Old Man.

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Submitted: July 20, 2012

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Submitted: July 20, 2012



"She was beautiful, the stars revealed her tan skin as her cherry red lipstick made me really go wild. It was a long time ago and we were at the park. Oh how the grass felt so crunchy and soft beneath our naked feet, and how the birds sang melodies that would set the mood for our love. How the funny little squirrels made her laugh and we would throw bread at the pond for the frogs. But your grandma... they took her away. No one believes me and they tell me she left. But kids, listen, understand please! They killed her, the shots, those needles, the ones your parents use on you all the time. You think its normal to have pale skin and blotches of rashes? They are not tattoos, tattoos are... oh nevermind. I fear you will never believe the truth. It is out there, but you are raised to ignore it by those who do, and how those who embrace the truth are considered liars and imprisoned. Quick, before your parents come to pick you up, and do not dare repeat any of this to anyone, there was a time that animals were not mechanical, and the facts you have learned to install onto micro-bioprocessers are false. You kids and your technology, you will never learn the truth from anyone who has not experienced the questions you seek. I'm an old man and I will die soon, but you will live for centuries. There is a reason why I am an old man at the age of 104. I eat meat. Meat exists, you just have to find it. There is a world I used to know, you can still have it but it is up to you, the youth. Ah! I see your parents coming. Come now and give me a hug before leaving."

They did. It was obvious they loved the stories they heard however they always had a blank robotic expression. The static of his voice was comfort enough for the children to stay still without constantly looking around. However little Hue could not resist but run towards the hover craft as it neared. His lips were dry with brown blood and his veins were anxious with hunger. The hovercraft stopped and two well mannered pale adults stepped out of the floating craft wearing no clothing. They approached the children and said, "alright kids lets go, we dont want to miss the ship to the sun or we will have to wait another blood moon."The other adult added with a deeper voice, "and I don't want to be stuck on this Aruk-forsaken planet." Based by sight, it was unclear who was a male and a female for their bodies and faces were identical, if not for their nakedness one would instead refer to the patterns of their rashes.

Hue reached out his arm to his mother as she took a needle with a vial of a clear substance. After withdrawing its contents she tapped it with her nail-less fingers, once for the removal of air, and twice for effect. Hue smiled and uttered, "Umfh!"She injected his right arm and he said, "MMMMMmmm its my favorite!"Another one of the children who waited behind Hue asked, "Oh is it the vanilla extract or the cinnamon?"

"Better," said Hue pleasingly, "Apples and Bananas".

All the children said their goodbyes and returned to the hovercraft with their twin parents. Only one of the four stayed behind and asked with a sweet voice, "Grandpa, what's grass?" she asked with eyes full of wonder.He looked at her as a tear slid passed his rugged tanned skin, "the Past" He gave her a kiss on the cheek until she ran back to join her family, after all, her veins were hungry.The craft ascended beyond the stars within moments and left the grandfather alone as he closed his eyelids one last time.

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