P.S. I have Schizophrenia

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Have you ever wondered what its like to be born to Hallucinate?

Submitted: March 26, 2012

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Submitted: March 26, 2012




My dress was caught on the bush, tearing the cross stitching at its side. The bus, in the horizon, felt as if it was dancing with the reflections of light. Unrecognizable, I turned away and ran as fast as my slippers could take me and would not stop until the chill of the air frosted my lungs. Panting, a few moments of breathe allowed to me look at the grass, it was screaming. The agony of its screams caused my hand to tear it from its roots as I put it up to my face and screamed back at the clump of dirt. My sanity returned for a moment as I realized the pressure of my head throbbed with such ferocity, i stumbled across the dirt and fell into a road surrounded by trees. The dirt path was cleanly lit, and another had weird character markings which were crudely scribbled floating across the walk space.

"Don't take the clean road, it's suspicious"

The fingernail moon glistened as the stars flared.

"No take the clean road, the markings are devious"

AHHHH, I screamed, "Shut up! Shut up!" yelling, pounding my fists into my head. Severe pressure ruptured a migraine which began shifting the world before my feet.

Running past the road with the floating markers, I uttered, "They're not real, they're not real, they're not real".


And before I could discover the end of the road, I woke up in jeans by an alley with needles across the floor. My arms were unmarked, my neck stung, I had no idea what happened. Was I not just in a forest? Where's my dress, wheres-

My pockets were empty, all I found was a rusty key with the initial of Z.

A man walked past me and asked, "Miss, are you alright" and before he could extend his hand, I scurried past him and into the streetlight. It was dark, but what day? The moon was full.

My head began to hurt, Pressure, throbbing...

No not again! The lights on the street melted into flowers as pollen sprinkled all across fields of grass. For a moment the greenery flickered. The grass then converted its flesh to concrete, as the pollen began to flicker into a giant rectangular machine moving towards me. I ran into the Giant rose stem emerging from the concrete, and for a moment, flickered the illusion of a building. Blink. Giant flower stem. The texture felt warm and salty, despite my lack of taste. I then wondered if the rivers upon their petals would rejuvenate the scars on my nose as i began to climb.

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