The Hatred that Dwells in her Soul

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Everyone gets mad here and there , but when is it to much to handle ?

Submitted: July 15, 2012

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Submitted: July 15, 2012



I'm the only girl with four other siblings. I'm the third child in my family . The oldest brother is 17 , the second being 15 , I being 14 years old and my two younger brothers are 9 and 2. Both my parents are still togther , but why is the question. They made me believe that marriage is a useless thing and I hope never to give my life to such a bunch of crap. Love doesn't exist. Each day I have to tolerate my hatred towards everyone. My mom being the strict tight ass and refusing me to have the slightest bit of happiness possible. My dad being a control freak always ordering me around when clearly my other siblings are free. The oldest brother is a good for nothing bastard .He's flunked highschool and have no future . He stays in his room all day doing nothing but use the Internet and eat food. He orders me around like a slave and calls me names used in the form of profanity. I hate him with all my heart. It does not matter what blood we have in each other . Not all families are loving and caring with happiness and joy. I would kill him. I would strap him down on a lab table just like an animal. I would take rusty knives and slowly and painfully slice chunks of his fat and make him eat it. I won't let him die just yet. I would then take bleach and pour it all over his body with baking soda and vinager along with boiling hot water. I would like to see him beg for forgiveness and see him weep his pride and dignity away . Make him get on his hands and knees and bow down to me. I would set his fingers on fire until he turns completely black and take a damp towel and peel off his skin while he's cryinging in pain. Last I would take a chain saw and saw his neck open and stab him endlessly until I am satisfied. I would put his body on display in front of my house and let everyone see the anger and hatred I have in me. My 2nd brother I would love to choke to death. I want to cut every single piece of meet on his body off and have him screaming in fear. My 9 year old brother is starting to become a smart mouth and I'm getting really tired of it. I would beat him endlessly to show I have power and dominance over a little boy like you. I love my 2 year old baby brother with all my heart and would never dare to hurt him but if he grows up to be just like them....I would stab and cut his heart out and slowly rip all his organs out of his body in a heart beat. My work is a master piece. I want my parents to see my work and have them praise me with their tears of fear. I want to make them to suffer in hell. I will never kill them but simply have them become my servants that lives in terror each day they are under my control. No one dares to cross me for I will go crazy and act upon my wishes. I am also tired of the lectures I get from my friends. The lectures and my family just loves means are doing this just because they care. If I ever hear another story of that bull sh*t , I wouldn't hesitate to hurt them. Maybe I am thoughtless and a horrible person, but this is my happiness. I am only 14.

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