Inside her mind

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Want a peak inside the queens mind? Read for a glimpse of her insanity and misery.

Submitted: July 12, 2012

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Submitted: July 12, 2012



A glance in the mirror is like a cold bucket of reality.  As if the world did this to her, and made her ugly. She is claimed to be the fairest, the fair beauty, the everlasting beauty, but she feels different. Just because shes the fairest and every lasting it doesn't mean she the only one. She could be easily over thrown if she were to be ugly. To be beautiful is to have power.     She could feel the hatred and misery rumbling inside her. Wanting revenge, pain; that horrible enticing pain that'll make her beautiful once again.  So beautiful, that the kingdom will weep at her feet, beg for her forgiveness and obey her every command. That was when she truly felt beautiful and forgiven by the world. As if they took all the misery and ugly away from her and finally gave her happiness.  But somewhere deep inside her, she knew she wasn't beautiful, for she was a living nightmare. Craving for the sight of spilled blood and the misery of others.  Feasting on the fairest, and the most  innocent's beauty to sustain her own. Forever in this endless cycle.Forever young and beautiful.  She turned around to face the enchanted mirror.  She cleared her throat as she repeated the worlds which were engraved into her mind, and into her soul.  \"Mirror mirror on the wall. Who's the  fairest of them all...\" The words which granted her happiness...for now. 

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