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Submitted: April 02, 2008

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Submitted: April 02, 2008



Behold this Façade surrounding me,
Hideous half-decomposed ghosts
Make their silent entry
They contaminate the chill midnight air
With an abortive breath
And their cancerous and putrid bodies are perfumed
With the stench of death
They dance to the tunes of demented sirens,
And encourage the slaughter of babies in distant environs.
Look how they gyrate so independent and free
Tis naught but a delirious trick
Of their alienated mentality
And in these educational mausoleums
Where they fashion cerebral tools
I hear the clownish laughter
Of mongrel dogs and professional fools
Here they try to force-feed me their Greek liturgy
And leave my spirit puking and writhing in agony
Desperately searching for their illusive liberty
Meanwhile from these academic abattoirs
Are spawned society’s ruled
Violence masquerading as love
Is the art in which they are schooled
And sanctioned by the state
This army of educated souls
Flushes our collective sanity
Down their stained toilet-bowels
Eagerly becoming one of the exclusive members
Selling body and soul
To the prostituted business suited
Cut-throat pugilists
Enslaved in an evil fraternity
Complacently content in soporific slumber
Their mind and body
Has been torn asunder
But once reawakened they coil like cobras
Religiously erect and poised to plunder foreign saratogas
And in the jungle the peasants toil
With broken backs
Their fingers gnarled and twisted
Clutching over-filled jute sacks
There in the clearing stands the Natural Guard
They bayonet and dismember
Women giving birth
To children who will never surrender
And so the industrial-military complex
Continues to destroy
Whatever we feel and whatever we employ
And the T.V. lies
Its glow so serene
Bludgeoning our reality
And poisoning our dreams
And society’s strangling vision
Finds strength only in your blindness
And values the Tantalus grip
Over and above
The mammillae embrocation
Of human kindness

© Copyright 2017 ZED. All rights reserved.


Status: Finished

Genre: Religion and Spirituality



Status: Finished

Genre: Religion and Spirituality


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