Happily ever after my a**

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After years of bottled up feelings for her father, and their first reunion in almost five years Lacey Sully faces the confrontation she's been waiting for. Finally seeking answers...well almost.

Submitted: July 13, 2012

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Submitted: July 13, 2012



\"Why,\" she said. \"After all these years why did you chose to come now?\"  She couldn't take it anymore, she needed to know.  \"You know why, your mom w-wouldn't\"  \"Don't give me that shit!\" she screamed. \"Don't lie to me, I'm so over you and all of your bull.\"  She felt abandoned, she knew That no one would ever really care. But she felt like her dad would have at least showed some dignity and honesty. \"Your mom, she didn't let me see you. You know that already.\" he said as he reached over to embrace her in his arms.  \"No,\" she said shrugging him off.  \"Dont lie to me! You left me! You abandoned me!\" she screamed at him. \"Don't blame my mother for this when it is clearly your fault!\" she felt the hot tears sliding down her face as her heart beated  wildly inside her chest. She went on, \"You left me,\" she barely said in a whisper. \"Do you know how much I cried for you? How many times I thought 'he wouldn't leave me, he loves me too much'? You killed my hopes and dreams, you killed a part of me.\" she looked up at him. \"Clearly I overestimated you, I thought you were a better man but clearly I was wrong.\"  She turned around readyto leave this room, this house, his house.  \"She brainwashed you.\" he said.  \"What did you just say?\" she demanded, turning around to face this man. Rage and anger began to settle inside of her.  He tilted his chin up saying, \"She damaged your mind,\" he eyes softed as he reached out to her  \"Baby, I'm sorry, I knew she was a bad mother and I just left you there-\"  Outraged, she shoved his arms away and practically screamed into his face, \"Don't you ever say anything like that again, don't you ever talk about my mother like that again.\"  He replied, \"She isn't your mother anymore, and I'll make sure she can't ever talk or see you ag-\"  \"Shut up! You lying bastard! My mother isn't the one that abandoned her first child, she wasn't the one that messed up my head, married a girl five years older than her child. So don't ever say something like that. Don't you understand? I hate you, you ruined my life. I don't ever want to see you again.\"  She turned around to walk out the door, just before she closed the door she heard him say, \"It's okay baby i'll take care if her. Then we can live happily ever after.\" She slammed the door knowing that she'll torment herself about what she did to him, but she couldn't take it anymore. It was like losing her childhood dad again, the pain finials and raw.  Driving back home tears slid down her face as she pulled over to cry out all those tears she's been holding back, finally letting go. 

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