An accolade to Palolem Guest House.

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Submitted: November 11, 2011

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Submitted: November 11, 2011




6th November (Palolem)


Twas dusk and terse thoughts in my head they came,

So brawny and piquant thoughts of the beach were beacon aflame.

 Spent rains are deplete and the sun shines bright,

Sandy seas and the cool salty breeze delight.


To Palolem them thoughts they yelled in unison in my head,

A cozy place sojourn I had to book ahead.

An old friend of mine, an inn he had,

110 steps away from the beachy sands and we were so glad.


Called him on his cell as sundown’s red alit,

 A place for the nite and coziness a bit.

In a jiffy did he rooms reserve,

From home we headed to Palolem Guest House for fun on the week end we deserve.


The winding roads and the traffic lines serpentine,

Father time was running and we reached to drink and dine.

The rustic settings of the inn we loved,

By the grace and the warmth we were wowed.



The quaint humble entrance was clean and neat,

Reception set to comfort the traveler or tourist their needs to meet.

The orderly stone pathways through the gardens at every nook,

The broad glazy steps to our rooms they took.


The gardens overflow with trees, plants and grass,

The restaurant is fenced with flowering plants a mass.

There are teak, banana and coconut trees,

And many more decorative and flowering plants that sway in the light breeze.


The cuisine, it tackles the taste buds of all,

From table to table we can hear them, the waiter they call.

The panorama’s grand and the faces are a smile,

People visit here for the ambience too, from many a mile.


I am happy to have been at this place so nice,

It’s a treat to be here at every sunrise.

And many more trips to Palolem Guest House I know,

I will be taking and next time I’ll leave real slow.


I now know this place so humble,

A great getaway from the din and the rumble.

Ahead I look to my next trip here,

Will pack my car and move hear with my Dear.

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