The Last Ant

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When the colony of an ant is destroyed, the only survivor is left to face the question of searching for another family or freedom

Submitted: March 31, 2012

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Submitted: March 31, 2012



Another scouting adventure for the queen and my fellow brethren, it is I who am responsible for the survival of us all. However, it is I, who am the only free spirit amongst the fellow. So uniform in composure and being, one would think they would always get along, yet, never have I seen them converse. Well what do I know, after all my time spent searching for signs of the sweet pheromone, the delight to feel its visual presence truly remains a joy. I would be deceptive to inquire my refusal of gluttony though. Well I deserve a few morsels to keep me going don’t I? They have me out here risking my life for all of them, and for what? To eat food, so the queen may continue shelling out more crunchy ants. Oh yes I’ve been there, I’ve seen and heard the destruction upon the colonies of fellow comrades. All around my travels I witness those enormous beings, how cruel and apathetic they may be! The sound of those heads, how tiny in comparison to their slabs of body which crushes them so! So much destruction I see, and when I report back to warn the rest, nobody cares, the queen hushes me, sometimes gives me an extra piece of ration, however delicious a luxury and bribe, I confess to the others with no empathy by the slightest! I gave up from this method of communication after one incident in particular. One of the queen’s many guards took me by the antenna and dragged me outside, almost tearing my sense of feel! If they did that, my whole purpose as the scout, what is it? Taken from me, by the fellow people I love. I would love to confess I’ve taken to those enormous beings, learning their hieroglyphics, reading their poetry, listening in ecstasy at the tunes of melody, so loud, I wonder if in these slight pools of water I come across, are there more, perhaps larger, carrying beings larger than the ones that burn my fellow, “ants” alongst the dumpster, melting them into the metal. Some churn charcoal and twitch and fidget for their last moment of breath. Do they speak, I often wonder, their lips quivering, but, perhaps it is just the wind which moves the leaves across the trees so, as they lay still. To see the uninflected, carrying about their duties, only a few do stop to attach the carcass to their own strength in order to carry it back to the queen for a feast! To think such a tragedy must occur for us to come together and even then, how brief and void of emotion. How delightful!

Yet, I know not all of those beings of enormous wonder are evil. While I admit a few near death moments were a result of their maliciousness, however, one in particular was that of an accident. This creature with dreads of the finest quality dangling from their face had the nerve to press a small part of itself upon me. Just like that! I go about my business and a giant limb takes me from this land and I become a personal play toy for however long they see fit. The pressure and the small barbed hooks on my limbs attached me to them. However I could not move for a moment in this particular incident, I regained strength to see the two most curious eyes. How void of color around a brim, the light brown, almost as if a swirl, and to encase this sphere beauty, a combination of all colors, blank, if the enigma is too much of a riddle! Yet after exploring this being I come to wonder, what it was doing. Is it a scout like me? Why lolly gag, do you grow bored, I ask? My voice is too weak for understanding. Hmpph.

Oh how wonderful to reminisce, to pass the time as I come across the bright fumes of which marks the possible source of food. A landmine of sugar! As if spilled by some intent or accident, oh how delicious does it taste as I chew it piece at a time to savor it. One crystal fares enough, after all, the other few hundred are to feed hundreds upon thousands. I believe I was just however in my search, this is my life after all!

The trail to head back tolls a few moments of sun, perhaps foreseeing a blanket of darkness in the close horizon. Whether it may be premonition or intuition I remain unaware, however the voice tells me where I was prior this discovery. It is then in which I may return safe and dispose of the journey I underwent as the queen may send forth a group of scooters with me. We do not talk amongst ourselves, only about the journey, anything else and it is taboo! If one were to report back and reveal of our hypothetical conversation to the queen, off with our heads then placed before her spawn to devour. After the silence amongst fellow scouters, it plagues me, do they think or feel what I do? Are they hoping someone like me comes along and breaks the silence, finally to confess what all of us are thinking? But I do not, not today, that duty lay dormant for another fate. Mine remains a scout, a noble pursuit of food for the continuance of our species so we may not go hungry! Without me how would we live? Well, how arrogant for me to assume I may not be replaced like my fellow husks as they are fed to their rest. Perhaps though, I may try to talk to one at least, in the comfort of privacy and discuss these matters. I will, yes! I will be the fate to stir the mass, no longer live in uniform but in the enjoyment of the fellow humans!

Hmm. Such talk would lynch my throat before me, unable of further discussion. Well only when upon I return may I decide upon this. All these thoughts pass enough time for my return upon the primary entrance to the colony. How strange, I see no one about, but a few of those enormous beings. With my nearance of the entrance, I see a long metal of some sort held by one of these humans. All of my family drowning, their screams gargled and cut short, but enough for me to become aware of their decease.

This is too much, the sun, it, i….

How strange, just like that the sun changes and emits darkness all over, perhaps the moon of which the humans speak? The humans! The colony! Did I sleep? Upon search I find an entire solidified home. All of it, what I knew is gone. How ironic to say so, for it lay before me, however impossible to fulfill its role. The colony became cemented decoration, an idle statue, preserving the life of my entire family. May I be able to find life in another colony, another structure of living with fellow ants of entirely different features yet their silhouette remains the same as my own? I take my lost gander upon the sacs of concrete, and tunnels attaching themselves to each other, how marvelous it was when it began. A time when the communication was that of how to build it, nothing more. Yet those memories are faded in the sands, unearthed by the scenario before my being. We all were lined up, and in structure were we all able to do the same thing, and achieve greatness as a whole. Yet once it was complete, we became bland, at least to my perspective. Yet now here I am before this destruction. Am I the last ant of my kind? What do I do now? Forsake my family and become heir to another, to continue t he ordain lifestyle? Hmm. I think not. I will explore these lands, free from the tyranny of organization and structure. I may have all the food I come across, oh the sugar pile!


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