creativity mourned

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creativity and innovativeness brutally killed for ego trips. what was once told to be implemented ignoredand people sidelined.the new leader preaching and restructuring what was once highlighted and now all following in unison. unless all gel and have a pronged attack the economic turmoil across u s , europe africa and now asia will engulf all.

Submitted: December 12, 2011

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Submitted: December 12, 2011



November 20th 2011,

betalbatim beach.

By Sashi Prabhu(zeauoxian).


Throttled pain and it’s come again,

All the doors kept ajar and my joys are drained.

Why it strikes me , I care to know,

The peace is gone and the pain seems to grow.


The druid churns the magic potion,

More gains are his only notion.

But men and women to take along,

Is not his goal and he’s so wrong.


Power blinds his wretched mind,

Oh! His deeds put all to the grind.

Dying creative powers they soak to grounds ,

Of the hallways, whose gonna turn it around.


People cry their minds a whisper,

All time idly spent in repent.

Passion dies yet another death each day,

And things not achieved all kept at bay.


Winds of change come sweeping across the globe,

The soothsayer swings his wand & depths he probe.

A new brotherhood of people he plans to build ,

 Trusts he those who’s desires are unfulfilled.


Two years back,in  November, at the nerve centre,

20 monks indicated to the leading lights along with their mentor,

The way ahead after spells of erudition under learned teachers,

A blind eye they turned then, today they all chant like preachers.



My plea to them is to let go of ego and come together,

As forces across the globe are down in the slump in all weather.

Together all must be to tackle the dark forces that surround,

It’s creativity that will bring back from depths,to astound.


To build the cult the soothsayer has begun,

The dominos must align as now nobody must be the favorite son,

Err if it has been, now there is no way on land but to move ahead,

Cause the ships in troubled waters have already fled………….

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