The Tablets of Zaronoth

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This is just a chapter in my most recent short story idea. It is not fully developed; I just wanted your opinions on it before I start expanding it. Do you find the storyline intriguing? Your constructive criticism is appreciated!

Submitted: March 25, 2013

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Submitted: March 25, 2013



The Tablets of Zaronoth

Chapter 1: The Beginnings

There were four gods who ruled this world.  Gustavix, the god of time and balance, made sure the world kept its perfect balance, separating the chaos from the serene.  Ramrathix, the god of power and war, did everything in is almighty power to disrupt Gustavix’s hard work.  Purathrix, the god of purity and righteousness, tried to cleanse the wrongdoing of the impure and unholy people of Zaronoth.  Bakalix, the god of evil and corruption, was the god responsible for all of the corruption in the world.  These four gods were the creators of everything in Zaronoth.  The good, the bad, the fighting, and peace were all an outcome of their work.

Zaronoth was a majestic kingdom ruled by the noble Emperor Krravus.  Krravus’ dream was to build the most powerful kingdom ever known to man.  Unfortunately, another emperor had the same dream.  Emperor Rulious ruled the kingdom just over Heaven’s Mountains, which separated the two kingdoms.  Unlike Krravus, Rulious was not loved by his citizens.  They absolutely hated him.  He tortured his citizens if they did not do what he wanted.  The civilians had only one job, and that was to train for war.  Some of them were blacksmiths, some of them were fletchers, but all of them were soldiers who spent their entire life training to kill.  Babies were born out of enslaved mothers with spears in their hand.  They were not fed milk from a nurturing mother, they were fed violence; incessant violence that made them immune to the horrible effects of taking another person’s life. 

The streets were filled with fighting.  Food was scarce, and those who had it were lucky.  Their rations were minimal, so many people starved to death.  Rulious didn’t mind when people died because this meant that only the strong could keep living.  He didn’t want weak soldiers after all; they only got in the way of other people’s work. 

Every day, each family was expected to produce a certain amount of goods.  What the family produced was determined by the emperor.  If they failed to produce the required amount, they were killed by the Deathbringers on the spot.  The Deathbringers were a group of elite soldiers who worked for their emperor.  Their job was to enforce his rules, and make sure everyone followed them at all times.  One broken rule resulted in death.

Emperor Krravus wanted to put an end to Emperor Rulious’ reign.  He believed in a democratic society where everyone had free will.  His army was powerful, but it was a lot smaller than Rulious’.  He had one thing that Rulious didn’t have, however.  He had located an ancient tablet created by the four creators in a remote part of the world long ago.  The tablet was believed to have special powers.  It had a mystic glow around it, and there was an inscription in an unknown language on the front.  Krravus knew this was the secret to destroying Rulious’ empire, but he didn’t know how to unlock its secret powers.

The priests and scholars of his empire worked tirelessly in trying to decode the cryptic message.  They believed that someone had to have a special gift or power from the gods in order to unlock its power.  This power is only granted to someone when the world is in danger.  Rulious would have succeeded in his conquest of creating the most powerful empire ever, and he would have succeeded in destroying the world if the chosen one had not been born.

Chapter 2: A Child is Born

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