15.3 Earth Days

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On the lonely cold shores of Titan a mad scientist creates a vaccine for Heart Ache.

Submitted: August 01, 2012

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Submitted: August 01, 2012



In the vast depths of the crater infested icy plains of Titan, there was a shack on the slanted slope of a razor edged cryovolcanoe. Around the bottom of the icy volcanoe, there were snowy sand dunes of huts nestled below. Methane made its way up the tunnels of the mountain and through the nostrils of the impatient inhabitant. The entire milky way galaxy beamed an assorted amount of colors- He sat there alone, waiting for her.What is the point when she is not with me?He wondered. Memories brought back exhausted smiles, he grew weary as the frosted black walls judged his laziness.I’m sure she will come, he reassured himself. He watched as the nearby meteor shower nestled themselves with a reckless grace upon the land. One of them would be her and he would greet her.But how long more must my heartthrob with sorrow?He dramatically put his left claw to his chest.He went back inside the shack and looked upon the hourglass that rested upon the shoulders of an icy mantle.What if something happened? Dear Saturn, if the treasure seekers found her, they would… NO NO!Before his paranoia could manifest itself entirely, he fell upon the shaky floor as a nearby meteor landed by the entrance of his shack.It must be her!He squealed with delight and stumbled across the door. As he pushed the ice aside he saw a familiar looking man who hunched over to one side. “I have the money for-“ “Yeah yeah”

He took the bag of marbles from the hunched man and exchanged it for a handful of brilliant neon dust. “Thank Saturn! Now my wife and I can avoid the burns of the icy rain wh-“ The man immediately turned his back and slouched on his bed, leaving the hunched man to accept his hermit bitterness. As the hunched man made his way down the icy slopes of the cryovolcanoe, five beautiful layers of icy rock danced around Saturn. The debris of meteorite fell towards the hunched man and nearly took off his foot. “Deary me!” he cried as he abandoned his feet and threw himself off the cliff towards a soft spot below. His dangling arms cupped around his floppy lips as his body fell faster than his voice, leaving a trail of words that came after a shower of meteors thrashed upon the land. “Meeeetteeeoooooorrrrrrsssssssshoooowweerrr!”, came too late his voice as it was pierced by chunks of icy rock. His wife saw the corpse of her withered husband on the snow and cried hysterically as she dragged him inside, completely ignoring the violent snow. As soon as she made it inside her icy hut, she noticed in her husbands hands, a colorful dust,

“oh my”. She exclaimed, “Howard you sweet fool”. She licked what remained on his hand and sighed with rejuvenated relief. “That doctor really is something, isn’t he Howard?” she said to her dead husband. “Ah yes he really knows how to turn those marbles into the best space dust!” She laughed hysterically until blood fell down her nose. “Oh my my my my”, She hiccupped with laughter. Above the tragedy of her lost love the hermit tossed in his bed, “There is no worse pain than to go without my lover in my arms, even I, the greatest conjurer of all of the Milky Way Galaxy, cannot cure a broken heart…” Those thoughts seeped into his mind until he sprinted to his feet and said with a revived passion, “Than I will create a vaccine! No one shall ever have to suffer the fate of absent love!” A wild fire from his eyes burned so passionately it melted the ice around the floor. “He began to carve mad ideas all around the insides of the shack until there was no more space. Equations and words, calligraphy and drawings, all of it was there until he stood in the middle of the room afraid to move. “If I move I will erase whatever I touch” his brows shifted to a worry, “but I need one last equation and I’m sure ill have it settled!” He thought about how he would get out of this situation. He had no idea. So he thought some more until he cleared his mind into a blank chalk board. His thoughts began writing and he forced himself to memorize each rhythm and stroke until he smiled. “I have figured out the vaccine for heart ache”. He smiled again, wickedly.

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