Wanting What You Get by Kathy Love

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This Can't Be Happening

Is he flirting with me? I must be imagining things. Why would Mason Sweet, the gorgeous mayor of Millbrook, Maine, the man I've secretly been in love with since seventh grade, flirt with me? He's the town golden boy, and I'm, well, the local librarian. The Stepp sister who stayed close to home. The one who bakes brownies. . .then eats them all. My thighs make that whick-whick-whick sound in pantyhose. He can't possibly be flirting with me. So why is he giving me that melt-you-where-you-stand look? Why is he pulling me close? And what is he whispering in my ear. . .

Sorry, could you repeat that? Now I'm hearing things, because I swear Mason just asked me if I'd like to. . .well, he wasn't asking for a book recommendation, let's put it that way. Oh my, my, my. Okay, Ellie, stop blushing like a teenaged girl. I'm sure he didn't mean it. Maybe I should just alphabetize something. Be the good girl everyone expects. Eat another brownie. Forget this ever happened. So why is it I can't stop myself from saying, "Yes. . .."

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Submitted: February 02, 2013

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Submitted: February 02, 2013



Confession: I’ve read this book twice!


-Ellie Stepp, she’s the middle sister of the Stepp sister, she likes to take care of the people she loves and never had the time to live the life she really wanted until Mason Sweet, the man she’s been in love with since she was in high school. He never had noticed her, being short and chubby is not exactly makes her easy for men to noticed, until that night at her older sister’s wedding when she and Mason were partnered together to dance.

- Mason Sweet, the mayor of Millbrook has always been able to win people. He was the golden boy in high school, the quarterback who many expected to do something great. But although people still saw him as the golden boy he knows deep inside that the gold had faded away from deep inside him and now he’s dealing with something that could ruin him completely if he doesn’t face his demons. He needs change, and Ellie Stepp might be the only one to be able to help him.

Why I love this book: This is actually my most favorite of the series. Again this is the second book of the Stepp sisters. They are all in my “favorite” book list but this one just caught my heart. I can definitely relate to Ellie, not only on the “appearance” point of view but also her characteristics, she’s shy and self conscious, which is something we all feel ones we realize something about ourselves that we know doesn’t fit in with the “norm” or what is expected from us. But above all that you can see her courage to take in change and her braveness to stand for herself even when she knows her reputation of being the “goody goody” can be shattered. She stands for love, which I absolutely love about her character. Also, Mason the leading male character has some personal demons that we could all relate to when seen in a different light. We all have something about ourselves we know we could change but we try to over look it and ignore it until it gets worse.

This story definitely has some lessons to be learned but not only that. I like how the story shows the growth of the two characters together and separately. This book is romantic, that’s a given, but also so sweet and just easy to fall in love with. This is my favorite because it has love, humor, and drama in the perfect amount to create a memorable story.

PS: I try not to say too much because I don’t want this review to be a spoiler alert. So sorry if you think I didn’t say enough about the book. But to be honest, I love reading and will read anything, but I won’t give that much time to review something unless it captured me completely and I think it’s really worth reading.

*This book is available for free in an ebook app for androids. Although, the app is very bad at editing and the book tend to have a lot of typo, it’s still fun to read, and it is free! If you want the perfect version as in no typo, buy it on Barnes & Nobles for $4 something. It’s worth it.*


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