Origin of Gahd

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What came first: language or music? A caveman story.

Submitted: March 23, 2012

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Submitted: March 23, 2012



The tribes, as primitive as they were, had no direction. For an unknown amount of time, these savages would fornicate and eat freely in bare nude. No worry to plague those inhibited thoughts. Language? No, these are savages mind you, only a few grunts and strenuous pitches of shouts may indicate communication. These noises were a conversation of feeling, rather than words and grammatically acceptable language.  Well, it could be deduced that amongst the savages this type of communication was acceptable.

For a time these slouched two-legged creatures roamed the lands with no purpose in life. However, it came to be that inevitably, one particular savage was not a savage, but rather, tamed. Of course he ate whence hungry, slept whence the body demanded, but amongst his peers, he thought, and only he alone.  He sat amongst a circle of stones by a stream to gather his ponders and listen to the birds sing lullabies and melodies. Inspiration.

The man imitated those sounds of which he heard, but with no avail as his grudged voice dulled any notion of melody. He would return day and night to this Circle of Stones and would repeat his attempts to mimic the chirping creatures. Inevitably, he learned. Singing as he pleased, he became anxious to demonstrate his newly founded ability to the rest of the herd. Abruptly dispersing from his circle of stones, retreated to the Cave of Rituals where many have been found to partake in the intoxicating nature of the locally grown fungi.  There he found a few female and male savages laying on the floor with a glance void of emotion, engulfed in the white bliss of intoxication. Occasional grunts and yelps were heard, however no more ordinary than expected.

Here he sat amongst the center of the cave, picked a fungus, and consumed it. Whilst waiting for its affect, he sang. All the other savages glared at him with a combination of fear and curiosity. Soon the curiosity assuaged the fear, to which they retorted by gathering around his lullabies attentively.  Gently soothing, almost as if forming words, his song to spew forth consisted of jargon but words nonetheless! As soon as the first song to be created by the first man, the drugs took hold.

Hallucinations of an older version of himself with a long white beard exposed himself planting a seed onto the soil of the dirt, to which it grew instantaneously. A snake descended from a branch and emerged from the trunk of the tree to slither towards the body of a naked and hairless female who lay bare a few paces away on the grass away from the tree. Unaware of his hallucinations, he reached out as if to grab the female to which the snake reacted by springing towards his jugular with a vice. It's fangs sunk into his throat to which instantly sobered his state of mind and awoke from his trance. With newfound clarity, a whistle escaped from the utter of his lips and sway of his tongue.

All the savages were in hysterics and fell to the floor on their knees, covering their head as if trying to either amplify or reduce the sounds of his voice. From the perspective of a savage passing by- they were all bowing to the singing man. With such shock and disbelief, the passer by yelped, "Gah!" He sprinted to the cave. Upon his immediate arrival, whilst still choking on his grunt, exhaled with a slight pant, "Gah" and pointed to the singing man. The singing stopped, then the 'singer' looked at the man and pointed himself with dubious tone and asked, "Gah?"

The frantic man, unable to literate his emotions, could only repeat "Gah" again. This time though, the rest followed suit and parroted, "Gah", however, in unison, sounded as "Gahd".

Gahd, unable to understand his newly founded "worship", left immediately to his Circle of Stones by the stream. The savages, as if disciplined or tamed, followed from a distance and sat away from Gahd's sight as they would listen attentively.  They would practice without reluctance until they too could sing and whistle. Gahd learned of this behavior from an occasion whence he left his Cricle of Stones abruptly in order to scavenge for food and overheard them nearby the stream. To their surprise he joined them and was accepted as the leader of the choir. It would be inevitable that they sang songs in unison and harmony, to which the gentleness tamed the savages of the land. Thus, man and woman were created 'equal', by Gahd's legacy as any savages to overhear the lullabies of the discples of Gahd became converted to music as they were taught to sing. The rest of HiS sTORY, lost to the tarnished memory of those whom bore witness to the birth of man. Or perhaps heavy consumption  of drugs over time is to blame, for it seemed music had encouraged the humans to intoxicate themselves even more so than before. Well it's not as if Gahd meant any harm, what's the worse that would happen?


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