Lockdown 13

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We are not always aware of the horrors that await us until we are come face to face with our demise. I don't want to tell you too much about what this book is, but basically the plot for the whole book is about several scientists and anthropologysts who have been selected to study a very dangerous discovery.


They didn't know what to expect. The didn't know what - or who -they were looking for. Three local officers, two U.S. army men. That was the team assembled to investigate the brudal murder of two young men. The location? Somewhere deep in the rain forests of Central Africa's Congo Basin. A bloody handprint slapped on a tree, footprints in the mud. These clues lead the men to the scene of the crime, and to think that the killer was human. They weren't completely wrong.

At last they arrived at the scene of the crime.The murderer was still there scuttling aroung the blood carcasses, knawing on one man's arm, a most horrifying sight to behold. But behold it they did, until the sight beheld them. Yes they had been spotted, and the murderer lunged at one of the men. The others spang quickly into action, and the killer was captured , but not without a struggle.

Now that they knew what they were dealing with, it became evident that they could not keep such a "criminal" in a mainstream jail. No, they couldn't keep it that close to other humans, and even the strongest prisions built previously to the capture were not fit to hold it. They had to build a new facility, one that was stronger than all the others. Such a place could not be widely known to the public. News of this level would only frighten the civilians.

And so such a facility was built, to hold the killer forever. But as we all know, nothing is forver.

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Lockdown 13- chapter 1

Submitted: May 27, 2010

Lockdown-13 Chapter 1  Congratulations Zelia James, If you recieved this letter, then you have recently won an esteemed ... Read Chapter

Lockdown 13- chapter 2

Submitted: May 30, 2010

Lockdown-13 Chapter 2 Robert Left led our group itno the large, windowless building. The inside was not grey, like ... Read Chapter

Lockdown 13- chapter 3

Submitted: June 07, 2010

Chapter 3 Nails screech as they run along a wall, and then a door creecks open. A hideous snarl echos down than hallway, the sound of... Read Chapter