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they put me down, they did all sorts of things, they kept their men and women awy from me.... finally i got what i dreamt of and they...... poor them

Submitted: December 04, 2011

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Submitted: December 04, 2011



4th December, Sernabatim

By Sashi.Prabhu(ZEAUOXIAN).


They gasp to search and find where lie my secrets dark,

I am not handsome or dashing akin some fashion model all sharp.

When I start to tell them stuff they are not aware of , they think I fib,

Muster they will all their will to put me down and just not crib.


When I tell to them it’s within my reach and I can do,

All they will is to scheme and get me from it as far away as Xanadu.

When I enter a room as cool as can be,

They lower their voices and their scheming eyes avoid me.


As I work upon my chore some error which I do, they chuckle to see,

They swarm then around me like a hive of savage bee.

I always tell them that it’s the fire in my eye and the passion in my heart,

Progressive push in my thoughts and joys to my nimble feet brought.




Women have wondered what they see in me,

They try so hard but my inner mystery they cannot see.

When I try to show them what’s inside me,

They all say in unison they just cant see.


Don’t know if you will understand why my head is held so high above,

I push and drive to get my work done and goals met anyhow.


The softness in my heart and the bend of my hair,

They have exploited and I all I need now is to care,

…. Care I will surely from now on,

My resolve to be firm is now far from gone….


I’ve heard that the war is not right,

Because it’s only broken relationships that are left.


Don’t choke and suffocate on holding it within you,

I‘ve learnt the universal words that are true

“ don’t hold on to what you want” and you,

 let go and it comes right back and sticks like glue.



Wrong choices in life by them,

Get you to the places meant for the “gem”.

But am saddened now that their hearts now,

Pass through desolate and lonely street they sow,

To “resentment alley”  is the place they will all go……..

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