Because of Doctor Hugen Brown

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

The sun is going to turn into a black hole! You have been chosen to stay on earth. What will happen?

10 minutes… 9 minutes and 30 seconds… 9 minutes… This was the countdown until the sun exploded into a black hole.  “Go Go Go Go!” my commander shouted, “Go go go go go go! Everyone in the spacecraft!”

I could hear the people screaming:


“Get out of my way!”

“Hurry up!”

“I have a husband and 6 kids! Let me on!”

Originally, Scientists had thought the sun would expand into a Red Giant when it ran out of hydrogen.

8 minutes…

Because of this, humans tried to find a way to make the Sun’s lifespan longer. We tried everything we could think of until this man named Dr. Hugen Brown came up with an idea that humankind thought was brilliant.

7 minutes…

Well, we tried it, and it failed miserably. If anything it made our situation 10 times worse.

6 minutes and 30 seconds….

It made the sun expand 1000 times, but at the same time, Earth moved 1000 times farther from the sun. This meant we were still at the same temperature.

5 minutes and 45 seconds….

“Is everybody on?” Commander shouted, “Well, everyone except for you Calvin.”


My name.

I had been chosen to stay on Earth.

5 minutes….

I was the one who would command the ship on Earth, until it went out of Earth’s orbit.

It’s amazing what passes through your eyes when you’re about to die.

4 minutes....

My cat, Bo, who is on the spacecraft. My dog, Dwag, who is also on the spacecraft. My mom and dad, who died when I was 10.

3 minutes….

The spacecraft…



The sun is getting smaller and turning black.

It was supposed to do that in 2 minutes.

Oh No.

Suddenly I hear a loud BOOM!

I watch.

I see my world be swallowed by a giant, black, monster.

Then I see no more.


Submitted: September 20, 2018

© Copyright 2021 ZdogDaBoss. All rights reserved.

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