Wanting Something More by Kathy Love

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You have got to be kidding me! On a night like this, when most sane people are home to escape a blinding snowstorm, I happen to run into Millbrook's biggest jerk, Nathaniel Peck, the boy who broke my heart at my junior prom. The one who kissed me on a dare and let his buddies laugh at me. Well, eat dirt, Nathaniel Peck, because you might have noticed me on the covers of a few magazines under the heading: Supermodel. I live in New York City now. I will be leaving as soon as the weather clears. And frankly, if it were a choice between kissing you or braving downed electrical wires, I'd have to think about it. It's official: I've regressed. It's just that I can't stand the Cult of Nathaniel Peck that has come over this town. Okay, so he is Chief of Police. So he did make sure I got home safely. So he didn't try anything funny with me. So that old smirk has been replaced by a sexy, sad smile...No. People just do not change that much. Somewhere inside Nate is the same leering, conniving womanizer I remember. And I intend to prove it...

Submitted: February 02, 2013

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Submitted: February 02, 2013



Confession: I’ve read this book twice! And I love Nathaniel!


-Marty Stepp, the youngest of the Stepp sisters, is a super model, despite the bad things that kids hadsaid about her when she was young; she grew up to be a beautiful woman that worked to be in the covers of magazines. But when love life started to fall apart and she started to lose the passion she once had for modeling she turns back to her the old town of Millbrook where she grew up. And in finding herself  in the old town where every bad memories of her high school had haunted her, she also finds herself attracted to the last man she ever want to be attracted to Nathaniel Peck.

-Nathaniel Peck, the chief of police of Millbrook, was not always the kind of person someone could look up to. He was the bad boy of their high school and he hung out with the wrong people. But after being attacked in his home and waking up in a coma, things about Nathaniel just started to change, he doesn’t exactly know what changed him but he knows that it’s the best thing that ever happened to him because not only does he get to prove to Marty how good they are together but also he gets to find himself, his true self that he wouldn’t have been able to find if he was still the old Nathaniel.

Why I love this book: From my review of the second book (Wanting What You Get) I had said that, that was my favorite book, well, I must be the most confusing book reviewer because now I’m telling you that I love this book! And it’s also my favorite! I know, it seems like I would just about make a review for all the books I love, and I would if I could. But then it wouldn’t really help.

But for this book I have to say, I love this book not only because of the story but also because of the character and that’s mainly because of Nathaniel. Out of three books, he has to be the most caring, sweetest, most romantic male character lead. And all this happened because of an unfortunate incident that had happened to him but I think that if it didn’t happen there wouldn’t be a story and he wouldn’t be so lovable. Marty in this story, I have to be honest, she’s not my favorite Stepp sister because she was so doubtful of herself and the people that love her, although she has every right and a good reason to  feel that way, I just felt like she wasn’t as strong when she could be. Her character did develop well though, but I just think Nathaniel’s character over shadowed her most of the time, which I’m not against, because I totally love his character.

This story is sweet and oh so romantic! I know, I’m kind of just repeating myself but the way how Nate proved himself to Marty how he’d change is just so cute. It’s hard to have someone trust you again once you’ve hurt them but in this story it truly shows that there’s always room for forgiveness and a new start. The two characters not only find themselves in the making of their romance but also it’s the start a beautiful romantic start of the ending to the story of the Stepp sisters. If there’s a good way to end a series it’s this!

I have to give some time to also acknowledge the author Kathy Love for writing a series filled with love, romance, life lessons, and just an amazing read for people like me. She’s such a talented writer and I love this series from her. She knows how to write a good story, keep it going, and end it so sweetly that you’d be so happy you read it but not have the sad withdrawal of an ending series, instead I feel content and satisfied that I took the time to read her books and now I’m looking forward to reading more from her!

All in all, I have to say the series of the Stepp sister’s is something I will be putting into my collection and also will be re-reading over and over without getting tired of it. A great book, from a great series, is all I could really ask for as an avid reader.

PS: I try not to say too much because I don’t want this review to be a spoiler alert. So sorry if you think I didn’t say enough about the book. But to be honest, I love reading and will read anything, but I won’t give that much time to review something unless it captured me completely and I think it’s really worth reading.

*This book is available for free in an ebook app for androids. Although, the app is very bad at editing and the book tend to have a lot of typo, it’s still fun to read, and it is free! If you want the perfect version as in no typo, buy it on Barnes & Nobles for $4 something. It’s worth it.*


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