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Isn't it funny how our very fears are intuitions embedded in our soul?

Submitted: March 24, 2012

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Submitted: March 24, 2012



Let me know how it went down
let me know how i can turn around your  frown
just let go of your inner soul before we fall back in through the winter cold
Everyday all through the memory we dig and bury what we believe

Let me know what happened to you
Everytime your habits shake your fevers in the light
needles in your thoughts as the candle lit stops as we drop everything we sought
Bleeding through my breathing i'm choking and frusrating the messages interweaved
Do you always believe what you see?

Everday, my heart breaks into mud just to
wither through, my light breaks the wind and i
carry my, sickly eyes to your face,
just to look you in the eyes to see the lies realized in our real lives

Did you know
i feel so weak without you
i try to sleep

Did you know
my heart stutters a beat
my mind outruns my feet

What do i say?i just want everything
to be okay please please today
Why dont i have the power to
fix this pain within you

we weep ourselves just to sleep
why cant we be everytime we see
burning the fire
our lips will tire
sweet mirage this pain we dodge

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