Fallen By Lauren Kate

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After a lot of digging around I found this series and immediately fell in love with every book. The books are a story about the conflicts between good and evil- showing how sometimes the barriers between right and wrong are not always as clearly defined as some people would have you believe and that even if there is a war going on, true love always prevails in the end. It also tells the story about how one mistake, one wrong choice, can cost a life.

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The Fallen Series by Lauren Kate...

‘Two Sides. Two Lovers. An Ancient War.’

After a lot of digging around I found this series and immediately fell in love with every book. The books are a story about the conflicts between good and evil- showing how sometimes the barriers between right and wrong are not always as clearly defined as some people would have you believe and that even if there is a war going on, true love always prevails in the end. It also tells the story about how one mistake, one wrong choice, can cost a life. 

“You don't really know either of us," Cam said, standing and stepping away, "but you're prepared to choose right now, huh?” 

‘Fallen’ is the first book in the ‘Fallen Series’ which is followed by ‘Torment’. The story continues in the third book: ‘Passion’. A fourth book ‘Rapture’ was released in 2012.

The whole series revolves around a forbidden love between a human- Luce and an angel- Daniel. When the world began, Daniel- an ex high ranking angel, was living in Heaven. On an important errand, he saw Luce on Earth.

Immediately falling in love with her, he was given a choice: If he ignored the ‘temptation’ he would be allowed to stay in heaven, but if he wanted to follow his heart, then he would be cast out of Heaven- A fallen Angel.

When Daniel chose to follow his heart, a curse was placed on his love with Lucinda Price.

Daniel and Luce’s bond started close to when life began on Earth, but they’re both unsure of when exactly, which is unusual for Daniel as he remembers everything unlike Luce who loses her memory every time she dies. Oh, I haven’t covered that yet... Daniel and Luce are damned to carry on in an unbreakable cycle. Daniel finally finds Luce (always 17yrs old) they kiss (or sometimes only touch), she explodes. He has to wait 17 yrs again, find her, then watch her die again and again and again...

“I get to live forever," he repeated. Luce was still lost, but he kept talking, a stream of words pouring out of his mouth. "I get to live, and to watch babies being born, and grow up, and fall in love. I watch them have babies of their own and grow old. I watch them die. I am condemned, Luce, to watch it all over again and again. Everyone but you." His eyes were glassy. His voice dropped to a whisper. "You don't get to fall in love--"
"But...," she whispered back. "I've...fallen in love.” 

Now you’re probably thinking this is a copy of Twilight: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Forbidden love... Been there, read that. But it isn’t. This is something more. (Otherwise I wouldn’t really have wasted a week of my holidays finding and reading these books).

Throughout the series we learn that there are lots of Fallen Angels (cast out because they believed in love) who had to make a choice: Stay pure and carry on being an Angel (albeit one cast out of Heaven) or side with Satan- a demon- and take revenge on those who had wronged them.

“Luce blushed."Then what kind of angel are you?"
"I'm sort of in between gigs right now," Daniel said.” 

However, Luce’s latest lifetime, which these books concentrate on, is different. The cycle is broken... First of all, Daniel chooses to end this curse himself by burying his feelings for Luce and is encouraged to enrol in a reform school called Sword & Cross in Savannah by a fellow angel called Gabbe after she realises that Daniel is a wreck without Lucy. Gabbe convinces Daniel that of all the places in the world Lucy could be, a reform school is hardly one of them.

Second of all, we realise that Lucy hasn’t been baptised in this lifetime which means if she dies... well then she’s gone. She won’t come back.

Plus, Lucy’s 17. Daniel’s kissed her. He’s touched her. And she hasn’t exploded... Yet.

“The good news is" --he paused, carefully choosing his words-- "I kissed you, and you're still here.” (Daniel)

Fallen (Book 1)

“We meet. We always meet, somehow we're always thrown together, no matter where I go, no matter how I try to distance myself from you. It never matters. You always find me.” (Daniel)

Luce is sent to Sword & Cross Reform School after being accused of killing a boy, Trevor, after he dies in a fire. There she meets two boys (angels) Cam, who is nice and friendly, and Daniel, who is beautiful but rude. For some reason she feels drawn to Daniel as though she knows him but she has never seen him in her life.

“You just look so familiar. I could have sworn we’ve met somewhere before” (Luce)

But he’s not exactly making things easy for Luce. On her first day he flips her off and then goes all his way to avoid her. What about Cam though? He’s hot, he’s interested and he’s totally willing.

“Cam was so much clearer, easier to figure out. Like he was algebra and Daniel was calculus.” 

Again, on her first day, she angers ‘Molly’, a scary, goth girl with multiple face piercings who then dumps her meatloaf on Lucy’s head (wow, she is not having a good first day).

Penn- the daughter of the deceased caretaker of the school- follows Lucy when she goes to the bathroom to wash her hair and helps her. They share a strong relationship with each other and later, Penn helps Lucy find out Daniel’s secret.

Lucy decides to accept Cam’s offer of a date and they go to a bar outside of school grounds (how did they manage to pull that one off? No one’s allowed outside at any time. ). Upon entering, they are immediately surrounded by drunken men just looking for trouble. Cam manages to defeat them but in doing so, he demonstrates strength beyond that of which any human is capable of. Needless to say, Luce is totally freaked out and tries to avoid this gorgeous boy.

“Callie always said Luce was incapable of brutal honesty and that was why she got herself stuck in so many crappy situations with guys whom she should have just told no.” 

The other one is proving difficult though. Daniel. Is. Perfect. She knows him from somewhere. She’s sure of it. But where?

She decides to dig up his past and with the help of Penn, accesses his personal file. Nothing. The trail goes cold. Until they stumble across something... A book.

Looking up a book (in the school library) about Fallen Angels written by a D. Grigori in 1755, Luce realises, for the first time, that the shadows have followed her. The same shadows which were present when Trevor was killed. The same shadows which have haunted her throughout her childhood. The same shadows which meant one thing. Death.

Suddenly, the fire alarm goes off and, separated from Penn, Luce begins to panic, remembering the night Trevor died.

‘Images and sounds flooded her mind, things she’d stuffed so deep inside her memory they might as well have been obliterated. Until now.

The shocking whites of Trevor’s eyes against the orange glow. The individual tendrils of flame as the fire spread through each one of his fingers. The shrill, unending scream that rang in her head like a siren long after Trevor had given up. And the whole time, she’d stood there watching, she couldn’t stop watching, frozen in that bath of heat.’

 Todd, a fellow class mate, interrupts her thoughts and together they manage to find a way out of the library and into the hallway. Then she sees them: hundreds of black swirly shadows blocking their only escape.

Just as they give up hope, they are rescued, seemingly carried through the air by an unseen entity to a fire exit. Distracted, as she can’t seem to shake off the feeling it was Daniel who saved them, she doesn’t see the shadow attack until it’s too late. She is thrown down a flight of stairs and Todd is killed.

When she wakes she finds herself in Daniels arms and they kiss. Then she realises that they are hundreds of feet above the ground and Daniel is flying with his wings spread out and... She faints.

After Todd’s death, Daniel seems to warm up to Luce; stopping the scowls, frequently telling her that Cam isn’t good enough for her, but then pushing her away when she shows an interest in Daniel. Meanwhile Cam is still trying to woo Luce. In the library(undamaged in the fire), he comes from nowhere and ‘pecks’ her on the lips (to annoy Daniel more than anything else, as Cam likes her but doesn’t love her).

And then the visions start. Her past lives all rushing up to her though none break the surface. Suddenly everything makes sense even though Luce barely knows anything about Daniel herself or anything. All she knows is that they were made for each other.

This (the kiss) leads to a ‘vicious fistfight’ between Daniel and Cam. Luce realises that her heart belongs solely to Daniel but there still isn’t a clean break from Cam- a part of her is still attracted to his charm, even after she sees a more violent side to him.

Catching Luce and Cam kissing again, Daniel finally finds the courage to explain his abrupt behaviour. He is immortal. Doomed to ‘fall’ in love with Luce every 17 yrs and then watch her die.

“I’ll love you with all my heart, in every life, through every death. I will not be bound by anything but my love for you.” (Daniel)

Luce is really freaked now. She manages to piece together the rest of the story (with the help of the librarian): Daniel is an angel, one of many who attend Sword & Cross.

Soon, a battle breaks out between Daniel’s angels (Gabbe and Arriane) and Cam’s angels (Roland and Molly) in the school’s cemetery but ends in a stalemate with the weary angels declaring an uneasy truce.

While the fight is going on outside, the librarian- Miss Sophia, takes Penn and Luce to a ‘safe place’ within the school and reveals that she is one of the 24 Elders of Zhsmaelin- a radical group of angels situated in Heaven- who want to tip the scales between good and bad by making Daniel choose a side (he is the only angel who has yet to choose where he stands).

“All that is good in Heaven and on Earth is born of love. This war is not just. This war is not good. Love is the only thing worth fighting for.”(Daniel)

Seeing Luce as Daniel’s distraction, they want to finish her off.  Miss Sophia kills Penn with a knife (wow, I just realised:Penn + Knife= Penknife...  I’ve totally lost the plot) and is ready to do the same to Luce when Daniel, Arriane and Gabbe intervene and save her.

Daniel persuades Luce that she needs to go somewhere safe- The Shoreline School in Northern California (a school for Nephilim- part angles) which provides protection for Luce and a safe environment for her to find out, slowly, about her past and her significance to the angels. They share a kiss and Luce is taken away in a helicopter.

 Although she is deeply in love, she is irritated when Daniel doesn’t tell her the truth about her past- ignorant to the fact that if she hears it from an angel’s mouth she will die. And Daniel loves her too much to let this happen.

“You’re my love Lucinda. For me, you’re all there is.”(Daniel)

An 18 day truce is planned between Daniel and Cam so that they can put aside their differences for a set time and kill other enemies who want Luce dead.

“I can resist you or flee from you or try my hardest not to respond to you, but it makes no difference. You fall in love with me, and I with you.”(Daniel)

The interesting things about the series are how both Daniel and Cam are brothers (we find out that Cam’s second name isn’t Briel, in fact, it is part of his first name- Cambriel. Cambriel Grigori) and how Cam isn’t evil by nature- after losing ‘the love of his life’, he sided with Satan. But we do see a more caring part to him. In the second book he kills someone sent to murder Luce and he stays away from her out of respect for Daniel and his feelings. (This totally doesn’t stop him from flirting with Luce’s best friend though) .

Also, Roland. Roland is evil. But he’s not. He is really nice, he knows how to throw a party and can smuggle just about anything into school. Not to mention the fact that he is also totally hot. In the second book, he takes care of Luce and makes sure that she finds out about her past all by herself. He’s got some issues but then who doesn’t?

Also, the way the ‘angels’ and ‘demons’ (both fallen) are intertwined is interesting as Arriane has a crush on Roland, Cam and Daniel are brothers, and (in the second book) Francesca and Steven are in love. But the thing is though, when it comes to war and battles, these connections don’t mean anything as either one is prepared to kill the other.

“I fell because I believe in love.”(Arriane)

It’s more than a book of love or even Good Vs Evil. It is a book about living your life, facing your fears and finding the truth. Lauren Kate’s style of writing and her choices of words not only captivated me but also made me feel connected with each and every character in a pretty weird way.

The fact that the movie is coming out next year means major bucks for the movie industry, but I’ll be pretty surprised if they manage to capture the story as perfectly as Kate seems to have done.Twilight, what’s Twilight? I’ve totally fallen for Fallen.

“I will always catch you when you fall.”(Daniel)

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