled me out to the car before I had finished packing. I had only one bag with me. Later I realized he was ridding himself of me forever. All I knew then was that I was scared.

I was born in the night. I came into the world quickly and silently. My mother died believing I was still-born. My father’s grief drowned out my small cries. Only when the nurse carried me from the room did she discover that I lived. Later I realized that my birth accurately fit my life. All I knew then was that I was lonely.

I am dying now. It is night. The moon is shining. I realize that there no longer is a later. All I have known is at an end.

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