Camping Disaster

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Scarlett and Violet are going on a camping trip with their two sisters and Scarlett's boyfriend, trying to get away from the town their parents died in. Violet meets a steamy boy there and his little sister and things start to get serious. But then there is the story of the mysterious cloaked-man who always falls in love with the first girl he sees that comes to his camp site. He sees Violet first and will stop at nothing to get her, even almost killing Scarlett and hurting everyone else in the proccess.

Submitted: May 06, 2013

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Submitted: May 06, 2013



Camping Disaster

Violet; Scarlett; Lily; Lola; Shawn; Damon; Brittney; Cloaked man

Scene 1:

Lily: We cannot go on this trip!

Violet: Why not?

Lily: Haven’t you heard the story of the riverside woods!

Scarlett: No. neither of us have what’s it about?

Lily :( Lily covers her ears) I can’t hear this!

Violet :( Takes Lily and sets her on her lap) Why not?

Scarlett: Seriously, why not? I for one want to hear this story.

Lola: Once upon a time there was a couple. They went camping in the Riverside woods. When they were inside reading their books peacefully they heard a knock on their camper door. The woman went to the door to a figure in a black cloak. His whole body plus his face were covered from the cloak.

Lily :( Barges into story) the woman screamed slammed the door and ran to her husband. They huddled closer and felt the camper shake. The husband bravely stood up and said he would steer the cloak man away from the camper so the woman could get out.

Lola: (Barges back into the story) the man went outside as the woman put on her shoes and coat. When the woman was looking out the window she heard her husband scream and ran outside.

Lily: (Barges into conversation again) the woman looked around frantically for her husband. She found her husband dead in the road. She flagged down a car and got home safely. When she got home she went straight to bed. In the morning her friends found her dead in a pool of blood with a slit in her throat.

Scarlett: ppphhh you guys really believe that.

Violet: I see your point people do that a lot.

Lily: Yeah they do you guys should believe it! It’s creepy!

Violet: Guys let’s just finish packing we are going no matter what you say.

Lola: (mumbles) I wish mom and dad were here.

Violet and Scarlett: (Stop packing and turn around furious) don’t talk about them!

Lola: (Looks like she is about to cry) Okay sorry!

Lily :( Runs out of the room)

Scarlett: (Runs after her Lily) Lily come back!

Violet: We are all a still a little sensitive since mom and dad died (pulls Lola to a hug)

Scarlett: (comes back carrying Lily around her waist) let’s just finish packing.

Violet: I agree (everyone starts packing again.)

Scene 2:

(Scarlett, Violet, Lily, Lola, and Shawn are in the car driving to the camp site. They are laughing and talking when something runs past their car. Scarlett slams on the breaks)

Scarlett: What was that!?

Violet: (Pushes Scarlett) Nice going Scarlett!

Scarlett: (Pushes Violet back) It wasn’t me; something ran in front of the car!

Lily: Would you guys just stop arguing and see if we hit anything!

Violet: Fine! (Scarlett and Violet get out of the car and look around) (Something comes and knocks them both down.)

Scarlett: What the hell was that!

Violet: I have no idea but let’s get back in the car! (Scarlett and Violet try to get up but get knocked down again)

Scarlett: Just crawl to your door (Scarlett starts to crawl to her door but starts to get dragged away. She screams and Violet tries to up to help her but gets pulled down. Everyone else in the car was banging on the window as Violet got around to the other side of the car and saw Scarlett. She was all bloody and so was Violet. Violet grabbed Scarlett’s hand and opened the door. She pushed them inside and Scarlett started the car. She sped away towards the campsite.

Violet: Ok, what the hell just happened!

Lola: We told you about the story!

Scarlett: Shut up! That has nothing to do what just happened! Just forget about that stupid story!

Violet: We are going to that campsite, we will not turn back, and we will have fun!

Shawn: What’s the story?

Scarlett: Tell you at the campsite babe (kisses him)

Shawn: Alright


Scene 3:

Violet: We are finally here!

Shawn: Okay now what is the story?

Scarlett: Have Lily and Lola tell you while Violet and I set up the camper.

(Violet and Scarlett walk away)

Lola: k once upon a time…..

Violet: I don’t know how those two come up with those stories and….

Scarlett: what Violet please don’t tell me the thing that was knocking us down earlier is not like sewing your mouth shut!

Violet: Oh no! I see a hottie!

Scarlett: Oh my god you scared me and don’t stare at my boyfriend!

Violet: It’s not your boyfriend it’s a different guy!

Scarlett: Oh you should go talk to him.

Violet: No!

Scarlett :( Pushes Violet very hard)

Violet: (Ran into guy) Oh my god I’m so sorry my sister just pushed me!

Damon: No problem I’m Damon by the way.

Violet: I’m Violet.

Scarlett: I’m Scarlett.  Violet I will put up the camper by myself and let you two talk.

Violet:  Thanks. So do you have any siblings?

Damon: Yes one she is my little sister. Her name is Brittney. Here she is.

Violet: Well it’s very nice to meet you Brittney. I have two little sisters who seem about your age.

Brittney: Oh really what are their names?

Violet: One is named Lily she’s the youngest and one Lola.

Brittney: Oh I wanna play with them where are they?

Violet: Over there with that guy over there.

Damon: Don’t mean to barge in but who is that guy do you know him?

Violet: Yes that’s my sister Scarlett’s boyfriend.

Damon: Oh go play with them Brittney.

Brittney: Ok, bye Damon.

Damon: Bye Britt Love you.

Brittney: Love you too ( runs to Lily and Lola)

Violet: Oh siblings they are so fun.

Damon: I know they are a big responsibility.

Violet: So do you have a girlfriend?

Damon: No why?

Violet: Just wondering. I haven’t dated anyone since last year.

Damon: Sad me either.

Violet: So I have to go, bye.

Damon: Bye, see you around.

Scene 4:

(Everyone is around the fire, roasting marshmallows and telling scary stories)

Scarlett: (Cuddled up to Shawn) OK, I have one. Once upon a time, there was a mother and her daughter. They moved into a house, and there was a really cute boy, the same age as the daughter. They were both 16 and they started going out. One day, the boy went missing. The daughter went to his house to look for him. When she was inside she heard a voice. “I will kill you like I killed my parents” it said, over and over again. She ran back to her house, and found the boy and her mother dead in a closet. She turned around to run, and a ghost girl was right there! One month later, the police went to their house, and found the mom and the boy, but the daughter wasn’t there! She has been roaming her state, in the mountains, looking for people to…..KILL!!! (Everyone jumps and Scarlett laughs) I scared you guys!

Shawn: Nice one! (Lily, Lola, and Brittney were huddled together)

Violet: Oh great, you scared the kids!

Scarlett: It was just a story, it isn’t real. Like that one about the Riverside Woods

Damon: What’s the one about the Riverside Woods?

Shawn: It’s a story that Lily and Lola heard

Damon: What’s it about?

Violet: Oh, this couple camped in these woods and they were killed.

Scarlett: Well, the guy was killed by this person in a black cloak, and the lady got home and went to bed. Then, in the morning, supposedly, her friends went to check on her and found her on a pool of blood with a slit in her throat.

Damon: That seems harsh!

Violet: And not real!

Lily: It is too real!

Lola: Ya, it is! (There is a rustling)

Scarlett: What the….

Violet: Let’s go inside

Damon: Britt and I are going to go back to our camper and get some rest. See you guys in the morning, come on Britt. (Brittany gets up and walks away with Damon) (Everyone else gets up and goes inside their camper)

Lola: That couldn’t have just been a coincidence!

Scarlett: It was too.

Violet: There was probably just an animal

Shawn: (Yawns) let’s just get some rest

Scarlett: Good idea. Good-night, Violet, Lily, and Lola. Come on Shawn.

Shawn: Good-night girls (Scarlett and Shawn walk away)

Violet: Good-night girls

Lily: Are you seriously going to leave us (Violet locks the door)

Violet: Is that better?

Lola: NO!

Violet: (Closes all the windows and pushes curtains in front) Now is it better?

Lily: A little.

Violet: Ok, good-night (Walks away as Lily and Lola get in bed. Light turns off and Lily and Lola duck under the covers)


Scene 5:

Violet: Guys get up I made breakfast!

Scarlett: Really how nice!

Lily: Ya!

Lola: Can Damon and Brittney come over and eat with us?

Shawn: I’m sure Violet would love that!

Violet: Oh shut up!

Scarlett: Shawn and I will go get them come on babe.

Shawn: Okay.

Lily: Wait you like Damon?

Lola: Oooohhh Lover birds!

Violet: Oh my god guys stop!

Lily: Fine let’s sit guys.

Lola: Yes let’s sit.

Violet: Girls how did you sleep last night?

Lily and Lola: Horrible we were was so scared!

(Scarlett, Shawn, Brittney, and Damon enter)

Damon: (Taps Violet) Hey Violet you look nice!

Violet: Thanks you don’t look to bad yourself.

Brittney: Hey Violet!

Violet: Why Hello how are you Britt?

Brittney: Great how about you?

Violet: Good so Lily and Lola are here!

Brittney: Really! Where?

Violet: Just over there. (Points at the table)

Brittney: Okay Thanks. (Walk over to Lily and Lola)

Violet: So Damon I was wondering if…

Scarlett: (interrupts) Lets go guys’ foods getting cold!

Damon: Sorry what did you want to ask?

Violet: Oh never mind.

Shawn: I made drinks!

Scarlett: Thanks babe.

Shawn: No problem.

Lily: We should cancel the camp fire tonight.

Lola: I so agree!

Brittney: I agree also!

Violet: And why is that girls?

Lily: We told creepy stories! I can barely sleep now!

Lola: Yeah thanks a lot Scarlett!

Scarlett: Stop, I’m just great at storytelling and scaring people. I’m sorry okay.

Damon: Well we will do the camp fire just not the scary storytelling.

Everyone: Okay.

Scene 6:

(Everyone finishes eating breakfast and decide to bike to the lake and swim) (They start biking)

Damon: So, Violet. I was wondering if you wanted to go for a walk in the woods tonight. It can be you, Scarlett, Shawn and me.

Violet: I would love that! Scarlett, Shawn, come over here! (Scarlett and Shawn ride up next to Violet and Damon)

Scarlett: What’s up, sis?

Violet: Damon asked me if us four wanted to go for a walk in the woods tonight. (Scarlett smiles really big)

Scarlett: I’m up for it!

Shawn: Sounds cool

Violet: Alright, what time Damon?

Damon: Maybe around 6:00?

Violet: Sounds good

Shawn: What about the kids?

Damon: Brittany’s eleven; I’ve left her home alone before. She can take care of Lily and Lola.

Violet: It’s settled then!

Damon: Hey Britt!

Brittany: Ya?

Damon: You’ll babysit Lily and Lola for a couple hours tonight, alright?

Brittany: Ok! (They all get to the lake and strip down to their swimsuits) (They all get in the water)

Scarlett: (Comes up to Violet) so, this is will be a double date, huh?

Violet: Oh, shut up!

Scarlett: I’m just saying! But, inside, I know that you are bouncing around with joy that he asked you out!

Violet: I said…. (A big wave crashes over Violet and Scarlett and washes them away) (They come above the water, sputtering)

Scarlett: What the he……. (Another wave came crashing down on them) (Scarlett grabs Violet’s arm and starts to swim.) Help me Violet! If I have enough strength to drag you than you have enough strength to help me! (They get on the shore and fall unconscious) (They wake up to their boyfriends giving them CPR) (They both sputter and spit water out) (Violet looks at Scarlett)

Violet: You saved my life!

Scarlett: No, I didn’t. I just dragged you!

Violet: Ya, after two gigantic waves crashed on us, swept us away, and you still had all that strength, and chose to use it on me!

Scarlett: I wasn’t going to leave you stranded out there!

Violet: I know but, I owe you whether you like it or not!

Scarlett: Fine! (Both of them lay down in the sand) Thanks Shawn. (Kisses him)

Violet: Thanks Damon (Hugs him) (Violet looks over at Scarlett as she shakes her head and makes a tsk tsk sound at Violet) What! (They all laugh, get their clothes on, and bike back to the camper.)

Scene 7:

(Everyone gets inside the camper and Damon and Brittany go to theirs)

Scarlett: Hey, Shawn. You should go get ready at Damon’s, and then you guys can come and get us like a date! (Shawn smiles)

Shawn: Sounds great! (Gets his stuff, kisses Scarlett, and leaves)

Violet: (Looks at clock) Ok, its 4:45. We have an hour and fifteen minutes (They go get dressed and do their hair and makeup) (There is a knock on the door) (Scarlett and Violet open the door)

Shawn: Why hello there sexy! (Scarlett giggles)

Damon: You look so beautiful, Violet!

Violet: Thanks! (Brittany runs inside and gets on chairs with Lily and Lola)

Damon: She’s been excited to come here.

Scarlett: Let’s stop this chitter-chatter and leave already! (They walk out the door and into the woods) (Violet and Damon are holding hands and Shawn and Scarlett are holding hands)

Violet: Wow, look at the moon! (She points at the moon and everyone oohs and aahs) (Shawn and Scarlett kiss and they all continue walking)

Damon: I’m having fun

Violet: Me too

Scarlett: Me three

Shawn: Me four (A person in a black cloak appears out of nowhere) (Everyone screams) (Scarlett walks up to it)

Scarlett: I bet you were the one who dragged me on the cement! (She kicks him in the n-zone but the figure stays motionless) RUN!!! (Everyone starts running to the campers) Damon gets Brittany and goes to their camper.) (Everyone packs up all their stuff)

Violet: We have to get out of here!

Lily: Why?

Lola: What’s wrong?

Scarlett and Violet: We’re sorry!

Lily: What!?

Scarlett: We saw the figure in the black cloak (The camper starts to shake and everyone screams) we need to get in the truck! (Damon and Brittany burst through the door with bags and boxes)

Damon: Do you guys mind if we ride back with you? Our camper was kind of stolen.

Violet: STOLEN?

Brittany: They packed all our stuff, drove out camper away with our truck, and just left our stuff there!

Scarlett: That’s terrible!

Shawn: I don’t mean to break this little session up, but we need to get out of here!

Violet: He’s right! We need two people to go outside and drive us away with the truck

Shawn and Damon: I’ll do it

Scarlett and Violet: But……. (Violet gets kissed by Damon and Scarlet by Shawn) Fine! (Damon and Shawn run outside as the girls push boxes and bags to places they won’t get broken) (The camper starts to move and everyone starts to cheer) (They get back to Scarlett and Violet’s house and the girls start bringing their bags in)

Scarlett: You guys were so brave!

Shawn and Damon: Well….. (Scarlett kisses Shawn and Violet kisses Damon)

Scene 8:

(Violet and Damon are kissing and Scarlett and Shawn are kissing) (The girls are running around in the background) (Lily tugs on Violet’s shirt and Lola tugs on Scarlett’s shirt)

Scarlett and Violet: What?

Lily and Lola: Will you guys play with us? (Violet and Scarlett sigh)

Scarlett: I suppose

Violet: I don’t see why not

Lily: Ok, you’re it Violet (Lily runs and everyone else does) (Violet tags Scarlett and Scarlett tags her back)

Lola: No tag backs!

Violet: Ya, no tag backs!

Scarlett: (Sticks tongue out at her and tags Lola when she runs by) Get Violet Lola! (Violet runs as Lola chases her) (The door bell rings) (Violet and Scarlett go to the door and open it)

Shawn: Who is it?

Scarlett: No one’s here!

Damon: Probably just a ding-dong ditcher, come back inside (Scarlett and Violet close the door) (They hear a crash from upstairs) (Everyone goes to the bottom of the stair case)

Violet: Maybe it’s a cat?

Scarlett: We don’t have a cat! Let’s just go check it out.

Violet: I bet it’s just that ding-dong ditcher

Scarlett: Exactly, not a cat! (Violet sticks her tongue at Scarlett) (They go upstairs and they open the door) (The black cloak figure is there) (Scarlett and Violet scream and they both grab a piece of glass from the ground as the figure leaps towards them) (End of movie) (Credits)

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