Dam Sung

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What is beyond the edge of the universe?

Submitted: April 01, 2012

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Submitted: April 01, 2012



A door with the words, "Edge of the Universe" was scrawled crudely across the wooden frame. Ameria found herself rereading the hieroglyphics for it seemed ever so often when she blinked she would see the words bleed a neon clump of goo that vanished into space as it fell. Her nerves soothed the rattled anxiety in her knees when her dirty knuckles whitened as their grasp around the crystal doorknob greeted her with an ice cold sensation. Locked. She tried again with no avail. Defeated, a sigh escaped into a cloud that danced into the geometrical designed hallway of which she stood. Their secondary dimensional lines stretched into the horizon, fading into spaces. The tiles were falling from underneath her feet as clumps of sugar fall into grains with the wind. Except there was no wind, there was no sound; there was only Ameria and the door. Her cotton fence teeth glared a curiosity for the unknown lurking behind the door.

The contents were too tempting for her to remain idly, thus, with a slight sense of hysteria, she reached for the crystal door knob. As the light refracted from the multi-cellular prisms of the knob, she turned it counter-clockwise instead of the traditional clockwise method. It opened.

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