I'm Coming!

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I have to protect my Family, my father is up there but his mission will be preceded by me. I'll do it.
A twist on the usual picture of the Talibans, sometimes a true picture people don't usually see. No offense people! But it's just a story!
This is fiction, any resemblance to anyone will be pure coincidental.

Submitted: February 10, 2014

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Submitted: February 10, 2014



When your families, your relatives and your friends are under great risk and grave danger, what would you do, would you abandon all of them, leave your house and go reside a place far, far away and pray that your family survives and you could go back to them, your innocent children.

No, you won’t do it. You won’t even think about it. You will take them away with you or if you are brave and you love the place you lived your whole life, you’d protect them, with your life.


I’m Waleed Jan, son of Hakeem Ali and I’m a proud resident of Razmak. We are Toori Khels, physically and emotionally strong people of Razmak and my family belongs to the tribe of Shogris. Razmak is a beautiful place often known as the “Small London.” But, it isn’t very fortunate, unfortunately. This is the conversation between me and my late, martyred father but I’m still proud of him.

Dear Father,

Assalam-o-Alaikum! How are you? Father, I dearly miss you. You know what, today when I was sitting in the Ket with my mother, eating larmin with palawoo when suddenly Fateh Ali came and asked if I wanted to play with him. I knew Fateh was alone as his whole family had died and he lived with Uncle Gul Naseer, so I accepted. We played for a moment when suddenly those drones came firing missiles at our village. Luckily, I was safe but Fateh Ali, inna lillah hi wa inna ilaihi raajioon. He embraced martyrdom.

Father, why do they do it? I mean, why us. We didn’t do anything. Why do they come out silently and martyr our loved ones, still they expect us to do nothing? My eyes couldn’t bear the sorrow when I saw Fateh Ali’s face. His mother died because of a simple infection, his brother and father died in another drone attack. He used to tell me that if he’s martyred, he’ll go directly to Heaven to his parents and brother so, because of that, I’m still proud of him. He got his family back!

Father, but is there a way to protect my land? I want to protect it. I want to protect my loved ones from those ambushes and drone attacks. Can I do nothing?

They live in “big cities” and enjoy a life of luxury but us, we have to work hard to live and at the end, they succeed in their mission without actually entering our land. That’s a fact!

I remember that day Father, I still remember that ordinary day. When I was four years old. You, Fateh’s brother, Hamid Ali and his father, Noor Shah were sitting in the hujrah, talking about starting a peaceful business of apple trade when in a flash, boom! I felt sudden heat and pain in my body. My eyes were burning when I saw fire all around me and you were nowhere to be seen. I lost my consciousness after that.

Then after sometime, I slowly opened my eyes and saw Mother smearing a stinky and gooey natural medicine on my cheek.

I asked her that what happened and where was Father?

She smiled and replied.

“He died carrying you back to Ket but you survived, his whole chest was filled with bullets and blood.”

I smiled back and said,

“He went to Heaven with such ease.”

My cheek was also half-burnt and those scars and marks remain yet today. Father! I don’t know what to do, to help my people and to protect my land.

Allah Hafiz Father! I’m coming!

I picked up Father’s rifle, kissed my Mother’s forehead and went on to the journey of my own. I didn’t want to do this. I wanted to learn, to be educated and to live happily but they, they made me do this and now, I’m coming!

Author's Note:

I must say this again that I don't belong to any Taliban tribe. (Yes! I am a Pathan but I don't belong to Waziristan!) I just wanted to present to all of you, an other picture of the incidents. An innocent picture of Islam. It's not like I'm filled with hatred for America or any foreign place, I'm just a peaceful, ordinary teen expressing his thoughts. So please bear with me, I don't hate you!

Also, all the names are pure fiction and any resemblence in any case is purely coincidental.

Another thing is Dictionary:

Ket: Small Houses Of Traditional Waziris (Inhabitants Of Waziristan)

Toori Khels: Tribesmen Of Toori Khel, a tribe of Razmak.

Shogris: A Sub-Tribe Of Toori Khel.

Assalam-o-Alaikum: Islamic Way Of Greetings.

inna lillah hi wa inna ilaihi raajioon: An Arabic sentence said by Muslims when hearing the news of someone's death.

Hujrah: An enclosed room, sometimes used for the seating of guests.

Allah Hafiz: An Arabic sentence used as Goodbye In Islam.

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