For the Que Ween

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

How far will an Ant go to see the queen?

"Stop wandering around soldier, we must gather food for the queen"

"For the queen" came a chant in unison amongst the rest as their antennas flickered.

Zorax repositioned himself in the structure of his comrades, but his anxiety would no longer contain himself. "All of my brethren, do ye no find one wondering what lies out in the world?"

"Quiet, that kind of talk is worthy of death" came Jox from behind.

"A patrolman is on his way, careful!"

The patrolman passed by the ants carrying grains of various edibles chanting "For the Queen"! which was returned by the ants whom passed.

"For the queen" said Zorax and Jox, raising their right antenna toward the sky and their left antenna bent halfway at an angle parallel to the floor.

"I want to see the queen" admitted Zorax.

"Get in line and good luck, we all want to see the queen" consoled Jox.

Just then the formal line dispersed as ants scattered to and fro, some dropping their grains and others with no regard for themselves. A fire ablaze incinerated digits in the double, ants withered in spheres- charred.

"The Giants are at it again with their fire, everyone retreat into the Earth!" Shouted a random patrolman.

The ants scurried and Zorax stood in amazement, seeing the fabled giants for the first time. As soon as the carnage began, it ended, perhaps the giant grew bored. The remnants of those lost laid before the ground. Peculiar ants with sleek forceps carried the dead over their body as they made their way back to the tunnels.

"Hey, where are you taking them?" shouted Zorax.

The slender ant ignored him continuing on his way.

Unsatisfied and curious, Zorax began questioning all those around him, with no avail. It seemed no one know what the other ants did unless it was part of their duty to know....




"Back in line Zorax, you're becoming an ant of question, you are a gatherer not a scout." shouted a patrolman.


Zorax refused, to which he broke from the line and dashed toward the forest blades of grass. Ignoring alll the shouts of returning, he was determined to find the answers to the questions he had neglected. Upon his travels he came across a scout.

“where do they take our fallen brothers and sisters?” he inquired.

The scout looked with a blank expression and said, “I don’t know”.


“Liar, you have to know something! Come on there is no one around just tell me, I’ve been wondering and no one knows, how ludicrous for there to be millions of us and not a single one knows!”

“fine fine, but keep your voice down. There are those who scout for food, there are those that gather the food once it has been scouted, and there are those who retrieve the dead to take to our queen.”

“Why do they take the bodies to the queen, for remembrance?”

“To feed her and the children of course”, nonchalantly admitted the scout.

Zorax immediately felt hot flashes flush across his face. The scout noticed this and said, “hey now, you asked, there is a reason only certain people know certain things. Not everyone is fit for knowledge, and not everyone is fit for work.”

Zorax then looked at him and said, “what are you then, a scout?”

“I’m a wanderer.”

The expression on the wander began stern.

“I’ve been exiled from my colony for asking too many questions, so now I go from colony to colony looking for a home.”



“And how has that been working out for you?”

“Well I’m here aren’t I?”

Zorax look flustered, but then regained his health and asked, “what is your name, brother?”

“Ninor the exiled wanderer”

Zorax dumbfounded, “THE NINOR?!”


Ninor blushed, “Yeah, I don’t take pride in my name but I am obligated to be honest, after all the honor I lost after the arachnids, it is the only way.

“But they said you sold out your queen so you would be spared”

Ninor became enraged, “It is all lies! I single handedly slaughtered the King Arachnid for peace, and it only set off a war which caused all arachnids to target our colony. Few survived, all our resources spent to protect the queen and relocate her. She has found a new home with my family, but I have been exiled for causing them to do so.”

Submitted: April 10, 2012

© Copyright 2022 Zebadiah. All rights reserved.

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