Wrestling My Heart

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April leaves Ray, a professional wrestler. April leaves but she doesn't know that Ray'll be wrestling someone soon. Little did she knew that it was Ray's heart he'll be wrestling with.

Submitted: January 04, 2014

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Submitted: January 04, 2014



"Please! listen to me. It was just a misunderstanding. Please! Don't go. I'm sorry..." Ray pleaded.

"Not this time! This time I won't listen. I won't! I have listened enough." April shouted.

"Don't leave! Please don't!" Ray begged.

Tears started to appear in his eyes. He didn't want April to go. He tried to stop her but she blasted on him instead.

"I'm leaving and hopefully, I won't return. Never ever return!"

April stormed out of the house with her belongings and banged the doors shut, leaving Ray destroyed and wrecked. He was shouting wildly and madly, throwing things here and there. He didn't know what to do. He could do nothing to stop her. April had no intentions of returning. Ray started crying as hard as he could. His hands and cheeks were fully wet. There was a flood of tears in his eyes.


A day passed... Two days passed. Ray had locked himself in his room. He didn't even have a proper lunch. He thought of her all day long. Beep.... Beep! His cell phone was ringing.

It was Brandon's..... Ray thought that maybe he'll help me in this. Brandon was his best friend and always helped him in his bad times. So... he picked the phone up.

"Hey Ray! Buddy, I've got a good news for you.." Brandon told happily.

"Now what's that? Tell quickly..." Ray asked carelessly.

"Mate, I've signed a match contract for you... The match is going' to be held tonight! And the amazing thing, the winning cash amount is unbelievable! You win tonight and we'll be swimming in riches tomorrow. You understand? Come tonight at 2300 at the Full Sail University Arena and remember! your opponent is Raging Rhyno. Okay? So then, see you mate!" Brandon said.

"Listen.. Li.." Ray said but Brandon had already cut the call.

"I need money.. but.. Okay. I should go." Ray was in desperate need of money so he agreed.


"Glad you're here buddy.. Well.. the match is going to start soon, so suit up and make it happen." Brandon told Ray at the backstage locker room.

Ray was dressing up when a spotboy came. He offered Ray a drink but Ray shouted in reply,

"Will you just leave me alone! Get out of here!"

Ray was still depressed about the leaving of April. There was anger and frustration boiling inside him. His head started to spin. He clenched his teeth tightly... He wanted to knock out.... or maybe pull the soul out of everyone who wandered in his sight. He wanted to do it now.... now!

Ray was about to start throwing things wildly around the locker room when suddenly Brandon came in.

"Hey! You look depressed. Why? What happened?" Brandon asked.

"April... she.. she left me." Ray started sobbing and started explaining the problem to Brandon.

"Look! This isn't important now. You have a match ahead of you. Think of it. I want you to just pour that boiling emotions out in the ring. Have no mercy on Rhyno just as April didn't have on you. No mercy!" Brandon instructed him.


Ray slowly made his way towards the entrance thinking of April, growing more angry every second and then....


Fireworks started around him. His ear-bursting titantron started to play on an earth-trembling volume..... People started shouting wildly as he entered the ring.

Then came Raging Rhyno again with such power and anger. The only difference was that people booed him instead of cheering for him as they cheered for Ray.

Rhyno entered the ring. The bells rung and the match started...

Ray, who was still sunk deep in April's thought didn't realize it when Rhyno came charging with a spear. Ray cried in immense pain. He started raining huge punches at him. Ray's mouth was bleeding violently. Then, Rhyno climbed a turnbuckle and put the lights out of Ray with a flying elbow to the chest.

Ray was helpless now. He didn't have power to move a muscle. Rhyno applied his finishing maneuver, "The Rhyno Rage" which was basically a flying spear to the kidneys. Then, he was about to pin Ray when at the last count, Ray suddenly broke the count.

Visions of April appeared his mind.

"I put you on the top and now, why aren't you coming down? There was love between us which no one could deny. I will always want you. I will. I didn't walk away... You did. Why?"

He stood up with power and started showering punches at his kidney, face, chest.. whatever he could find. He kicked with all his power and then again said to himself,

"I came in like a wrecking ball!"

He said and punched Rhynos' chest with all his power.

''I never hit so hard in love!"

He again said and this time, Ray kicked his face.

"All I wanted was to break your walls!"

And this time, he locked him in a cross-armbreaker.... Rhyno was crying out in severe pain. He was in extreme pain... and at last, he tapped out, making Ray Parker standing tall.

"All you ever did was... you wreck me!"

Ray shouted in great acrimony........

He had won the golden heavyweight belt but he.. had lost.. in her eyes.. in April's eyes. Ray was wrecked like ashes on the ground..

"I just wanted you to let me in... yeah April! I guess I should have let you win... I should have!"


Author's Note:

I know most of you readers would be confused about those apparently called "finishing maneuvers". I'm sorry if you didn't understand those or if I didn't explain them properly. If there's any confusion left, I'm truly sorry but you should search them on YouTube, you'll understand it more properly there.

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