dark thought

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dark thoughts are the thoughts that bring negativity to me..i want to get rid of them and be ever so happy.

Submitted: November 09, 2011

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Submitted: November 09, 2011






Behold! unto me it will ever so cling,

Often wonder why it lingers on with me,

Untold, it is to make the church bell ring,

Akin to a dark shadow it owns the locked key.


Unchain it from my body please,

Unfathomable within me are it’s depth,

A quest so forceful will be the need as is,

To get to , where fate has it kept.


Up above for it we peeked and looked,

Down below for it we did search,

Alas! The icy claws had it hooked,

Solitude the path to rock in from it’s perch.


Forward,I aired with calming mind,

Ahead I moved with a stance so soft,

Frozen heart now melted to be kind,

My thoughts they said by now were aloft.




Reflect I practiced every morn for sure,

Pondered much I for every need,

Pure Thought, me knew was the only cure,

For  now all that is put forward is pure deed.


Content am I with my present self,

Away has travelled the devlish reign,

Calm is my mind content in itself,

Dark thoughts they say I must abstain.


Every morn ,now it awaits for me,

To a cool breeze and a warm smile,

And when I look out so green is the tree,

My life they see has just begun to be worthwhile.


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