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Read this to see celebs dos and don'ts, juicy gossip, and more!

Submitted: January 01, 2013

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Submitted: January 01, 2013




DO'S: Yellow dresses!  Scarves!  Highheels!  Hair down!  Belted shirt dresses!  Ruffles!

DON'TS: Hair up!  Slipper flats!  Military Jackets!  See through tights!  Suits for girls!



MOVIES: Dark Shadows: Starring Johnny Deep, and Chloe Mortez. This movie will keep you on the edge of your seat wondering what will happen next! It made me laugh, got me excited, this movie was beautifully filmed. The Guilt Trip: Starring Barbra Streisand and Seth Rogan. This movie made me bust my gut laughing! It has romance, comedy, life lessons, misery, all together!

BOOKS: 50 Shades of Gray: This book makes me want to cry, makes me want to call out to the charecters, it makes me feel deep symathy for them. A must read with it's misery, romance, and many more emotions you wouldn't think you could feel with a book! Can't Live Without Her: I wrote this book myself but my friends say it's a heart warming story that will have you cheering for the good guy!



Snookie got her sixth tattoo, a leapord with wings!

A photographer that was trying to take pics of JB's ferrari, was hit by a car and killed while taking pics!

Jessica Simpson, is having another baby!

Justin Beiber got a tattoo on his leg of praying hands with roses at the bottom!

Rihanna and Chris Brown, spending New Years between the sheets!

Harry Styles and Taylor Swift smooching for the New Year!

Channing Tatum and Jenna Dawen- St. Barts lovers!

Lindsay Lohan spends New Years in Londan!




Dad Disaster!

I was at the local hockey arena about to get dressed to play. My dad was ?supposed to tie my skates, so I went looking for him because he had been gone for? a while. Once I found him, I slapped him on his behind and said, "Where have you been?” The man turned around with a totally looked shocked on his face…because it wasn't my dad! I? was so embarrassed!

Foot Fall

When I turned 10 I started growing ridiculously large feet. My dad even called me an "L" because when I was turned sideways, I looked like an "L." One day? at school I went to get up from my desk, but my foot got caught in the legs of the desk and I ?fell flat on my face in front of the entire class. The worst part was the bruise I got right in the middle of my forehead that lasted a week! So? embarrassing!

“If you need me, I'll be under my desk.”

Teacher Trauma

At school one day, my P.E. teacher decided to let us play touch? football. I can kick really well, so my friends told me to kick it off to the other team. I wanted to show off my skills, so I kicked? the ball really hard. At first it went straight...but then it veered off to the ?left...and hit my teacher right in the head! It was so embarrassing

Undies On Display!

My class was watching a video one day at school so all the lights were off in my classroom. I was super thirsty, so? I tried to take a drink from my water bottle...but ended up spilling it all over myself! I was totally drenched! I had to go to the office to change my clothes. As if that wasn't bad enough, when I got back to my classroom, I dropped my ?underwear on the floor! I didn't realize it until people started staring at? them! I shoved them into my bag as fast as I could...but everyone saw. Talk about embarrassing!

Clean Teeth, Dirty Floor!

My mom, sister and I were at the dentist's office, and my mom was checking us out with the secretary after our appointments. I really had to pee but tried to hold it in while my mom finished talking. But suddenly, I felt the chair under me get wet and watched pee drip onto the floor! My sister noticed and told my mom, who told the secretary, who had to clean it up! I later found out that there was a bathroom not ten feet away! My family still teases me about it to this day.



Question and answer:

Q:  I have a really cute gym teacher. I was texting my BFF and told her about the crush. Later on I relized I sent the message to everyone in my contacts! Everyone is making fun of me, now. What should I do? -Lexi

A: You can actually do three things. One thing is you can wait for things to blow over, it will sooner or later. The second thing is you can tell a teacher that you are getting picked on. The last thing is tell the people who are making fun of you that you don't like how they make fun of you and that it hurts you. -Shelby

Q: There is a really cute boy in my class. I have a really big crush on him and I think he might have a crush on me. But I'm scared that if I tell him my feelings, he won't like me back. What should I do? -Scarlett

A: In my personal experience, I would recommend that you just tell him. Don't make a big deal out of it, just be like "Hey, can I talk to you in private?" Make sure the guy is really that special to you. If he doesn't feel the same way forget about him. It may feel impossoble to forget him but you'll move on and find someone perfect for you. -Taylor

Q: My brother and I are both freshmen in highschool and this really cute guy moved to my town. It turns out he's super nice and funny and I now have a crush on him. But one day, he came over to my house with my brother! It turns out that him and my brother became best friends! I have no idea what to do! - Mariah

A: You should just stay friends with the boy and tell your brother how you feel about him. It's OK if your brother and your crush are friends. That just means that they'll get along if you guys date! - Shelby

Q: My parents are music freaks! They play in a band and own a music store. My brother and I are forced to go to piano, guitar, trumpet, and flute lessons. My brother is in love with music and wants to become a music teacher one day. I hate music though, and want to become a professional dancer. My parents only let my take dance because I pay for the lessons myself. When my parents found out I wanted to be a professional dancer they baned me from going to dance and doubled my flute lessons! What should I do? -Grace

A: Follow your dreams. If you hate music and want to become a dancer, explain that to your parents. They may be a little upset but they'll get over it and understand. - Taylor


-Put your ideas for celebs do's and don'ts and juicy gossip. Also, make sure to share your embarassing moments and ask us questions. Put all these in the comments and you may see them in the next issue! Thanks for reading, and remember to like and comment!! -Shelby and Taylor


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