Star Commander Ribbit

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How many stars would you pay for comfort?

Submitted: April 12, 2012

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Submitted: April 12, 2012



The frog looked at the snake and asked suspiciously, "Did you bring it"?
Shifty slit eyes swayed sideways until a red tongue fell between two agile fangs as the Serpent spoke, "Yeah. It wasn't easy Commander Ribbit. I lost seven of my best men and a whole lot of First Grade Equipment.
Impatiently the Frog uttered, "...Get on with it..."
A sly smirk consumed the serpents face as the suitcase glistened in the sun, "That'll cost you seven stars."

Star Commander Ribbit began to argue, "Outrageous! I already provided you with three solar systems and a portal to travel to and fro their dimensions"!

“But they were faulty and two of my men lost their tails, I should be charging extra” the snake said without shifting the tone of its voice.
"Fair enough, but how about five stars instead. I’ve never paid more than three stars for a Pad, but I like you."

"Deal" the Serpent cooed politely. It knew lily pads were not worth more than one star but the journey’s expense and dangers salt the price.

The Serpent then handed a green leafy suitcase to Star Commander Ribbit who accepted only after relinquishing five stars in a sac of eggs. A portal sliced through the air before them, which revealed temporary grids pressed against each other like micro stacks of paper. Here it exposed dimensions beyond the one of which they remained. Satisfied, the Serpent slithered into the crevice in space. The portal was then weaved shut and the grids disappeared.

Star Commander Ribbit analyzed the veins of the suitcase before pressing the stem, which caused it to morph into a lily pad. He threw it into the still pond and hopped on it as it suspended itself slightly above the ripples of the water. After a few moments of peace, Star Commander Ribbit began to drift into sleep until a human child ran past the stalks of tall grass panting where he was resting.

An eerie voice screeched into ripples around the lily pad, "-I remember seeing some around here somewhere- oh look!"

A short chubby buck toothed freckled face with dirty stubby snagged Star Commander Ribbit by his webbed toes. Unable to move Star Commander Ribbit was bottled with anger. All of the pain and chaos Star Commander Ribbit had experienced during the Galactic Race and Universal War could not have prepared him for what followed next.

The children began to lick Star Commander Ribbit with their tongues and passed him back and forth.

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