An hour before Midnight

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The pain the she felt that night will forever be in her memories.

Submitted: July 13, 2012

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Submitted: July 13, 2012



I can still hear his cries that night. It was around 11:00 pm Feb.20th , earlier that day I had recieved a phone call from my boyfriend. He said to me that he felt as though he wasn't ready to take on such a serious relationship and feltthat all the love recieved from me , he can never return. Frozen from shock I couldn't give him a reply. As he hung up the phone my mind was at lost thinking " is this really happening ?" This is a dream right ?" "He loves me right ?" Not being able to accept the truth I decided to sleep off the pain. I woke up around 9:00 pm. I realized things HAVE changed, and that this IS reality. I felt like a thousand lighting bolts struck my heart and a hundred spears periced through it as though it was fated to die this way. I can do nothing but shed an ocean of tears, full of sadness and heartaches that night. Before we broke up we had a routine of him calling me before 11:00 every single night. Since we were no longer together I didn't expect one, but I knew deep down in my heart all I wished for was him. When hope was all lost I received the phone call. I was so happy but yet so sad. I stared at his name as though it was all in a dream. I soon realized I had to answer it. As I listened he didn't say a word. He was struggling to speak as though his throat has been clogged up with pain and anger. I heard him sniffling as if he is crying. HE WAS CRYING! Shocked from this I asked him what was wrong already knowing the answer. He said in a choked voice " I just lost the most important girl in my life , I gave her up becauseI thought I couldn't be the best for her. That she deserved a person who can give her more attention then me. I love her so much and can't see anyone but her". I couldn't hold it in anymore and brust out crying with the anger that was in my heart. I couldn't believe whatI was hearing. I soon said to him" Are you stupid ?, If she meant that much to you then by all means fight for her back"He answered me" Will you take me back ? " Still with tears running down my face , my heart has been healed.Or so I thought....

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